Canberra on Google Maps

Geoffco 27 June 2005 5

Looks like Google have been busy aquiring more and more satellite imagery of the world – including Canberra…

I’d searched for Canberra on Google maps about a week ago and could only find fuzzy low res pics. Inspired by this post on Slashdot today, I went looking again. Unfortunately searching for Canberra doesn’t work yet, but if you switch to Satellite mode and work from the east coast, it’s not impossible to find. If you get stuck, here’s a hint

Have fun kids 🙂

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5 Responses to Canberra on Google Maps
Al Al 12:12 pm 14 Aug 05

If you think the Google Maps are good – then you’ll love Google Earth! Probably the coolest use of the internet yet. Like Maps, but the imagery is all overlaid onto a globe, which you can rotate and zoom into using your mouse scroll wheel. Then you can tilt down to a perspective view in 3D – so you can fly around mountains, get a feel for the lay of the land, etc. A brilliant way to suss out houses you are looking at renting/buying. And is great to do a fly-by of the Himalayas.

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 6:47 pm 27 Jun 05

Quality is good. Doesn’t zoom into as much detail as city2see though. Images are about 12 months old, I can see the building activity on my street and compare it to now.

At least here in Tuggeranong I’d say that the images were taken on a weekday, given the amount of cars parked in and around the offices there.

Impressive with the scroll speed when you are in max zoom level and move around. Maybe it’s cos I’m on a fast broadband connection tho 🙂

cfi cfi 2:33 pm 27 Jun 05

I like those satellite images they’ve been publishing in the canberra times for the past several months, we have quite a collection of them now

Geoffco Geoffco 1:04 pm 27 Jun 05

Yeah I found out after that if you search for Canberra,Australia it works great.

Wonder how long before they get the street directory style maps for Australia as well.

Kerces Kerces 12:59 pm 27 Jun 05

I tried it out on the weekend with a search for Canberra Australia (I think) and that worked ok. Only thing is you cna’t go much out of town without it all turning into a fuzzy green mess.

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