Canberra women have the longest life expectancy in Australia

Michael Weaver 4 November 2019 21
Females in the ACT are now living to 85.3 years

Females in the ACT are now living to 85.3 years, which is a rise of 1.3 years from figures in 2008, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Photo: File.

Canberra women are among those with the longest life expectancy in Australia according to the latest figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

As of last year, females in the ACT are now living to 85.3 years, a rise of 1.3 years from 2008 data.

Males in the ACT are not far behind, with the life expectancy for men rising from 80.1 years in 2008 to 81.2 years in 2018.

Both Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory recorded the highest female life expectancies, closely followed by Western Australia (85.1 years), then New South Wales (84.9 years), Queensland and South Australia (both 84.7 years) and Tasmania (83.2 years).

For the men, Victoria recorded the highest male life expectancy (81.7 years), followed by the Australian Capital Territory (81.2 years), New South Wales (80.6 years), Western Australia (80.5 years), South Australia (80.4 years), Queensland (80.2 years) and Tasmania (79.3 years).

ABS Demography Director Beidar Cho said reasons for improvements in life expectancy include, but are not limited to, improved health services, safer working environments, and medical and technological advances.

Ms Cho also said that in recent years, life expectancy for males has improved at a faster rate than that for females.

“Around 50 years ago (1965-67), life expectancy at birth in Australia was 67.6 years for males and 74.2 years for females, a gap of 6.6 years. The gap has now narrowed to 4.2 years in 2016-2018,” Ms Cho said.

Between 2016-2018, life expectancy at birth was 80.7 years for males and 84.9 years for females.

Male life expectancy has increased by 0.2 years over the 2015-2017 to 2016-2018 period, and by 1.5 years in the past ten years.

Female life expectancy has increased by 0.3 years during the same period, and by 1.2 years in the past decade.

Australians have a higher life expectancy than similar countries, such as New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the US.

According to life expectancy estimates produced by the United Nations for the top ten countries, Australia has the sixth-highest male and female combined life expectancy in the world.

Japan, Switzerland, Singapore, Spain and Italy have higher life expectancies than Australia.

And for those Australians who make it as far as the traditional retirement age of 65 years, males can expect to live a further 19.9 years and females a further 22.6 years.

The Northern Territory recorded the lowest life expectancy for both males and females (75.5 years and 80.2 years, respectively).

Despite this, male and female life expectancies in the Northern Territory showed the greatest gains of all the states and territories over the last decade (2.9 years and 1.8 years).

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21 Responses to Canberra women have the longest life expectancy in Australia
Jennifer Carter Jennifer Carter 6:34 pm 05 Nov 19

Lyn Carter moving to Canberra increases your life expectancy 😂

Tamara Faith Tamara Faith 9:19 pm 03 Nov 19

Emily, well that’s good! Lol

    Emily Jean Emily Jean 7:16 am 04 Nov 19

    A commenter below mentioned it’s because people in the ACT are rich, so maybe I’m dying tomorrow we will see😂

Yasir Khan Yasir Khan 7:06 pm 03 Nov 19

Kanwel Hameed dnt worry .....

Amber Joy Amber Joy 3:33 pm 03 Nov 19

Margreet. I'm coming to live foreverrrrrr.

    Margreet Philp Margreet Philp 5:43 pm 03 Nov 19

    Amber Weir so many reasons to come here right!?

Bryce Baud Bryce Baud 9:47 pm 02 Nov 19

Sara Henderson, Kerry Roberts you'll make a 100 easily 😊with🍷🍷to keep the blood thin😃😂.

    Kerry Roberts Kerry Roberts 10:03 pm 02 Nov 19

    I'll give it a nudge I reckon Bryce Baud!.....unless I get hit by a bus!🤣

    Bryce Baud Bryce Baud 10:06 pm 02 Nov 19

    Kerry Roberts pity the bus !😂

Dale Harding Dale Harding 6:05 pm 02 Nov 19

Annette Collins bad news for you, we’ll still be around for years yet!

Acton Acton 4:01 pm 02 Nov 19

Life expectancy has increased mainly because of declines in mortality from cardiovascular disease and cancer.
Both are related to smoking levels in the community.
More smokers = higher obesity, poorer diets, less fitness, more disease, higher mortality and shorter average life expectancy.
Less smokers = longer life expectancy.
Removing smokers from the gene pool by not breeding with them will raise average wealth, average fitness, average life expectancy and average intelligence levels.

    bikhet bikhet 7:55 pm 02 Nov 19

    Same with drinkers. Problem is, how will the government cover the decline in sin taxes?

Gerard Dwyer Gerard Dwyer 3:24 pm 02 Nov 19

Mia Wijk, you have to put up with me for another 30 plus years.

Mackenzie Campbell Mackenzie Campbell 11:58 am 02 Nov 19

Leigh Roux bummer for you eh

Sara Henderson Sara Henderson 11:37 am 02 Nov 19

Kerry Roberts we will be do more hiking 🥾

    Kerry Roberts Kerry Roberts 11:41 am 02 Nov 19 many more good times ahead! 😘🤣⛺🍷💃🧘‍♀️

Gavin Mingay Gavin Mingay 11:01 am 02 Nov 19

Safest roads in Australia... If only Canberra people could actually drive, it would be in the 90s... 😳

Rita Scholl Rita Scholl 10:51 am 02 Nov 19

only goes to show clear relationship between wealth and health

Gloria Hodgekiss Gloria Hodgekiss 10:29 am 02 Nov 19

Bring it on ash. Xxooxx

    Ashleigh Kremp Ashleigh Kremp 7:00 pm 02 Nov 19

    Gloria Hodgekiss your nearly there already!! 👍

William William William William 10:04 am 02 Nov 19

Yes no pollution like other states have😆

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