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Canberra Yacht Club and stupid things on the lake

By johnboy - 2 April 2007 28

In what we are sure is going to be a classic case of “things you shouldn’t put on YouTube” allow us to present the shenanigans of the Canberra Yacht Club’s younger members.

You know it’s going to be special when it features the words “and now you’re going to see something really stupid”.

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28 Responses to
Canberra Yacht Club and stupid things on the lake
James-T-Kirk 3:01 pm 02 Apr 07


I’ll see if they feel as affronted and violated as I do over this issue, and will give the person responsible the appropriate contact details..

Nik_the_Pig 2:53 pm 02 Apr 07

JTK, we’d (RiotACT) be quite happy to post any media release from the yacht club regarding their actions in dealing with those persons responsible for the actions seen on the clip.

Right of reply is one of the big things Riot is about.

James-T-Kirk 2:45 pm 02 Apr 07

My point from the comment above was that why should the organisation who owned the boat be damned for the video.

The kids were clearly doing the wrong thing. And the person who was encouraging the activities (At the back of the camera) has been duly dealt with.

Which is why YouTube was invented – Remember the cretins ‘drifting’ in the CIT carpark..

What would we have said if the start of the CIT drifting video had said ‘CIT drifting studies – 2007’.

johnboy 2:45 pm 02 Apr 07

Well then it’s hard to blame it on YouTube unfairly implicating anything.

Seems pretty fair.

James-T-Kirk 2:41 pm 02 Apr 07

Of course they hapened.

Al 2:38 pm 02 Apr 07

Sorry JTK, but it’s hard to understand how the disgruntled ex-employee made those poor kids do all that…
I was also wondering of the person driving the powerboat wasn’t actually breaking some laws that our friendly wallopers would like to pursue.

johnboy 2:34 pm 02 Apr 07

You mean the things in the video didn’t happen?

James-T-Kirk 2:29 pm 02 Apr 07


In my enthusiasm to add some content, I forgot to add a comment about the open fuel tank. It is a little difficult (in anger) to decide the worst event portrayed.

In any case, it turns out that this was a disgruntled, ex-employee who was taking a swing at a reputable organisation in an environment where he thought they wouldn’t see. Unfortunately, the Internet effectively removes the right of reply from those who have actually been hurt by this stupidity…

Makes me wonder what somebody can actually do to prevent themselves from being unfairly implicated in stupidity by somebody who is pissed off, given the automatic anonyminity that services such as Youtube provides…

Al 1:50 pm 02 Apr 07

PS: I’d think that flinging a lit rope around when they have a still-open fuel tank was actually the most dangerous of their stunts.
BTW having one of the twits on the rope de-crotch themselves on the bow cleat would have added immensely to the humour-value of the clip…

Al 1:47 pm 02 Apr 07

Stupidity + posting it on YouTube = Positive outcome
(Arguably Stupidity squared…)

James-T-Kirk 1:37 pm 02 Apr 07

Appropriate people contacted – Problems dealt with!

James-T-Kirk 1:17 pm 02 Apr 07


As a Sea Scout leader, I can confirm that ee take the responsibility of being able to use safety boats on Canberra’s lakes quite seriously indeed.

If one of my group had done anything like this, they would *never* be allowed to articipate in club activities again.

I see 2 seperate activities:

1) The irresponsible use of a power boat – Get rid of those responsible.

2) Jumping off catamarans – Re-educate those responsible (Doesn’t hold a candle to the power boat issues).

Fortunately, Canberra’s boating community is small, so I’ll try to get into contact with the appropriate people to ensure that this *never* happens again.

It is sad that a couple of &^%^$ idiots can impact the rest of us.

Sammy 12:38 pm 02 Apr 07

This pisses me off. I’m not allowed to take my outboard-powered boat onto Lake Burley Griffin for a spot of leisurely fishing, and these wankers get open slather to do as they wish.

vg 12:26 pm 02 Apr 07

Silly little Grammar boys

Al 11:31 am 02 Apr 07

Just Darwin’s theory of evolution in the flesh…

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