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johnboy 10 April 2011 35
horses loose

Owen’s sent this in with this note:

The mind boggles as to how a couple of horses got to the corner of Tillyard and Ginninderra. But there they were with the constabulary in attendance.

The police get to deal with all sorts of oddities, this would be a bit of a change from dealing with drunks, druggies and dangerous drivers.

But the real question is what caption would you put on this photo?

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35 Responses to Caption contest…
PearlGem PearlGem 8:43 pm 17 Apr 11

Just like to say these are my houdini boys Loki (the black, welsh D) and Diablo (the Grey, Arab) living up to their names. They were in the back yard getting all cleaned and smarted up for pony club. We went out for a bit to see my friends new baby and got a call while we were out that the boys had gone bush. So that’s the back story but just like to say I love all the comments.

johnboy johnboy 9:38 am 13 Apr 11

Last time I heard it I fell off my dinosaur!

troll-sniffer troll-sniffer 9:26 am 13 Apr 11

Thumper said :

Why the long face?

Ha that’s actually funny! +1

Thumper Thumper 8:23 am 13 Apr 11

Why the long face?

Joker Joker 11:23 pm 12 Apr 11

‘Men who stare at Horses’, the story of the AFP’s latest paranormal branch.

Joker Joker 11:20 pm 12 Apr 11

Constable Timmy (far right) trying to conceal his dissapointment at not being allowed to go for a pony ride

niftydog niftydog 5:35 pm 12 Apr 11

Bucking the trend – running away to escape the circus.

Gerry-Built Gerry-Built 7:33 pm 11 Apr 11

“Damn – Geoff was right, the Captain does look like a horse’s arse”

Sleaz274 Sleaz274 5:48 pm 11 Apr 11

“You’ve heard of Rodney King right? Well I don’t wanna beat a dead horse.”

Boom tish I’m here all week please try the pony.

hairy nosed wombat hairy nosed wombat 3:22 pm 11 Apr 11

I am sick of playing Cops and Robbers, Who wants to play Cowboys and Indians.

Cop on Right – “when is it my turn to have a ride”.

EvanJames EvanJames 3:08 pm 11 Apr 11

A new initiative by ACT Parks and Gardens, cutting out the middle man in fertilizing the trees.

Chop71 Chop71 3:05 pm 11 Apr 11

That’s a mighty fine ass you got there!!!

Sleaz274 Sleaz274 3:02 pm 11 Apr 11

And just to be really offensive…

“Well ma’am your menu choices are pork, and let’s just say…other.”

When the pigs and horses got together in town little Johnny knew it wouldn’t be safe outside anymore.

Once upon a time a pig met a horse and a magical fairytale began

“Look he just wants a sugar cube.” “Just a little closer, human.”

Sleaz274 Sleaz274 2:18 pm 11 Apr 11

Oops double post, can you delete one pls JB?

But I’d like to add…

“Okay you proved your point it’s not that big. You’ll still date a colleague though right?”

When the local pony club was rolled police rounded up the usual suspects

Sleaz274 Sleaz274 1:59 pm 11 Apr 11

Two recent escapees from Chum apprehended in Canberra

AFP K9 unit serving premium grass fed mince

Holepunch Holepunch 8:56 am 11 Apr 11

Blue rapid services

Special G Special G 8:35 am 11 Apr 11

Cop – High on grass. That’s gunna cost ya.
Horse – No waaaay maaaan, I got the munchies soooo bad.

Grail Grail 4:36 am 11 Apr 11

Saddled with neigh-borhood horseplay, this pair grass to the Feds. “With any luck, we’ll have their night-mares sorted,” said Constable Trotter.

gooterz gooterz 1:12 am 11 Apr 11

RAPID caught 2 unlicenced drivers this weekend!

harley harley 9:39 pm 10 Apr 11

If we let the mounted units horses run free, will anyone notice?

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