Child Care Info in Canberra?

Inforequest 29 December 2013 4

Hello all,

Maybe this riot act community could provide a little bit of assistance for some analysis of the current state of mind and positions for families seeking child care.

Here is a hypothetical for you….

Lets assume for conversations sake, that a new child care facility was going to open in the not so distant future.

Again lets run with the hypothetical scenario that this centre was looking for some feedback on what is important to you as parents in service and facilities available to you and your child/children.

Who would welcome the opportunity to actually have some input?

How many people out there are on “waiting lists” and still have not managed to secure a place?

With such numbers being thrown around like 200 – 400 people on waiting lists… is this actually true…? With new facilities opening up already in 2013 are there actually people still looking for places… is the public to believe the hype of such dramatic shortages in this area?

Are there people who if there was a new service opening up would actually require a place for there child or children?

I would welcome some first hand feedback and information on your requirements and needs for this.

You can private message me if you have information you wished to discuss pertaining to your individual needs and don’t wish to be public. All other general opinions would be fine to post in a public forum if you choose.

NOTE / DISCLAIMER: This is in no way an advertisement for a new centre. This is not a claim that a new centre is opening this year or next. Nor a suggestion that this will happen. In no way is this hypothetical scenario to be taken any other way, other than to promote a discussion on public perception, opinions and circumstances on childcare and individual families requirements for child care, waiting lists, costs and other associated information.

Thanks everyone and have a great New Year 🙂


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4 Responses to Child Care Info in Canberra?
sepi sepi 2:54 pm 04 Jan 14

Our daycare went through a really dud phase for about a year – but the telling thing was nobody left.
Not because we were all happy, but because there is no way of getting a place in any other daycare centre in Canberra without waiting at least a year on a list, and then getting a spot in January.

there are plenty of people in Canberra who would consider a day or two of care but aren’t even on the lists cos they are so ridiculously long.

Genie Genie 11:22 am 04 Jan 14

The child care at my work was a joke when it first opened. It took them months to notify staff their child had a place, then once they were notified they had 48hours to pay a “deposit” to secure the spot. The deposit was never discussed with staff members and sadly priced some people out of moving their kids there. (The deposit was a full months fees, PLUS the first month had to be paid in full)

Around 50% of the centre remained empty for a good 6 months despite there being dozens on the waiting list (wrong age groups)

Most staff are also putting their kids on the waiting list once they find out they’re pregnant, upwards of 18-24months before they need a placement, and still not getting spots.

roshen roshen 12:18 am 04 Jan 14

I’ve heard of waiting lists going above 200 but that really means not much given most parents put their children down on multiple waiting lists.

I’m also pretty sure that any new childcare centre can fill up in no time given the new one in Gungahlin filled up even before it opened. However, if there was a choice I wouldn’t go with a new childcare centre given there’s no information on their track record and generally speaking the carers are relatively new and inexperienced.

sepi sepi 10:39 pm 29 Dec 13

I’d say there may be more people than that on waiting lists.

If you open a child care centre you will fill it up no problem, no matter how bad it is.

Sad but true currently.

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