Can’t political parties and community groups just follow the rules?

John-Paul Romano 17 May 2019 44

Illegal corflute on Canberra Ave. Photos: John-Paul Romano.

We live in a city where some people just don’t get it. It doesn’t take much to read and understand the Code of Practice for movable signs.

Yet, most community groups, businesses and political parties just let the regulation pass over their heads.

The code states fairly plainly where signs aren’t permitted, such as Canberra Avenue, Northbourne Avenue, the Barton Highway and Wentworth Avenue. It also says that signs, attached to poles, trees or government property are banned. But so far, no party has been able to follow these simple rules to keep our city, a city of national significance, beautiful.

Illegal corflute on Canberra Ave.

Illegal corflute on Canberra Ave median strip.

Nevertheless, I’m pondering why Transport Canberra and City Services has issued no fines this election cycle? Every political party should ensure it’s volunteers read the Code of Practice, which is enforceable with fines.

Illegal corflute on Canberra Ave.

Illegal sign locked to a pole in the city.

John-Paul Romano (@johnpauldromano) is a passionate and proud young Canberran, entrepreneur, and founder of The PURE Network (

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44 Responses to Can’t political parties and community groups just follow the rules?
Capital Retro Capital Retro 9:48 am 19 May 19

Plenty of Greens signs in the front yards of houses all over Canberra giving the same effect as if they were roadside.

Alex Satrapa Alex Satrapa 6:23 pm 18 May 19

We could simplify the rules: "No political advertising"

Daniel Borak Daniel Borak 5:06 pm 18 May 19

My mate caught a 3m flatty the other day.

Futureproof Futureproof 3:57 pm 18 May 19

Fine political parties $1000 an hour for every hour after the polls close for leaving signage on the side of the road. That’ll make ’em notice

ACT Greens ACT Greens 1:57 pm 18 May 19

Hi folks, you might be interested to know that we've listened to community feedback and have not used roadside signs at this election. They just create waste and get torn down. We need to get the word out without the ad budgets of the other parties. We have yard signs out instead, where they won't be torn down and can be collected for reuse and recycling after the election, and we’ve been doorknocking since last September as a more meaningful way to hear from people.

Nationally, we want to invest in Australian recycling infrastructure and get corporations to phase out single-use plastic. Here in the ACT, the Greens have helped bring in a container deposit scheme and expanded public recycling options. We need to make big business take responsibility for the waste they produce and support everyone who wants to live with less waste.

Thanks for all your concern, and happy voting today! Info on voting Green if you're looking:

    John Ransom John Ransom 1:12 am 19 May 19

    ACT Greens

    Nice excursion that you put on into Queensland during the campaign, you fools. You did more to needlessly fire up the locals and help the Adani mine than Clive Palmer or even Mr Adani himself could have done. It’s a major political own goal up there with Greens opposing Kevin Rudd’s CPRS and forcing Mal to support it from opposition, only to get himself rolled by climate denier Tony, the impact of that stuff up you willhave to live with for another three years from today. More Brain, less Complain, my friends!! Hope you like North Qld ( especially the Qld police lock ups) because you will all have to take leave from your jobs or quit to become futile protesting pilgrims and crusaders. Such fun to get yourselves arrested en masse. Such a costly battle and so far from home, and so few friends in that neck of the woods. Tonights result guarantees the Carmichael mines will happen whether anyone opposes or not.

Zoë Rose Zoë Rose 9:12 am 18 May 19

Does anyone know where the corflutes themselves get thrown out? I can think of a hundred things I could do with corflutes... Stephen Walsh? Do they go to mugga lane or what?

    Zoë Rose Zoë Rose 9:14 am 18 May 19

    I need to make a frost house for my Jade plant, could make a great cubby for my little guy, need some drawer dividers...

    Stephen Walsh Stephen Walsh 10:12 am 18 May 19

    Zoë Rose the tip, either parkwood or mugga, tomorrow morning

    Nick Brightman Nick Brightman 10:08 pm 18 May 19

    Zoë Rose do what I did last time. Drive around and grab a bunch. Best tomato stakes!!

    Darren Cullerne Darren Cullerne 10:26 pm 18 May 19

    Just make sure you purge the evil out of the Conservative ones or they will poison your plants...

    Zoë Rose Zoë Rose 10:29 pm 18 May 19

    I’m not goddamn touching Zed’s.

