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CCC being a little disingenuous?

By johnboy - 3 May 2007 54

A reader has sent in the above image of the Canberra Cycling Club photo page (full size and many more images are also available) from the weekend race which lead to the horrible accident on the Cotter Road.

The screenshot is particularly telling because, if you were to visit the above link now, you wouldn’t be able to find the pictures of the cyclists on the wrong side of the road any more.

This might be related to the Club’s media statement which made the following claim:

The Canberra Tour was conducted in accordance with road rules and approvals from the ACT Department of Territory and Municipal Services, and the immediate response was consistent with the incident plan for the event.

So how many riders were disqualified over the course of the event?

Seeing as we’re assured by cycle racing devotees the rules require this.

UPDATED: Without much pleasure (poking sticks at the Canberra Cycling Club isn’t a goal of mine) I’d be remiss if I didn’t pass along an observation. Another reader has noted that in a great many of the photos there appear to be support vehicles in the background on the wrong side of unbroken lines. This closeup illustrates the point:

Not exactly “conducted in accordance with road rules” then?

What’s Your opinion?

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54 Responses to
CCC being a little disingenuous?
terubo 9:29 pm 03 May 07

Pedalling prats.

Ari 8:54 pm 03 May 07

Simply, it’s cyclists as hypocrites.

Perfect example.

Aeek 8:32 pm 03 May 07

It gives a context for the support vehicles.
I’m not defending the riders crossing the centre line.

Its stay as left as practical, completely different.

Bartron 8:22 pm 03 May 07

Aeek, That makes disobeying the road rules and then claiming to operate “within the law” OK then?

Explain the cyclists behaviour, not that of a few idiot drivers (throwing stuff, veering and purposly slamming on brakes is not on, no matter what vehicle you travel in/on).

From the looks of them images it’s hardly one or two ‘bad apples’ doing the wrong thing….more like half the pack (and their support vehicles). You want respect on the road, show some respect for other road users and stay on the left….act as if you own the road an other road users will get the shits with you.

Ari 8:16 pm 03 May 07

Yep, that’s a great defence.

I stand corrected.

Aeek 7:24 pm 03 May 07

if you want inexcusable behaviour

“— opening doors into the bunch while stopped in the other lane
— opening doors into a bunch while passing the bunch at speed
— pulling in front of small rider groups after passing, then slamming on the brakes
— pulling alongside a bunch and slowly veering left
— throwing fairly large objects (e.g., big McDonald’s bag full of rubbish, full can of soda) at cyclists”

excerpt from
Comment by advocate — 2 May, 2007 @ 12:25 pm

Bartron 6:50 pm 03 May 07

Ari, I can only assume they are out covering their tracks.

Ari 4:43 pm 03 May 07

Where are all the rabid cyclists defending this behaviour?

futto 4:09 pm 03 May 07

Nice bit of work discovering that. This is why i enjoy coming to this website so much.

Sammy 4:03 pm 03 May 07

And think of the poor car driver, who through the poor management of this event is now in the position of being unintentionally involved in this horrendous accident.

CraigFromCurtin 4:01 pm 03 May 07

Someone should make a complaint to the AFP investigation that these photos prove that the riders were not complying with the road rules, and that the organisers have now removed such photos, probably in an attempt to cover up the truth and, dare I say, pervert the course of justice? Well what do you call it when you hide evidence?

Sammy 3:57 pm 03 May 07

Heads should definitely roll.

Steve666 3:51 pm 03 May 07

Oh, the ironing, the ironing, the huge manatee!

johnboy 2:52 pm 03 May 07

Sorry RG, not quite taking your meaning?

RandomGit 2:34 pm 03 May 07

Can you say ‘Lobby Group’

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