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CityNews advocates racism.

By johnboy 12 September 2005 9

The Whip column in CityNews has been a disgrace to this city for far too long. This week’s effort was particularly poor form as he attempted to make a martyr of poor old John Brogden’s post-racism crucifixion.

People who know Broggers well have consistently said to me that he is far too nice a man to have a racist bone in his body.

But in my opinion there is no other way to interpret his “Mail Order Bride” remarks about an accomplished woman of considerable intellect other than as those of a racist (albeit in an affable Sydney money blokey sort of way). The only two characteristics Helena Carr shares with a mail-order bride are her gender and her race

In making light of this the Whip makes himself a party to racism. In publishing his comments CityNews can only be considered accomplices.

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CityNews advocates racism.
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Mr Evil 10:20 am 13 Sep 05

Broggers got it all wrong anyway: Bob Carr was a mail order husband!

bonfire 10:02 am 13 Sep 05

there was an article on mail order brides in the sunday age. they were from greece in the 50’s.

although it was distasteful, i dont think it was racist.

ssanta 9:01 am 13 Sep 05

Excellent. Just when you thought that this rag couldn’t get any better. I find it such a shame that it is on glossy paper, i find it leaves a bit of a sheen when I have wipe arse with it when I run out of loo paper.

simto 8:38 am 13 Sep 05

Well, my understanding is the Whip is both a biographer of John Howard and the husband of one of his employees (unless they’ve changed who uses the pseudonym since last time he got mentioned on here). To put it politely, he’s not exactly an impartial observer, and the benefit of anonymity should not be accorded to him.

Just another reason why the News part of City News is incredibly skippable. Although it doesn’t really differ that much from the rest of their copy – it’s basically a press-release from the more rabid sectors of the Liberal Party…

Thumper 7:55 am 13 Sep 05

What is that rubbish? Its certainly not journalism.

Its just a rehash of whatever has already been written and then thinly disguised as an editorial many moons after it actually happened.

Okay, Brogden’s remarks about Mrs carr were, quite frankly disgusting and appalling, and yet I don’t think they were racist. To me it seemed like a drunken boys night out throw away one liner, the sort of remark you may hear a dozen times when out on the piss on a Friday.

Imagine if someone said Brogen was a big fat white capitalist pig, which is not exactly correct because, for a Liberal, he was pretty left leaning. No mention would have been made of it and the papers would not have jumped self righteously up and down.

Then again, I still think it was stupid and appalling as I believe Mrs Carr is highly intelligent and a nice person. Accordingly, he should have been raked over the coals for it and he was.

As for the sexual assualt allegations, come on, give me a break. The two women journos involved didn’t talk, and when they finally did they said it wasn’t that bad. This was a beat up.

And now ‘The Whip’ decides to put the boot in?

The sooner this rag disappears the better. It is drivel.

As for Brogden. Well, he had the world, well, NSW, in his hands, and he blew with some stupid remarks that didn’t need saying.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 12:17 am 13 Sep 05

I do find it odd that the main editorial of a “newspaper” can be anonymous and have a clear disclaimer stating something along the lines of “The views expressed by The Whip are not neccesarily those of this paper”

Still, I guess it *is* City Ads…

Kerces 11:17 pm 12 Sep 05

And Terubo, you should see it before a sub editor gets to it…

Spot the wog 10:53 pm 12 Sep 05

another hack from the legion of opinionated schoolchildren bottle fed the dribble from their teachers

terubo 10:04 pm 12 Sep 05

Disregard it – the puerile ravings of a confused schoolboy. Probably the most poorly written weekly column I have ever seen – anywhere.

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