CCC being a little disingenuous?

johnboy 3 May 2007 54

A reader has sent in the above image of the Canberra Cycling Club photo page (full size and many more images are also available) from the weekend race which lead to the horrible accident on the Cotter Road.

The screenshot is particularly telling because, if you were to visit the above link now, you wouldn’t be able to find the pictures of the cyclists on the wrong side of the road any more.

This might be related to the Club’s media statement which made the following claim:

The Canberra Tour was conducted in accordance with road rules and approvals from the ACT Department of Territory and Municipal Services, and the immediate response was consistent with the incident plan for the event.

So how many riders were disqualified over the course of the event?

Seeing as we’re assured by cycle racing devotees the rules require this.

UPDATED: Without much pleasure (poking sticks at the Canberra Cycling Club isn’t a goal of mine) I’d be remiss if I didn’t pass along an observation. Another reader has noted that in a great many of the photos there appear to be support vehicles in the background on the wrong side of unbroken lines. This closeup illustrates the point:

Not exactly “conducted in accordance with road rules” then?

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54 Responses to CCC being a little disingenuous?
bonfire bonfire 1:12 pm 07 May 07

i note in the sunday ct that mountain bike riders have been harassing peacefiul law abiding equestrians and their horses.

will this 2 wheeled menace ever be controlled.

kennardly kennardly 9:47 pm 05 May 07

Vic, again, car drivers always abide by the rules?? – see what Danman said.

“Don’t you ever dare to bleat to us taxpayers” – like as if cyclists aren’t also taxpayers – they are some sort of sub-humans who don’t also drive cars, earn money, pay frickin taxes.

Vic, you’d better hope you never have kids who ride bikes and get injured because I bet they won’t really deserve it….. And the drunken car driver who might hit them won’t be shunned by you because he was driving a car and so is above all reproach.

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 9:30 pm 05 May 07

Well, you cyclists have been well and truly *owned*.

You have been proven by comment and photographic evidence, to be reckless law breakers without a care in world for the road rules the rest of us abide.

You deserve every injury you receive.

Don’t you ever dare to bleat to us taxpayers about anything ever again.

kennardly kennardly 5:41 pm 05 May 07


johnboy johnboy 1:40 pm 05 May 07

But responsible organisers could disqualify the rule breakers and thereby create an incentive to obey the rules.

kennardly kennardly 1:22 pm 05 May 07

J Dawg, these people were racing on a road – how amazed would you be if some of them didn’t cross the double yellow lines – humans break rules if they can, especially in competitive situations. So, if you hold a bike race on a road, people will always cross the lines, simple as that. It has nothing to do with “Cyclists” and their mentalities. Marathon runners wouldn’t stick to their side of the road if they can get an advantage…

Pandy Pandy 1:03 am 05 May 07

I am still waiting for the CCC to upload their media statement from 3/5/7. There is an announcement on their news page, but there is no link to anything.

johnboy johnboy 11:25 pm 04 May 07

Now who’s being disingenuous? 😉

Send it in.

J Dawg J Dawg 11:18 pm 04 May 07

The point is that regardless of the fact that there are tools who drive and there are tools who cycle, these cyclists are breaking the rules on the road of the cars.

Sure, the road can be used by anyone, but it doesn’t take a fool here to point out that on a narrow rural road with no shoulder, the car is king. Personally, I think that cyclists using a road like this should always give way, acknowledge, and make way for a car (where ever possible). After all, you don’t go into someone’s house and take a shit in the middle of their living room.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 5:06 pm 04 May 07

Now who’s being disingenuous? 😉

johnboy johnboy 3:52 pm 04 May 07

I’d just like to ad that if anyone has pictures of cars on the wrong side of the road while their peak body claims to be abiding by road rules we will be more than happy to publish them.

kennardly kennardly 3:25 pm 04 May 07


Mr_Shab Mr_Shab 3:11 pm 04 May 07

Thank you brother Danman!

Can I get an AMEN!

Danman Danman 2:15 pm 04 May 07

I think being a prick is universal.
All road users have the power – just some choose to use it.

In this instance its the tools in the photograph.

Thats not to say motorised road users are little angels either.

Pricks always pass me on Gunghalin drive at 6 in th emorning – going past me liek I am standing still – at least 140 in an 80 .

But yet the roads are clear. Whats the rush.
If your late – leave earlier.

pfft to tools. Two fingers up 😛

Not just bike riding tools.
Tools in general.

Mr_Shab Mr_Shab 1:52 pm 04 May 07

what arrant nonsense.

drivers break road laws all the time.

search this site and you will see many instances mentioned.

they dont use lights at night, dont wear seatbelts, drive through red lights, drive on the cycle lanes, drive while drunk, drive while tired, and blatantly exceed the speed limits while claiming that they are unimpeachably right in doing so because the law is an ass.

perennial lawbreakers. typical of arrogant couldnt care less selfish egotists that typify your average driver.

(cyclists don’t have the mortgage on being arseholes, bonfire)

kennardly kennardly 1:18 pm 04 May 07

Ok, I just went for a run and clarified some thoughts!
Cyclists have to self-regulate. They may have to follow the road rules like cars however there isn’t the perception that they will actually get pulled up for e.g. running a red light. So, its down to self-regulation to make cyclists do the right thing.

And, by the nature of the size of a bike, it is easy to get places faster than cars, e.g going down the side of queued up cars, up on gutters.

I believe it takes an extremely stable balanced human to apply self-regulation in these circumstances. These type of humans probably don’t occupy a large percentage of the population – therefore most cyclists will not be able to self-regulate and therefore will break the official rules of the road.

Ultimately, you can’t do anything about this, its nature, its the law, its the VIBE, yeah, that’s it, its the vibe.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 12:36 pm 04 May 07

Yeah, but do cars approach a red light, do some creative swerving then power across on the nearby pedestrian crossing?

bonfire bonfire 12:35 pm 04 May 07

what arrant nonsense.

cyclists break road laws all the time.

search this site and you will see many instances mentioned.

they dont use lights at night, dont wear helmets, ride through red lights, ride on the footpath, ride on the road then swap to become a pedestrian to get across lights without walking their bike across.

perennial lawbreakers. typical of arrogant couldnt care less selfish egotists that typify your average cyclist.

caf caf 12:31 pm 04 May 07

“obey traffic lights” doesn’t get broken very often by cars? Which city are you driving in, VY, because almost every time I see a traffic light change around here cars go through on the yellow and red.

kennardly kennardly 12:12 pm 04 May 07

“Pity the same can’t be said of cyclists. What a selfish group of prats.”

Here we go again. There are responsible Cyclists, there are irresponsible Cyclists. There are responsible Car Drivers, there are irresponsible Car Drivers. Fact of life, people are going to get from one place to another in various ways and some are going to do it legally and some illegally.

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