Canberra Rally Australia?

che 24 March 2005 8

I heard on the news the other day that WA have decided they don’t want Rally Australia anymore as it only brings in $1.6 for every $1 spent. Therefore it was interesing to be sent this Crash.Netarticle about the possibility of the race being moved to Canberra.

With the way things have gone for other racing/car events in Canberra I wonder how long this dream will last?

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8 Responses to Canberra Rally Australia?
Russell Russell 12:07 am 03 Apr 05

Forget It Rally Australia’s Staying in Perth & if the Government don’t like it i’ll organize a coup to remove them. Get your own event. LOOOSSSEEERRRSss

bonfire bonfire 8:44 pm 27 Mar 05

the cardigan wearers of canberra would peacefully riot and pelt the legislative assembly with cold teabags if they even dared to bring something that would appeal to non-incontinent under 65’s.

motorsport = bad. think about the dogs that run away. oh hang on, thats fireworks. which is also bad. i mean look at teh way those fireworks people leer at girls showing their breasts. hmm thats summernats. summernats = bad. fun = bad. bad must be crushed by interminable boredom resulting in 634 citizens running away.

there would be a furious letter writing campaign to the ct…

not quite as furious as if they shitcanned fucking floriade or dared to make people pay for it with an entry fee. the hypocrisy peals through the suburbs of canberra.

johnboy johnboy 6:49 pm 24 Mar 05

What events??

This town has a festival every second weekend!

As for return on investment… well if you personally had to put up the $1 which all your family and friends were getting a piece of $1.6 back on you might not be so keen on the whole thing.

Jazz Jazz 4:20 pm 24 Mar 05

che – not surprised. Now that I know how much the folk festival is charging….well nuff said.

on the other hand… what bloody events

Jeff Jeff 1:55 pm 24 Mar 05

I wouldn’t hold your breath for Rally Australia to be held in Canberra. I read an article in the Canberra Times yesterday which mentioned that they’re not overly interested due to costs involved in under writing the event. Seems they are a bit cautious as a result of the V8 Supercars event that was here a couple of years ago (Adelaide’s race last week had record crowds, go figure). I know they did lose money on the event but the World Rally Championship is in a totally different league. 705 million viewers and 71 TV channels cover the event world wide. It’s starting to give Formula 1 a run for its money with the number of world wide viewers.

Now having said that, I would hope the government would see this as a tourism booster for the ACT and not just another expense. I’m sure they would be able to afford to run it with some of the money that has been made over the last 12 months from the parking meter cash cows at Belconnen and Tuggeranong. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Marco Marco 1:38 pm 24 Mar 05

I have no doubt that, as usual, someone somewhere will find a way to screw over motorsport and divert the money to football or some such thing.

che che 1:33 pm 24 Mar 05

They say they can get a better return on other events

Jazz Jazz 12:51 pm 24 Mar 05

doesn’t sound like a bad return on investment to me, whats the catch?

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