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Canberra Street Names

By Aurelius - 26 February 2008 46

If the streets are meant to have a focus on notable deceased Australians, can someone please explain James Kirk Street in Gungahlin?

What sad loser in PALM trawled the history books to find some obscure justification for naming a street after the Starship Captain?

What’s Your opinion?

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46 Responses to
Canberra Street Names
bighead 10:17 pm 26 Feb 08

Anywhere care to try and explain ‘Joy Cummings pl’ in Belconnen.

Fair to say I just proved my maturity 😛

ASP 10:14 pm 26 Feb 08

“If there were to be a Stanhope street, in which suburb would it be situated?”

No, there is also no Carnell st. Praise the street naming gods!

Hasdrubahl 10:09 pm 26 Feb 08

Ah yes,

I belive there’s a Watta street there.

el ......TECortina 2 10:07 pm 26 Feb 08


Hasdrubahl 10:00 pm 26 Feb 08

If there were to be a Stanhope street, in which suburb would it be situated?

-Just wonderin’.

Perhaps I’ve been away too long….

needlenose 9:12 pm 26 Feb 08

ASP – thanks for that. I found a street in Higgins named after my great-grandfather, and now I’m searching the surnames of pretty much everyone I know.

Nemo 8:57 pm 26 Feb 08

Thanks for the link Asp.
We looked up our unusual street name only to discover it was named after some obscure piece of machinery.

lemaChet 8:44 pm 26 Feb 08

Place name of doubtful meaning, associated with the foundation of settlement in Canberra; the name first appeared on Surveyor Robert Dixon’s map of 1829; “Pialligo” is said to be an Aboriginal word for `a place for a pow-wow’, and is also said to mean `I’ll tell you by and by’.

Heh. Pialligo. There are many pow-wows goin on regarding roads there.

pptvb 8:27 pm 26 Feb 08

Would James Kirk have originated from the same ACTPLA staffer that gave us “Harrison” & “Forde” ??
Star Wars & Star Trek ?

Primal 8:11 pm 26 Feb 08

Seconded, Heavs.

Heavs 8:05 pm 26 Feb 08

Double barrel street names should be banned. Just make it Kirk Street. Or James Street. Not James Kirk, it’s just gay and smacks of a povo housing estate.

barney 6:52 pm 26 Feb 08

Such street names should be canned & banned.

davo101 6:06 pm 26 Feb 08

The streets in Gungahlin are named after industrialists and pioneers. If I was a betting man I’d put money on the ACT Place Names Committee having no idea who James T Kirk is.

p1 5:58 pm 26 Feb 08
ASP 5:56 pm 26 Feb 08

A couple of things,

PALM changed its name to ACTPLA a few years ago. Just wanted to clear up any confusion.

I tried a few searches to see who it is but could only find heaps of nerds gushing about Startrek’s James Tiberius (in case you wanted to know what the T stood for) Kirk and a Canadian actor named James Kirk.

I did however remember that ACTPLA has a database where you can find who the streets in Canberra are named for, here’s what it says:

Named after:



Died: 1997

Gazettal date:

Oil Industry. Chief Executive of Esso and Australian Bicentennial Authority. Kirk was made a Companion of the Order of Australia, awarded an honorary DSc from Newcastle University and became a champion of the environment as chairman of the Landcare Australia Limited.

In case anyone want to find the store behind a street name, here’s the link:

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