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Charny Carny 2007

By johnboy - 6 March 2007 59

Hold onto your hats, the ever intriguing “Charny Carny” is on from 1pm on 17 March at Lhotsky Street in, you guessed it, Charnwood.

They’ve even got their ad up on YouTube:

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59 Responses to
Charny Carny 2007
la mente torbida 1:46 pm 06 Mar 07

May Sum….have sampled the food there, hence my suggestion

bobbo123 1:40 pm 06 Mar 07

Not my event and not my cause..

Just nice to show an alternate view to the sniggering aren’t we witty, sopisticated, and privilaged attitude of multi dwelling types.

Perceptions of places like Charny, Narrabundah and Queanbeyan remain because they fit the little order model of the world you wankers like to embrace.

Chip on the shoulder? maybe..

As for the May Sum.. once again, why not have a feed there and sample some perspective along the way.

louise 1:31 pm 06 Mar 07

bobbo123: you have just reinforced every preconcived, stereotypical, cliched idea I ever had about Charny.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 1:21 pm 06 Mar 07

“yeah, just make sure nothing of value is left in your car. “

I think you are misinterpreting Bonfire, what you have observed is their suburb-wide community transport scheme. Instead of each person owning their car and not sharing, people just take the car nearest to them. Since no-one ever leaves charnwood anyway, it works perfectly. Sometimes you even get to use the same vehicle more than once.

You do get the occasional mistake, though, like when some young gentlemen tried to utilise a really big orange car with “ACTION” written on the side.

la mente torbida 1:15 pm 06 Mar 07

bobbo123, that’s one hell of a big chip sitting on your shoulder. On the other hand, you may be an intolerant wanker, no different from the city dwellers you deride.

BTW: If May Sum is the mecca for ‘dimmies’ and ‘springies’ I suggest you need to broaden your horizons.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 1:09 pm 06 Mar 07

Hey Bobbo – I’m sure you love the Charny Carny, but the perception that Charnwood is a drug-addled crime-infested drunken-bogan unregistered-car-on-front-lawn craphole ensures that not many of us snooty-nosed types want to venture there. Bagging us on the web doesn’t help your cause.

You better watch out or a few of us might decide to buy up a whole lot of the available property in ‘Charny’ and turn it into a pony club for our daughters.

johnboy 1:02 pm 06 Mar 07

mmm yes, call me a wanker and then ask me to come to your event, brilliant marketing.

Nemo 12:45 pm 06 Mar 07

I live not far from Charny.
There are lots of families moving in because they can afford to buy a house there. Housing have sold a lot of their old houses.

You get the odd junkie scum, but on the whole its not too bad.
Having said that, the ‘Charny Carny’ reinforces the stereotypical view of Charnwood. Dont waste your time.

Ari 12:32 pm 06 Mar 07

Can’t find a proper program … does anyone know what time the mullet competition is on?

bobbo123 12:24 pm 06 Mar 07

Charny is tops.

It provides a rare bit of texture to sanitised suburban Canberra.

Great to hear all you multi story dwelling inner city wankers regularly putting the boot into a community you’ve probably never seen or know anything about.

Does looking down your nose at others reinforce your fragile feeling of superiority?

Why don’t you take your bottled water and margaret river chardonnays and shove them up your arse.

Maybe even head down to the Charny Carny for a healthy dose of perspective and a crack at the world famous Charny Idol talent quest.

I feel more comfortable the charny shops than dodging the smackies and methodone freaks in the city or woden.. or the SUV driving imbeciles and pubes in Manuka or Kingston.

Charny is:
*Multiculture in action
*The odd battler
*Committed, enthusiastic teachers and staff at schools and church
*Great fish and chips at Bernies
*Quality dimmies and springies from the May Sum for the past 23 years
*Bakery with top shelf pies
*Cheap schooies and schnitzel at the Charnie Inn

snahon 12:15 pm 06 Mar 07

west heidelberg ? I was thinking more thomastown 🙂

bonfire 11:23 am 06 Mar 07

charnwood – the west heidelberg of canberra!

Mr Evil 9:46 am 06 Mar 07

Even better – don’t take the car at all!

bonfire 9:44 am 06 Mar 07

yeah, just make sure nothing of value is left in your car.

RandomGit 9:43 am 06 Mar 07

I rate the Charny Carny. Apart from the kids throwing rocks at the stage performers, it’s an all round easy day out with the kiddies.

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