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Cheap Steaks – Where are they?

By Mick - 17 November 2008 29

I post this on behalf of my girlfriend who hasn’t created a login yet….slack!


Hello Riotacters

Please help. I’ve recently relocated to Canberra from Sydney and although I am enjoying all this fair city has to offer I have to say – WHERE’S THE STEAK?

There is steak to be had but it is extremely overpriced, we recently paid over $50 for two steaks and a salad bar at Ainslie Football Club. We paid for the salad bar because they would not serve it with salad and chips, only vegetables and chips and they charged us $3 EACH for

I thought it was limited that club, but I find it appears to be a Canberra wide phenomenon and two steaks seem to cost at least $35 +. I come from the city of the $5 steak. Sure, a lot of the $5 steaks are sh!t but you can usually score a good one for under $10 (The Royal
Hotel in Darlington even serves an awesome Surf and Turf for $10)

So tell me, where can I get an decent steak for not too much $$?

Yes, there has been a steak post before ( but it didn’t really give me many answers.

PS – I do not want to ‘cook it myself’. That’s what I pay someone else for.

What’s Your opinion?

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29 Responses to
Cheap Steaks – Where are they?
taco 9:01 pm 17 Nov 08

Only $5 steak in Canberra is either cooking it home or cooking it yourself on the communal grill at one of various pubs as previously mentioned

The Akuna Club used to do a cheap Steak + Chips & Gravy ($8 I think), but I’m not sure now that Woodstock has taken over their kitchen

imarty 8:57 pm 17 Nov 08

Croatian Club Deakin does a good cheap big rump steak lunch times, not sure about other times, twas $7 last time I was there which was over 12 months ago. No-where the best steak you’ll ever have but still good value, order rare as it always comes out much more cooked than you request. Order blue if you like medium rare.

Charcoal and Kingsley’s are both serious steak venues. Charcoal having earnt their numerous awards and Kingsley certainly knows meat and his way around a cow but both are exxy.

Hoggies know how to cook steak, it’s not necessarily the best quality but the way they cook it means it ends up pretty bloody good on the plate.

Finally if you want to give it a go yourself MWF has some good points except you don’t need to buy fillet unless you want it seriously idiot proof. I often buy oyster blade (around $15/kg vs >$30/kg) and get similar tenderness with much better flavour. Just avoid the steaks with the thick line of connective tissue through the middle. Marinating also isn’t necessary unless you wish to impart particular flavours but a correct marinade will tenderise.

bd84 8:51 pm 17 Nov 08

Gee she can’t be wife material if she can’t cook her man a steak!


kean van choc 7:53 pm 17 Nov 08

Hellenic Club in Woden for the best ‘club’ steak – not the cheapest though (maybe $15 to $20 depending on cut.

Bungle 7:40 pm 17 Nov 08

The clubs usually ruin a good steak. Have found Olims to be sensational – I’ve only been there on a standard night, so don’t know what their cheap night is like.

radonezh 7:34 pm 17 Nov 08

The pub on the corner in Dickson (I think it’s O’Neils advertised $6 steaks last Sunday).

It’s not exactly the cheapest, but the nicest steaks have to be in Hogs Breath Cafe (where ever you happen to find yourself). Unbelievably tender.

grunge_hippy 7:34 pm 17 Nov 08

she said she doesnt want to cook it herself… that rules out the kingo. i too am of the belief if you’re going out for dinner, you dont want to cook it yourself!!!

southern cross club woden can sometimes do a good steak. reasonably priced.

Adza 6:48 pm 17 Nov 08

I second Kingo pub…. great!

morto1980 6:44 pm 17 Nov 08

You could also try Civic Pub (actually in Braddon) – they do a $5 steak on Tue + Wed I think. Like the Kingo you do have to cook it yourself (over a char-grill).

Come to think of it Olims do a $7 (I think) steak on Wednesdays similar to Civic pub.

Good Luck! I’m looking for another cheap schnitty venue aside from Edgars (who also jacked their prices up to $13 recently!)

futto 6:43 pm 17 Nov 08

I went though a phase a few months ago where we were having steaks every week. I have been to Charcoal and Kingsley in Civic. Both are great for meat lovers but not cheap.

Hog’s Breath is a known quantity. I am a fan of the slow cooked steak but for that price, i’d just probably pop around to Charcoal and pay a bit more.

Duel income, no kids….rock on! 😛

pmm 6:37 pm 17 Nov 08

Uni Pub in Civic had $5 steaks on Wednesdays last time I went

Mick 6:28 pm 17 Nov 08

Thanks for suggestion. Can cook. Just don’t like to all the time.

Pandy 6:23 pm 17 Nov 08

Kingo pub

MWF 6:17 pm 17 Nov 08

I know you don’t want to cook, but for steak the way you like it you could give learning to cook a go.

Find a butcher. Buy only fillet steak. Marinate it with whatever you like. Let it rest out of the fridge for about 25 mins before you cook it. Oil the steak not the pan/grill. Turn once. Test it for done-ness by the feel of it: firm – well done, less firm – medium, spongy – medium rare, very spongy – rare. Easy peasy.

I was once in your situation when I lived in Newtown, Sydney. Got sick of vegetarian fare and wanted steak. We took a taxi to an inner west RSL and got served lumpy, sort of meaty, gristle and then we learned to cook.

bloodnut 6:09 pm 17 Nov 08

buy a weber.

with the money you save having cheap and amazing steaks at home you can then afford to go only place for steak in canberra – the charcoal grill restaurant (anyone that suggests kingsleys as an alternative is delusional).

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