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Canberra – the perfect location for a zombie movie?

By johnboy 15 October 2008 20

Monkeybizness is suggesting that Canberra would make an excellent location for making a Zombie flick.

    “If I ever make a post-apocalyptic zombie flick – and I intend to – It will definitely be set in Canberra. I’m going to get public servants to play zombies, they’re perfect for the role. They’ll lurch around Canberra doing horrifying things like trying to feed on human flesh or getting people to write ministerial briefs.

    And the only way to defeat them will be to lead them into a roundabout, which their dull zombie minds can’t cope with. The hero (played by me of course) will take an exit while the public servant zombies run endless circles. It works on so many levels.

Your thoughts?

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Canberra – the perfect location for a zombie movie?
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BerraBoy68 6:32 pm 16 Oct 08

Lets face it, th casting agent could use the seemingly never ending supply of EMO’s in civic as extra’s.

digitalgrub 5:23 pm 16 Oct 08

I reckon you could the Innovation Centre at UC to be the high tech government lab where the zombies escape and then have the egg carton style “new” ressies as the futuristic slum apartments where the surviver live. Maybe also that horrible apartment just outside civic near the contemporary arts/dance buildng.

Also the dam near the cotter could be used. I’ve often thought Canberra would be a good place to film a soviet-style spy film, all those 70’s office buildings…

Davo111 11:59 am 16 Oct 08

One of my friends who is a second year ANU student filmed a zombie movie on the ANU Campus a few months back. They got people from the group Canberra Flash-mob on Facebook

Woody Mann-Caruso 11:54 am 16 Oct 08

As a child I remember watching a lot of dystopian sci-fi fare from the BBC – bleak, grey concrete and plastic landscapes with triffids and zombies around every corner. “As if places like that really exist,” I thought. “Cities are wonderful, warm and vibrant places, filled with life and character even if it is a bit cold.”

Then I saw the Belconnen Bus Interchange.

sepi 11:20 am 16 Oct 08

Someone should include Belco Bus interchange with those grotty plastic tubes in a movie,before they demolish it soon. They are very apololytpic.futurist

caf 11:11 am 16 Oct 08

fhakk: Personally I plan to barricade myself in The Lodge – I checked it out at the Open Day and it would make an excellent Zombie Redoubt. Will look out for signals from your encampment in the tower, though.

justbands 9:54 am 16 Oct 08

Only trouble is…Canberrans are about the only people who seem to be able to navigate roundabouts. The Zombies would exit & the hero would be trapped forever….staring into a map, right indicator on, going round & round in circles…..

AlpineViper 8:25 am 16 Oct 08

I think I’m about done with Zombie movies.

However if someone made a Canberra level for “Left 4 Dead”…

Ozhair 9:55 pm 15 Oct 08

Swaggie – Yes, they have been done to death, but they just keep getting up again… 😉

toriness 8:40 pm 15 Oct 08

ozhair, if it gets made, can i please please be an extra!

fhakk 8:08 pm 15 Oct 08

I personally think we should all be prepared for the great Zombie Apocalypse, which I’m sure is just around the corner.

My plan of action – raid the local IGA, make my way to Black Mountain Tower and barricade the entrance armed with a shotty, a samurai sword from the AWM and a couple of hot engineering chicks from the ANU so they can hook up communications.

And yes, hot engineering chicks do exist.

Swaggie 8:05 pm 15 Oct 08

There are good blogs and there are ones like Monkeybizness…. Oz – Not another Zombie Movie, haven’t they been done to death….?

Ozhair 7:03 pm 15 Oct 08

Okay, bizarre.

I literally finished my screenplay for a zombie feature just yesterday, hoping to shoot it early next year if I can scrape up some financial interest.

rosebud 6:46 pm 15 Oct 08

New Yeah said :

rosebud said :

Graduate Intake Advertisement: Got a BIG BRAIN? Canberra needs YOU! Join the Public Service today (join us, join ussss).

Imagine the morning teas!


New Yeah 6:34 pm 15 Oct 08

rosebud said :

Graduate Intake Advertisement: Got a BIG BRAIN? Canberra needs YOU! Join the Public Service today (join us, join ussss).

Imagine the morning teas!

jenny green 6:27 pm 15 Oct 08

Canberra, in Civic on a Sunday of a long weekend in the middle of school holidays- definately deserted enough to be zombie-worthy. Coffee then beer in the AM – is that not normal outside Canberra?

rosebud 6:14 pm 15 Oct 08

Graduate Intake Advertisement: Got a BIG BRAIN? Canberra needs YOU! Join the Public Service today (join us, join ussss).

New Yeah 6:07 pm 15 Oct 08

Monkeybizness, you are on the money my friend.

Too bad the man knocked down all the cool buildings in Belco, they had all the requisite grime and misguided futurist architecture for a great zombie flick. The forlorn Anzac Park buildings would do the trick now though.

poptop 5:33 pm 15 Oct 08


It is good to know our secret merriment bunkers are still safe from the Outsiders.

punkarella 5:29 pm 15 Oct 08

Yes, yes, YES!

Like 28 days later except you don’t need to pay people to pretend to be zombies, just film around Barton. Easy and cheaper!

Oh and you must also incorporate the captains cook fountain somehow in a gruesome death scene.

Can I play the guy on the homeworld tower in Tuggers with a sniper rifle?

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