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Canberras disgraceful drink drivers contribute less to the road toll

By johnboy 2 January 2009 32

The ABC brings word that road deaths in the ACT were stable in 2008 and drug and booze related deaths are particularly passe.

    “Fourteen people died on ACT roads in 2008, the same number as in 2007.

    While drug and alcohol related fatalities dropped in 2008, the number of elderly drivers killed on Canberra roads increased dramatically.

    Nearly half of the 14 deaths were people 75-years-old or over.”

This despite senior police and politicians fulminating all Christmas about how “disgraceful” the drink driving rate has been?

It’s also worth noting with the wrinklies that they’re much less likely to get in an accident, but much more likely to die when they do get in a crash. The NSW approach of taking their licences away is particularly cruel because it forces them into cars as passengers with drivers at the wheel who are more likely to crash (thereby killing them).

There comes a point when a person is on so many drugs to maintain life that blaming their fatality on a road accident is a bit silly.

What’s Your opinion?

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Canberras disgraceful drink drivers contribute less to the road toll
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Overheard 1:05 am 05 Jan 09

Mea culpa! I can abide anything in this life except hypocrisy (though I’ll make an exception for myself).

But this morning I was in beautiful Forster/Tuncurry, relying on my mobile phone’s navigator to get to my uncle’s place (whose exact name just happens to be mine ‘Mr Over Heard’, by the by) and my reliance on this 3″ x 1.5″ piece of technology wedged into my dashboard well was so complete that when it came time to take the critical right-hand turn (“nemen het eerste op het recht” — my Navigator speaks to me in Dutch) I cut right across a lane which had a car with two young bogan-ish blokes in it.

Give them their due, there was no honking, no fingers, no running me off the road and going for the baseball bat. They just backed off and probably gave the ACT plates a wide berth.

And having said that (and having made full my confession) I can now mention that as much as I abhor gender or regional stereotypes, what the hell is it with Queenslanders and overtaking on the inside lane on motorways/freeways? Jaysus!!

Granny 2:53 pm 04 Jan 09

Ooh, I just bought my ‘No more frangipani’ car sticker! Who knew there was money in that account?

; )

Granny 2:28 pm 04 Jan 09

Thanks, Felix the Cat! I jolly well shall!!

I do prefer the more expensive ebay option, but thank goodness for the freebie. However, by the time I buy the sticker paper to print on, I wonder if it would be cheaper to ebay it?

Hmmmmmm … I can feel my infamous ebay addiction resurfacing!!

*heh heh heh*

Felix the Cat 2:10 pm 04 Jan 09

Granny said :

Frangipani drivers could also benefit from being instantly defected at random vehicle inspections.

Perhaps you could put one of these on your car, Granny!

farnarkler 10:07 am 04 Jan 09

If P platers are that much of a menace, why not pressure the relevant minister into restricting them to driving 1 litre automatic Nissan Micras or slower.

farnarkler 10:03 am 04 Jan 09

If so Overheard please give me their number!! At least he doesn’t try to drive 3cm from the car in front’s boot lid.

ant 9:03 am 04 Jan 09

I still reckon Yesterday’s Heroes in Hats (/Peter Brock) are less of a menace on the roads than the Frangipani fraternity (aggressive and devoid of driving skill) and anything with a P plate on.

Overheard 6:23 am 04 Jan 09

I feel your pain, farnarkler. I think there’s a support group in this!

farnarkler 3:14 am 04 Jan 09

some oldies certainly are more problem than solution. My father is amongst them. If you see a white 1989 Toyota Camry wagon with a little white haired man driving from Kaleen into Civic be aware he’s never driven above 60km/h.

In the early 80’s when driving down the King’s Hwy to Batemans Bay I had to duck out of sight whenever someone overtook us for fear of seeing a schoolmate in that car.

Overheard 12:04 am 04 Jan 09

Aeek said :

Collateral damage rather than natural selection.
They’re going to die soon enough, its who they happen to take out first.

That’s my concern. I’ve lost count of the number of senior citizens who’ve pulled out in front of me from arterial roads with not even the slightest thought to the concept of ‘oncoming traffic’. My dear old dad drove right up to two months before his death (age 78) and I really do feel for anyone who was on the road within a km radius of him for the preceding 20 years or so.

Granny 11:15 pm 03 Jan 09

Frangipani drivers could also benefit from being instantly defected at random vehicle inspections.

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