Peter Starun Peter Starun 8:45 am 18 May 19

Our street is littered with campaign flyers that were just chucked on the ground in front of every house. Because they were to lazy to actually put them in the letterbox. I guarantee they won't come and pick them up.

Tim Roach Tim Roach 8:17 am 18 May 19

These signs are fantastic weed stoppers if placed under mulch.

Rastislav Zrelak Rastislav Zrelak 11:24 pm 17 May 19

waste waste waste ☹️☹️

Callum Bowen Callum Bowen 10:23 pm 17 May 19

Just an FYI. Any campaign corflutes that are still up more than 48 hours after the election are considered illegal and the responsible person/party may be penalised for breach of rules and also for a retrieval fee per sign.

So if somebody kept a bunch of corflutes, replanted them on Monday night and then reported them as illegal...🤔

Angela Hunter Angela Hunter 7:20 pm 17 May 19

Not to mention all that goddam plastic!!!!!!! It's hideous stuff. And let's be honest they actually really make you change your vote? Do you see a sign for some candidate on the side of the road in the way to work and think. ... yep! That's the made up my mind 🙄

Ditch the stupid corflutes... they're hideous! !

Helen Goddard Helen Goddard 6:45 pm 17 May 19

Please ... let’s get excited about more serious problems!

    Peter Marshall Peter Marshall 7:14 pm 17 May 19

    Personally I think if they openly show contempt for the "little laws" like these, that's a sign of a potential problem with their ethics.

    Bakedbytt Bakedbytt 7:38 pm 17 May 19

    Peter Marshall Doubtful. More likely they’re just really busy and haven’t read the fine print!

    Jp Romano Jp Romano 7:38 pm 17 May 19

    Bakedbytt just because you don’t know that it’s illegal doesn’t make it legal.

Lewis P Owlay Lewis P Owlay 4:22 pm 17 May 19

Get a real problem

    Jp Romano Jp Romano 5:44 pm 17 May 19

    Lewis P Owlay people breaking the law isn’t a problem?

    Lewis P Owlay Lewis P Owlay 5:49 pm 17 May 19

    Nope not really. They’ll be gone in a couple of days

    Peter Marshall Peter Marshall 7:14 pm 17 May 19

    Personally I think if they openly show contempt for the "little laws" like these, that's a sign of a potential problem with their ethics.

Peter Thornton Peter Thornton 4:03 pm 17 May 19

Tim Thornton i assume this is Brian or some Brian like entity?

Phyl Oliver Phyl Oliver 2:47 pm 17 May 19

I just wonder how many will remove their signs on Sunday morning. If not they should definitely be fined for it.

    James Daniels James Daniels 4:09 pm 17 May 19

    ACT law allows 48 hours after polls close to remove election signs so they should be gone by COB on Monday.

    Stephen Walsh Stephen Walsh 11:36 pm 17 May 19

    Sunday morning is normally the day you can head out to the tip at Mugga or Parkwood and get enough tomato stakes to last you through to the next election.

Nari Strange Nari Strange 1:55 pm 17 May 19

Most annoying....

Evan Soper Evan Soper 1:50 pm 17 May 19

If you choose who to vote for based on a sign on the side of the road, or a flyer shoved in your hand as you walk into a polling booth, you dont deserve the privilege of voting.

Veronika Sain Veronika Sain 1:14 pm 17 May 19

I’d charge any party or person pictured that doesn’t remove them post election. Coreflute is hard plastic and doesn’t biodegrade.

All boards on footpath areas in the city should be banned as they are dangerous to the disabled and elderly.

    Ian Don Ian Don 1:46 pm 17 May 19

    Veronika Sain I believe they do. They have 10 days post election to retrieve or may be liable for being fined.

Roger Mungummary Roger Mungummary 1:01 pm 17 May 19

Totally agree, annoying as hell and convincing nobody

David Jackson David Jackson 12:20 pm 17 May 19

Someone needs to get a life

    Jp Romano Jp Romano 12:52 pm 17 May 19

    David Jackson why? It’s still a crime...

    Helen Goddard Helen Goddard 6:44 pm 17 May 19

    Jp Romano Yeah ... but let’s fight fights that are worth fighting. This is seriously not worth it. Signs are not hurting anyone ...

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