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CARnage at Summernats

By johnboy 8 January 2006 91

The Daily Telegraph has got a story about trouble at Summernats last night.

FIVE people, including a five-year-old boy, were injured when a stunt driver crashed into a crowd at a car rally in Canberra last night.

No, not Lawrence Legend gone astray (as everyone first assumes on seeing the headline) but some sort of bizarre mishap in the super cruise (grand parade).

Any witnesses in the readership want to clear up what happened?

UPDATED: ABC Online have a detailed report. The Canberra Times also has the story.

FURTHER UPDATE: JR has sent in a pic of the Summernats Plus aka Braddon on Saturday night, full of ACT number plates.

Braddon by night during Summernats

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91 Responses to
CARnage at Summernats
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buzz819 5:11 pm 17 Jan 12

danggers16 said :

i thought this had something to do with Todd carney

Holy thread resurrection batman!

danggers16 4:57 pm 17 Jan 12

i thought this had something to do with Todd carney

Thumper 10:26 am 04 Jan 09

Nemo toads?

They have aquatic toads that live on the Great Barrier Reef?

ant 9:01 am 04 Jan 09

I was just about to mention that nematodes don’t generally live in caves, although you might find them in caves. You could cite glow worms, but I don’t think they’re actual worms.

But you beat me to it.

Overheard 12:15 am 04 Jan 09

I-filed said :

Fellow readers note: this is a 2006 thread – I read most of the way through it after gpk’s post above, before I realised. Posting this to save you the trouble!

Gawd, thanks for the tip. I was about a third of the way through before I twigged.

But now I know who this SGS guy is. What a strange little cave-dwelling nematode!

(That’s a cue for any bug geeks to let me know that nematodes don’t dwell in caves.)

ant 9:53 pm 03 Jan 09

I wonder how people find these old threads to resurrect? Some weird search engine that throws up odd random threads?

BerraBoy68 5:22 pm 03 Jan 09

I-filed said :

Fellow readers note: this is a 2006 thread – I read most of the way through it after gpk’s post above, before I realised. Posting this to save you the trouble!

Onya I-filed. I was about to post a wow ‘deju vu’ “hasn’t this happened before?” type comment until I hit on your warning. Good work.

I-filed 2:20 pm 03 Jan 09

Fellow readers note: this is a 2006 thread – I read most of the way through it after gpk’s post above, before I realised. Posting this to save you the trouble!

gpk 1:00 pm 03 Jan 09

Well, Johnboy I can imagine the entertainment!ha!…but.. anyone who does not think the event sheet at civic and other police stations doesnt get fuller with anti social behavioural incidents is a fool.Not to mention those incidents that do not attract police notice.(and these are outside exhibition park in the suburbs!)
I have lived in Watson for 11 years and if the event moves to sydney i wont shed any tears.
My 17 year old daughter and her brother sum it all up: she said “i knew there people like that in this country, i just didnt realise there were so many of them.” and from my son “what a bunch of boozed up no life dickheads” ($3,000 damage done to his car last year by some decent car enthusiasts just up here for a nice time…yeah right)
Personally i prefer a bit of peace and quiet and i like being in an environment where the standard of behaviour is a little further up the food chain.
And before any of the reverse snobs or, would be suedo intellectuals, who have written in, try and comment that i must be precious or priviledged or something, let me say that i grew up in Sydney in areas that none of you i suspect would venture into at night.(and i wouldnt blame you) and i have never been handed anything in my life.
I dont interfere with anyone in my community and we are very lucky here in Canberra and we shouldnt take it for granted.As for Kamba argument here..but whilst bad stuff happens everywhere I dont blame anyone for not wanting it to be in a concentrated form where it spills over and affects the community etc.(in other words those NOT wishing to participate in any way)
So Sam you stick to your guns, just a word from someone older, realise that some people are outgoing and love to party hard, so dont judge too much.Having said that,the bottom line ..if ya want to get drunk, make noise, yell and scream, piss on peoples lawns, cruise canberra looking for people to race, or draw attention to yourself because you have an ego issue or two, do it somewhere else.
And the guys who think that its real men that go along on saturday night, get drunk and
and howl after the “ladies” ..i suggest you do some growing up cause they are naughty little boys, i can tell you.
I dont have a problem with Nats…just any antisocial behaviour and im sure if the event was run with a completely different set of focuses it would be better.But for now its still run like a ladies or mens night out the back car park of Rooty RSL club.
SO, nope I wont miss it one bit if it goes and I dont think a lot of people in Canberra will care either.

midnitecalla 10:55 pm 29 Jan 06

18 going on to 68 sam bloody hell. go out have fun getting old is no fun.

midnitecalla 10:30 pm 29 Jan 06

sam age 18 ? that explaind the propogandist drivel coming out of your corner.
when you have gotten some scope on the world other than that over priced education you got suppiled with then you can comment on issues that have been about longer than you have been alive. Summer nats have been the only outlet for mostmotor enthusiasts every yearyear in year out and as every year pases whinging old pharts and young wet ones like your self want to preserve canberra to it sleepy “cultural” image and not consider the others in the crowd who actually like this shin dig once a year.

I have no problems with the noise as its not like it was when IWAS18 and you werent nothing but a phart in your old mans pants

those days the going was rougher than it is now and there was no controls and refine ment as there is now. i was at summernats one and the earlier events in 1985 and today its a show to be proud of in comparison to Sema in some respects yet you and your cafesipping liberal voting conservatives still want to piss on the parade.

sam grow up and let us ols schoolers have a bit of fun . sheesh im asking a preschooler for permission.


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