Cigar Smoking in Canberra

Maelinar 1 May 2007 24

Does anybody know of any groups in Canberra that get together to adjourn in grey haze ?

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24 Responses to Cigar Smoking in Canberra
Craig730iL Craig730iL 11:24 am 12 May 07

I doubt there would be any cigar lounges now that we have the new smoking laws. But if anyone does know of any I’d like to know

bonfire bonfire 11:05 am 04 May 07

in tasmania many small town pubs are suffereing, as groups of friends have moved to their own garages and set them up for smoking/drinking/pool etc.

i can see that happening here.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 3:50 pm 02 May 07

I enjoy cigars. I would like to occasionally enjoy a cigar in a venue dedicated to smoking, like the Hyatt’s (now former, it seems) smoking lounge.

However, I support the ban on smoking in enclosed public spaces because it poses a hazard to employee health and and is just bloody rude to people who’d rather not smoke. I admit, however, that I never considered it’d mean an end to lighting up a corona to enjoy with a rum. I probably only did this once a year, so maybe that’s why. I don’t think it’d be the same sitting outside.

Perhaps the answer is a smoking lounge with some kind of self-dispensing humidor. Or robot waitresses. Sexy robot waitresses.

shauno shauno 3:19 pm 02 May 07

Exactly Maelinar I just bought myself 4 cohiba’s couple of weeks in Singapore ill have one soon when I get back to aussie with a bottle Cognac.

Maelinar Maelinar 1:38 pm 02 May 07

Lets not confuse cigar smoking with cigarette smoking.

I’m talking Churchills here, with Cognac and hunting dogs, not some rancid 5 min fling with lung candy.

Kramer Kramer 1:34 pm 02 May 07

You smokers are kidding yourselves! Cigarettes are 10 times worse than diesel car exhaust (which is the worst).

Check out the following New Scientist article.

I’ll take the roadside cafe (even with learner drivers on the road in diesel trucks) over second hand smoke any day of the week.

Al Al 1:19 pm 02 May 07

“Ventilation systems covered the problem anyway.”

LMAO! On what planet is this bar with the magical ventilation system you’re talking about???

jacross jacross 10:45 am 02 May 07

If workers do not wish to be befouled by smoke, they probably should choose a profession that doesn’t place them in a bar. If someone didn’t realise that being a barman would put them in a smokey environment, lung cancer is the least of their problems. The ban was an authoritarian move, the supposed ‘OH & S issue’ was just the cover.

Ventilation systems covered the problem anyway.

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 9:00 am 02 May 07

They’re more carcenogenic than cigarettes

Are you really a teacher?

shauno shauno 6:49 am 02 May 07

The Hyatt humidor is no more. The management in their wisdom has dismantled it due to the smoking laws. Bit of a shame really I was staying there a couple of months ago and wanted to buy a couple of Cubans for a mate thats when i found out it was gone. The room is still there just the humidor is gone.

nyssa76 nyssa76 10:32 pm 01 May 07

Nah, just ban driving near outside cafes etc.

It just annoys the shit outta me that people say “ooh cigarettes are bad” but those same people will sit outside in a cafe inhaling car fumes.


Danman Danman 9:32 pm 01 May 07

try banning driving in public enclosed places perhaps LOL 😛

nyssa76 nyssa76 9:13 pm 01 May 07

Well why isn’t sucking in car fumes?

They’re more carcenogenic than cigarettes and there are a hell of a lot more cars than smokers.

GnT GnT 7:27 pm 01 May 07

LurkerGal – the smoking ban was intended for workers, not just patrons. Passive smoking is an OH&S issue.

Dante Dante 4:04 pm 01 May 07

Oh, there was a fantastic smoking lounge at the Hyatt… although that may no longer exist. And it was expensive.

S4anta S4anta 3:28 pm 01 May 07

Word on the street is try Olims on a Thursday arvo homie…

Maelinar Maelinar 3:01 pm 01 May 07

Thanks LG – I’ll check it out.

LurkerGal LurkerGal 2:43 pm 01 May 07

There is Cahoots cigar lounge at Rydges, but it’s probably been banned by the do-gooders as well. Which kind of seems stupid – it’s a cigar lounge, if you don’t like cigar smoke, don’t sodding well go there!

Maelinar Maelinar 2:02 pm 01 May 07

Your on, but at $27 for a Greenpeas T Shirt, I’ll need more sponsors.

Kramer Kramer 1:58 pm 01 May 07

I’m sure there are many Canberrans who will let you lick clean their fireplaces and wood fired BBQs – the end result should be the same for yourself as an evening sucking on cigars.

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