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Chinese embassy casts aspersions on College St

By Kerces 4 September 2005 38

The Chinese Embassy is complaining about the safety of College St, Bruce where two Chinese students got run over a bit more than a week ago.

According to the CT, “the embassy contacted the ACT Government this week to share its concerns about road safety in the area, in the hope that a pedestrian crossing could be built or traffic speeds reduced”.

Accompanying the story in the dead tree version of the paper today was a picture of the area where the accident occurred and as soon as I saw it, I knew why there was a problem.

For those that don’t know the area, there are two bus stops on College St: one in front of Radford College, which has pedestrian crossing traffic lights right next to it, and the other near the uni residences (kind of) and the carparks. This second is the most useful for uni students to get on and off at because it’s a lot closer to the main uni buildings than the other one (I speak from a lot of bus catching experience here). But there’s no crossing, and on the side of the road going towards Belconnen Mall there’s a form one lane right where people who’ve gotten off the bus are trying to cross the road. And to add to troubles, practically no one (buses included) travels at the speed limit of 60kph along there.

So yes, with the amount of pedestrian traffice regularly crossing that road at that particular point there probably should be a traffic light crossing or at the very least some kind of sign. But we probably won’t get one because it’s only uni students crossing the road there, and they generally don’t have parents with large amounts of money who’ll lobby to get something put in. Lucky we’ve got the Chinese embassy on our side then.

What’s Your opinion?

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38 Responses to
Chinese embassy casts aspersions on College St
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Thumper 1:56 pm 07 Sep 05


However, that is punctuation, not grammar….



terubo 1:44 pm 07 Sep 05

Try a left-jab, Thumps. “It’s” (with an apostrophe) is only used when shortening “it is”.
No dim sim for you today!

Thumper 1:00 pm 07 Sep 05

Woeful grammar my boy, give yourself an uppercut.

“China is well known for it’s adherance to human rights”

Thumper 12:59 pm 07 Sep 05

Then there is no doubt, the road has to go. i’m sure we can convince the government that this is a good idea given our current rulers preoccupation with bending over backwards for other, read non white, countries, and his seemingly endless enthusiam for all things cultural, that are not white.

then again, china is well known for their adherance to human rights.

Maelinar 12:24 pm 07 Sep 05

I’m all for putting up a permanent camera there and then watching reruns of people getting spanked by vehicles on a show called ‘Highway Idiots’ or something like the current vein of cops on patrol shows.

terubo 11:47 am 07 Sep 05

Perhaps. But ‘overpass’ is another word for ‘good vantage point’ for drunk (or sober) students a) peeing on passing traffic, b) throwing up over passing traffic, or c) throwing themselves onto passing traffic when exam fever strikes. I’d rather they conducted their activities underground.

Maelinar 9:41 am 07 Sep 05

‘Underpass’ is just another word for ‘junkie hangout and abandoned needle receptacle’.

Maelinar 9:40 am 07 Sep 05

K it doesn’t matter if there are no cars to the left, and believe it or not there are still some two way roads left in the country even though the government has been working diligently to homogenise traffic flows to eradicate all thought processes involved.

What matters is looking for hazards on roads is something I learned when I was around about 5. I’m sure you did as well, I’m sure every kid in China does as well.

If you wanna be as dumb as bubba, ain’t no amount of signage gonna stop you from Mr Darwins laws.

Thumper 8:09 am 07 Sep 05

hehehehe… Okay, an underpass then…. Safer all round…

terubo 6:20 pm 06 Sep 05

Would an underpass help? People tend to fall off overpasses, especially students coming back to res. after a night out. (Been there, done that).

Kerces 5:21 pm 06 Sep 05

Mael you must have learnt that one about look left, right then left again off Sesame Street, it’s not going to be much use to you here.

Close your eyes, picture a (two-way) road you cross regularly and now look to the left. Any traffic?

Thumper 4:10 pm 06 Sep 05

Mr Evil,

having been in our esteemed Armed Forces as a grunt and having worked with tanks in the field, i am fully aware of that.

I just can’t see one doing 60 klicks past radford college, well, not without squashing a few BMWs from radford, or old Coronas from the uni.

A footbridge would be better for all concerned. Much safer.

Mr Evil 3:17 pm 06 Sep 05

Tanks are not necessarily slow. The M1A1 Abrams can do over 66kph on solid ground; which is not bad for an object that weighs over 68,000kg fully loaded!

terubo 3:13 pm 06 Sep 05

Apologies to Spitfire and other like-minded correspondents.
Overall, I have been advocating a pedestrian crossing at that point in the street.

Spitfire3 2:29 pm 06 Sep 05

(I mean the one about getting out of the way of tanks, not Valleyboy’s one)

Spitfire3 2:26 pm 06 Sep 05

That Tiananmen square crack’s a bit sour.

Maelinar 12:57 pm 06 Sep 05

Perhaps they could just put up a sign saying ‘natural selection at work’, and let it be.

Look Left, Right then Left again was something I picked up about the same time I thought Sesame Street was the coolest thing on TV. Coming to think of it, I may have learnt it from Sesame Street.

Thumper 10:39 am 06 Sep 05

fair call….

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