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Chinese embassy casts aspersions on College St

By Kerces - 4 September 2005 38

The Chinese Embassy is complaining about the safety of College St, Bruce where two Chinese students got run over a bit more than a week ago.

According to the CT, “the embassy contacted the ACT Government this week to share its concerns about road safety in the area, in the hope that a pedestrian crossing could be built or traffic speeds reduced”.

Accompanying the story in the dead tree version of the paper today was a picture of the area where the accident occurred and as soon as I saw it, I knew why there was a problem.

For those that don’t know the area, there are two bus stops on College St: one in front of Radford College, which has pedestrian crossing traffic lights right next to it, and the other near the uni residences (kind of) and the carparks. This second is the most useful for uni students to get on and off at because it’s a lot closer to the main uni buildings than the other one (I speak from a lot of bus catching experience here). But there’s no crossing, and on the side of the road going towards Belconnen Mall there’s a form one lane right where people who’ve gotten off the bus are trying to cross the road. And to add to troubles, practically no one (buses included) travels at the speed limit of 60kph along there.

So yes, with the amount of pedestrian traffice regularly crossing that road at that particular point there probably should be a traffic light crossing or at the very least some kind of sign. But we probably won’t get one because it’s only uni students crossing the road there, and they generally don’t have parents with large amounts of money who’ll lobby to get something put in. Lucky we’ve got the Chinese embassy on our side then.

What’s Your opinion?

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38 Responses to
Chinese embassy casts aspersions on College St
Valleyboy 7:39 pm 05 Sep 05

That’s funny — I’ve been meaning for years to let the Chinese Embassy know of my concerns for the safety of students crossing Tiananmen Square, too.

Mr Evil 2:35 pm 05 Sep 05

Ah so, but how many near-misses have there been involving students from UC on College St? I was on a bus that very nearly cleaned up one of UC’s ‘finest’ as she decided to cross right in front of the bus as it pulled out from the Bus Stop!

terubo 2:27 pm 05 Sep 05

There should still be a proper crossing there – for anyone wanting to get to the other side. Even if it’s a quickfix until the proposed busway becomes a reality. I’m fed up slamming on the anchors, not good for my mental state either.

GuruJ 1:55 pm 05 Sep 05

I’m going to cause trouble and point out that the proposed busway would solve these problems by taking buses right off College St altogether.

The likely route runs bus lanes parallel to College St on the UC side of the road and would have a single stop right outside the main entrance to UC and another one on Hayden Drive to service Radford College.

I also doubt that the accident has much to do with the supposed lack of traffic skills of Chinese people. After all, we’re talking about a single incident in how many years?

You might as well say that “all private school kids are too dumb to cross the road safely” since two Radford school children were hit crossing College St not long ago.

Thumper 1:42 pm 05 Sep 05

Ah ninja, the tea party is over…..

terubo 1:41 pm 05 Sep 05

But I am Chinese. Cars cannot hit me.

Thumper 12:55 pm 05 Sep 05

I’ve got a theory as well. cars are big and hurt a lot if they hit you.

therefore it stands to reason that you try your utmost not to get hit by a car.

terubo 10:58 am 05 Sep 05

A friend has a theory about lack of spatial awareness – try driving in certain parts of Sydney.

Thumper 8:41 am 05 Sep 05

Maybe the said students should realise that a car doing 60 klicks is going to really mess up your day if it hits you.

Thats called common sense. Its not a cultural thing, or a social thing, its a fact.

Cars will always win.

Mr Evil 8:05 am 05 Sep 05

Maybe the Chinese Embassy would do better to look into the safety issues of Chinese coal mines and the Chinese Govt’s lack of interest in human rights, rather than worry about a couple of students who were injured through their own stupidity?

Can Stanhope put some money into a memorial for foreign students injured in car accidents in Canberra too?

terubo 7:47 am 05 Sep 05

Surely it’s not too much to ask either foreign Embassies or our Unis, to provide o/seas students with copies of our highway code or advice re pedestrian crossings etc. -In a language they can understand.
But in this case, Kerces is right, there should be a proper crossing at the residences/car park.

nyssa76 10:45 pm 04 Sep 05

In China they run out in front of cars and the cars use their horns to get them “moving”. They don’t understand that we don’t do that here and that there is a crossing which can use safely or wait until the traffic is gone.

Vic Bitterman 7:20 pm 04 Sep 05

Just the gene pool at work, with some luck cleansing out the weakest.

johnboy 5:36 pm 04 Sep 05

I dunno, i’ve always hoped uni students had the brains to look both ways before crossing the road.

Climbatize 5:36 pm 04 Sep 05

To be fair, at that bus stop a lot of people (more asians then anything) dash across the road there with little regard for traffic and I have come close to a hitting few because they couldn’t wait for a gap in the traffic. I suspect that this would have contributed to the accident aswell.

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