Canberra: Things have changed?

Ryan 21 December 2009 11

Just a few minutes ago during ‘The Big Bang Theory’ on Digital TV Channel GO!, there was some sort of ad, set to Bob Dylan’s “Things have changed”. It took up the entire ad break, save for a channel promotion, and ended with a black screen “Canberra – Things have changed”.

Unfortunately I wasn’t paying much attention and only realised it was something to do with Canberra when I looked up and noticed that some of the footage was of some guys going down the escalators in the Canberra Centre near Dendy, with the artwork with all those CDs hanging above. This was towards the end and also featured an external shot of the Canberra Centre.

No mention of any website on the ad or what exactly it was about and Google isn’t turning up any answers.

So, with my vague description, anybody know what this is all about? Music video? Tourism Campaign? Canberra Centre ad?

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11 Responses to Canberra: Things have changed?
DNA DNA 2:20 pm 11 Mar 10

I just found out some more in this thread and am going to contact alex.

DNA DNA 1:52 pm 11 Mar 10

I just found out about this ad today, and am rather annoyed!

I created one of the 3d animations used in this while at ANU and had no idea of its use here, props to alex making something off her own back, but know that you’ve ripped off artists without their consent!

I know the ANU can use our work for self promotion, but i think this steps over the boundaries of that.


Primal Primal 2:00 pm 02 Jan 10

I love the song and the numberplate. Other than that, this ad is now just weirding me out when I see it.

(and thank god for this thread, otherwise I’d have zero idea what it was all about…)

shaniquajose shaniquajose 12:54 pm 23 Dec 09

I just saw it while watching Seinfeld.

It was alright, a bit messy with the different video formats/quality and random photos with changing colours. Creates the illusion of a more vibrant Canberra.


Gerry-Built Gerry-Built 12:33 pm 23 Dec 09

maybe that’s what passes for “local content”?

bd84 bd84 8:59 pm 21 Dec 09

I haven’t seen it, but I do recall ABC’s Stateline featuring a small section on a video ad with the slogan “Canberra – not as bad as you think”, one in the same maybe?

Ryan Ryan 6:35 pm 21 Dec 09

Eyeball In A Quart Jar Of Snot said :

The commercial was actually self-funded by a lady who was just keen to promote Canberra.

She’s forked out an absolute fortune to create this pretty woeful ad.

Well, that’s probably the fastest answer to a thread question in a long time. Thanks, Snotjar!

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 4:43 pm 21 Dec 09

I chuckled at the number plate slogan: “Canberra – not as bad as you think”

rosebud rosebud 12:23 pm 21 Dec 09

Not sure about the ad altho I have seen it. But with another long hot dull holiday Monday looming, I feel the need to add my chatter to the chatosphere (patent pending). “Things have Changed” is one of the venerable Bob Dylan’s best and funniest efforts. Deadpan delivery that appeals to my odd sense of humour. Another one is “God gave names to all the Animals”. Hilarious but not just a novelty song – really really good music. Have a listen if you haven’t already.

NeedHelp NeedHelp 11:49 am 21 Dec 09

Yeah, I saw it too. Thought it was pretty cool.

Given it had no daggy factor attached to it, perhaps a non-Government ad?

Eyeball In A Quart Jar Of Snot Eyeball In A Quart Jar Of Snot 10:35 am 21 Dec 09

The commercial was actually self-funded by a lady who was just keen to promote Canberra.

She’s forked out an absolute fortune to create this pretty woeful ad.

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