Charity Computers – No Government Funding…

CanberraDude 27 July 2010 12

I was going to attend Charity Computers in Charnwood so that I could attain my Cert III in computer hardware.

I recently found out that the course has been cancelled because there was no government funding. Great, thanks a lot Labor!

Is there anyone on here who knows someone in politics or something that can get this place some funding?

I really need to do this course because without the Cert III it’s really hard to get my foot in the door for the I.T. field. (Even help desk).

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12 Responses to Charity Computers – No Government Funding…
BundahBoy BundahBoy 10:42 pm 28 Jul 10

OP wrote: Is there anyone on here who knows someone in politics or something that can get this place some funding?

In politics or something? Something? Hold on mate, ill just call Julia and ask for ya. She lives across from me on Stuart Avenue and im sure she wont mind.

giulia giulia 12:34 am 28 Jul 10

If you want to get your foot in the door, spend all your spare time studying subjects you’re interested on the net. There are heaps of wonderful tutorials you can do for free on the web. Find people who do what you want to do, ask them what they need to know to do their job and ask them for subject areas to study, websites to read etc; research; study; write a good cv and send it out. I’m looking for a few testers/programmers and am happy to hire people without experience, but they need to show that they are interested and passionate in an area whether it be scripting or programming, breaking things, tech writing, user interface design, problem resolution, web, networking… the list is huge. You need to be keen, a fast learner and hard working.
Once you get a job in an area you’re interested in, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more than you would through a pursuing a certificate. You will then be able to move jobs, study at uni or CIT part time.
Check out . In your cv, make sure you focus on the areas where you excel and are interested in.
If you’re not offered a job, contact the employers advertising jobs and see if you can do work experience with them.

cleo cleo 12:12 am 28 Jul 10

You would not get much or of Charity Computers anyway, not very good, try Mission Australia in Belconnon.

amarooresident3 amarooresident3 5:06 pm 27 Jul 10

There is probably a very good reason why they didn’t get funding, like not meeting the criteria as a registered training organisation.

As others have said, explore the Productivity Places Program through CIT. Plenty of computer courses thre.

watto23 watto23 4:25 pm 27 Jul 10

I’d even argue that a cert III isn’t that special. I’d be looking at the CIT courses as well. As someone who works in IT a cert III from charity computers is unlikely to open many doors for you, but could give you RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) for a cert IV at CIT.

Alternatively, look at studying for some microsoft or other industryt certifications. these are technically free to study (although a $100 text book is useful) and then you pay for the exam (~$200). The certifications probably have a much higher standing in the IT industry even though everyone has them, they are like a defacto minimum for some jobs.

Mathman Mathman 3:46 pm 27 Jul 10

Tony said :

A certificate from CIT is much more value and credible then a certificate from “Charity Computers”.

What about a Certificate IV in Information Technology (Websites) from the Canberra Makeup Academy – I kid you not

prhhcd prhhcd 3:32 pm 27 Jul 10

Uni? UC has some good courses and they are HECS supported

Deano Deano 3:32 pm 27 Jul 10

I believe that the OP is referring to training funded through the Productivity Places Program which provides funding for skills training in areas where there is deemed a skills shortage. The program reviews the courses funded every six months to balance the number of people trained against need. In the recent review they obviously decided that we already have enough help desk level IT workers and workplace trainers but needed more hairdressers and security guards.

Look up the available courses at

Tony Tony 2:47 pm 27 Jul 10

Defiantly look into CIT instead. A certificate from CIT is much more value and credible then a certificate from “Charity Computers”.

Approach IT business and local ISPs and ask if they have a program which would allow you to do some work experience for them.

pierce pierce 2:37 pm 27 Jul 10

CIT does have some funding available at present to give unemployed people free access to courses – you might want to give them a ring.

dvaey dvaey 2:21 pm 27 Jul 10

CIT offers these courses for mature age students, and you wont be taking money/services away from a charity. Why would you expect to get training to get an IT job (which will probably pay you pretty well), for free? Why should the government (the taxpayers) pay for you? This sounds like the whingers on here claiming that because they live in public housing, the labor government should fix their heaters and light bulbs and such.. heaven forbid anyone take personal responsibility these days.

On the off chance that you do decide to take personal responsibility, you can check out CITs IT courses available at:

verbalkint verbalkint 2:09 pm 27 Jul 10

I’m not sure why they would fund it given that they offer a huge range of computer related courses through CIT (which they fund).

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