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Club asks man in fedora to leave

By mjconley - 9 May 2016 21

An acquaintance of my wife’s and I went to dinner on Friday, 6th May, to a local club, located in Tuggeranong district. Wearing a fedora he went to order their meals and was asked to remove his hat. He asked why and also told the security guard that there were people wearing hoodies with their hoods up all around in the eating area. After he questioned the guard another two security personnel joined the first. He was refused service and with his wife left. Oh yeah, he is of African descent.

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21 Responses to
Club asks man in fedora to leave
Acton 5:17 pm 09 May 16

Well done to the club in Tuggeranong for enforcing hatiquette, regardless of race or Michael Jackson impersonators. Perhaps standards are slipping in other parts of Canberra.
Having regard to manners and cultural awareness, whatever the rules that apply or don’t apply in one’s country of origin, in Australia and in many other countries, it is rude and a sign of a bad upbringing to keep your hat on when in someone’s home, a restaurant, a club, an office, a cinema etc.
It is not racism to ask a person of African descent to follow the same rules that apply to everyone else. When in Rome….

dungfungus 4:13 pm 09 May 16

madelini said :

What’s their policy on codpieces?

Choice of grilled or battered. Best served with chips.

Pot Holes 3:29 pm 09 May 16

Used to be hat on in club, shout the bar.

rubaiyat 3:17 pm 09 May 16

What’s their policy on codpieces?

henryans 2:02 pm 09 May 16

First off, maybe don’t look for racist or prejudiced in everything, there is way too much of that in the corporate media these days, trying to keep the hatred going in society to keep people distracted from real issues, such as global corporates that pay no tax.

Most clubs, especially RSL, have no hat policy. How that relates to hoodies I don’t know, you can call and ask them. Just like no thongs, tank tops, shorts etc, all establishments can deny entry as long as they don’t discriminate.

Hats Off! Hat Etiquette for Everyone

1967 1:16 pm 09 May 16

I wholeheartedly agree that hoodies should be removed when inside. It’s not as if it’s cold or windy in the club.
The only possible pourpose it can serve is to hide your identity from staff / cameras.

Maya123 12:31 pm 09 May 16

Traditionally it was considered bad manners for men to wear a hat inside and they would take it of when entering a building. Strangely it was considered okay for women to wear a hat inside though…although I don’t know if that included large sun hats. Despite that I tend to remove my hat though when entering a building (maybe not a snug winter woolly hat if it’s also cold inside), but others, especially those with brims. I feel weird and rude going inside with a hat, especially brimmed hats, on.

Antagonist 10:56 am 09 May 16

It is bad manners to wear a hat indoors. What does nationality have to do with anything?

Holden Caulfield 10:37 am 09 May 16

So was he asked to remove his hat, or was he asked to leave?

Based on your account the man was asked to remove his hat and because he didn’t want to he then chose to leave the club.

Oh yeah, cool story bro.

HenryBG 10:24 am 09 May 16

Goes to club.
Breaches club rule.
Is apprised of said rule and asked to comply.
Declines to comply, starts argument.

Mysteryman 10:20 am 09 May 16

Their club, their rules.

Deal with it.

Mrs_Smith 10:01 am 09 May 16

It’s a pretty normal rule in clubs. As a 20-something Caucasian woman I used to wear hats all the time when I went out, and would always be asked to remove it or leave in Clubs. (No matter how much I tried to explain it was part of my outfit!).

dungfungus 8:38 am 09 May 16

I was unaware a Fedora was part of African culture unlike a hijab is part of Islamic culture.
I am sure anyone wearing a hat would have been treated the same way if that is the club dress rule.
As much as I would also find club patrons wearing hoodies with the hood raised objectional I would have complained in the normal way as your friend should have.
Perhaps the club rules should be changed to include a ban on the hood part of hoodies bearing in mind that hoodies are relatively new to Australian culture and the Bogans that wear them.

rommeldog56 8:32 am 09 May 16

I have also been asked to remove a baseball cap in a Tuggeranong club. It was explained to me that hoodies up are ok – but not hats on. It was apparently the “rule”. I dunno if it was right or not, but it was easier to remove said baseball cap than have an argument.

Oh yeah…….I’m Caucasian…….

dustytrail 8:03 am 09 May 16

According to hat etiquette it is rude for men to wear hats:

. In someone’s home
. At mealtimes, at the table
. While being introduced, indoors or out (unless it’s frigid!)
. In a house of worship, unless a hat or head covering is required
. Indoors at work, especially in an office (unless required for the job)
. In public buildings such as a school, library, courthouse, or town hall
. In restaurants and coffee shops
. At a movie or any indoor performance
. When the national anthem is played

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