Canberra’s working harbour?

johnboy 7 April 2007 25

The Canberra Times is very excited by plans to build a harbour out onto Lake Burley Griffin at Kingston.

Canberra is expected to have a working harbour within two years, as the completion of the $1billion Kingston Foreshore project draws nearer.

Planning Minister Simon Corbell will announce today that construction of the vast new complex will begin in July.

Hmmm, a working harbour? Carrying commercial traffic from where to whence may we ask?

Sounds a lot more like a marina, Simon must have been playing with SimCity.

And was it on the Canberra Plan?

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25 Responses to Canberra’s working harbour?
Thumper Thumper 8:14 am 10 Apr 07


I kind of like the idea of a ‘Darling Harbour’ on Lake JBG.

You could have ferries going across to the AWM, or NM, and then on cruises around the lake.

Trips into Jerra wetlands.

Restaurants, coffee shops, specialty shops, etc all along a wide paved foreshore.

Maybe a floating restaurant, and a wharf that just juts out into the lake.

I like the idea. It has a lot of potential.

Get rid of the gaol and then when can afford to build it.

nyssa76 nyssa76 7:28 am 10 Apr 07

Maybe caf, but the money should be spent on priorities for the ACT people.

A harbour requires a sea route. We’re inland.

Therefore it is insane. What are we going to do, trade within ourselves on the lake?

The Govt should be attending to those issues I raised earlier, rather than wasting taxpayer money on crap like that.

caf caf 12:31 pm 09 Apr 07

nyssa, I think taking into account land sales it’s been revenue positive.

Reading the article it seems that this has been in some kind of plan for more than 10 years. It’s not clear whether it’s a local thing or an NCA thing though.

nyssa76 nyssa76 12:31 pm 09 Apr 07

I’d also be asking why we still were made to take up self-govt when the majority of Canberrans voted against it every time it was brought up!

louise louise 12:14 pm 09 Apr 07

Why on earth did we collectively agree to a 4-year term? If ony it were a local council, then someone could sack them for incompetence.

nyssa76 nyssa76 9:41 am 09 Apr 07

They don’t have money to keep schools open, or to fix potholes or to even bring more police into Canberra, but they have enough for a “harbour”?

What are they smoking?

What a waste of public monies. It’s a damn shame the election isn’t until next year.

ant ant 7:44 am 09 Apr 07

They can name the harbour Jervis Bay. Or just move Jervis Bay to Lake BG… just drag it up the Clyde.

Aeek Aeek 11:46 pm 08 Apr 07

For a lighthouse, put a light on the bell tower.

Myrmecia Myrmecia 10:08 pm 08 Apr 07

The Canberra Times can’t help themselves – they publish a planner’s dream for developers’/speculators’ big bucks every six months or so and (luckily) we are still to see the ludicrous and crass foorbridge and a “vibrant” inner city.
The working harbour will be lucky if it includes more than the little steam powered launch. The Canberra Rowing Club guys – who are relocating to the East Basin in this latest plan – will see to it that any maritime industry does not disrupt their sport.

no name no name 8:13 pm 08 Apr 07

Oooh The Canberra Times is very excited, obviously a credible story if The Canberra Times printed it !

teddy bear teddy bear 7:23 pm 08 Apr 07

It seems that to make the harbour they have to take over some of the lake. If the NCA gets involved they may end up reclaiming all of the east basin and have to move the harbour.

LIC LIC 6:10 pm 08 Apr 07

Looks like a port is going in at Acton – whats with all the containers on/near the futsal slab?

(Speaking of which, when’s the next international futsal tournament on there?)

I-filed I-filed 5:50 pm 08 Apr 07

This is sounding like it has the makings of a theme park. How bout an ersatz rough pub where public servants can pretend to be stevedores?

lateralis lateralis 4:43 pm 08 Apr 07

We need a lighthouse first…a really big one.

Ralph Ralph 3:28 pm 08 Apr 07

Stanhope can dock his Siev-X replica there.

louise louise 12:10 pm 08 Apr 07

Another monument to the follies of the S-hope government.

Superschools, superjails, superlibraries, a super Grassby, a not-so-super bus system, and now a super harbour. Where will it all end?

LIC LIC 11:51 am 08 Apr 07

For true authenticity, the “harbour” needs yards full of shipping containers, lots of cranes, trucks thundering up and down the roads 24/7, some old wharfies pubs … all so the residents get that realistic “harbour” feeling.

Where is all the harbour traffic coming from …the yet to be announced Acton oil refinery and grain handling port?

Special G Special G 9:56 am 08 Apr 07

Does it come complete with working harbour smell? That would increase the appeal.

Bartron Bartron 11:22 pm 07 Apr 07

It won’t be a working harbour until I see the Emma Maersk parked and awaiting cargo. Unfortunatly that might spoil the view for the ‘working class’ living in their ‘working harbour’.

pffft…who the hell are they kidding?

futto futto 11:01 pm 07 Apr 07

Simcity is the only place in Canberra you would need a harbour to protect our fleet of ships from the unforgiving waters of our blessed artificial lake.

what’s next? How about a underground rail link between Civic interchange and the airport. dumbasses.

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