Club Pink outrage over too much pinkness. [Hoff Warning]

RandomGit 1 August 2005 70

The harsh cold of winter waxes tempers and stupidity, leaving them cooled and dormant. But unfortunately for you dear reader, something came up and I just GOTS to rant about it.

This issue I am about to rumble was out on Tuesday but the ongoing and slowly escalating debate needs attention, because no one is talking the important point. The Canberra Grimes has it here. I especially like some of the reader comments.

It the usual moral outrage thing over boobs in public. The hearts of the truely good did swoon in horror and the end times were threatened to be unleashed upon us all when two Canberra ladies popped their wee bubs on the boob at Club Pink. Or so we would be led to believe.


Club Pink put a paid advertorial in Saturday’s Grimes so they could have their say. Without journalistic moderation or the chance for their opponents to respond to comments of course. I think the general mass of information from the various spots on the web where this stuff is getting discussed best describes the ad as ‘a pack of lies’.

And here’s a picture children.

Management are refusing entry to two particular club members if they continue to breastfeed in the Club. The ladies have refused to comply because they prefer doing it there as the facility is the most suitable at CISAC. Besides, its discrimination to deny them otherwise. Thus the fight is on. I’ll leave the nitty gritties to you, I shouldn’t need to explain why it is discrimination.

What I would like to comment on is the Gyms stance. For it is this that reveals the aforementioned ‘important point’.

First up, the stupid positions. They claim the ladies are in the way when they breastfeed (though they sit over in the corner on seats provided for sitting, not exercising). They claim that the babies stink (which just sounds made up to me). The doozy though is the response to the claim of discrimination that it would be discrimination against non breastfeeding members to change the ‘rules’ for the others. Please inform me, how are the ‘nons’ going to suffer one way or the other from this? Crack smokery of the highest order all this. It hints of desperation doesn’t it? Screwing down on the preposterous so hard that they hope to squeeze some sort of relavance out of it.

But the telling complaint from Club Pink management is this. They seem to be adhereing to the technicality of the no non-members rule of the Club. In that they may win the argument, it’s the ‘God says so’ defence. This is a shame, for it hides their true intentions. In my estimation, the non-members rule is put in place simply for that, no non-paying members. No money, no service. Why enforce it so strictly on a member’s INFANT CHILD that won’t be using the equipment or getting in the way? Why are they so desperate to keep these mothers out? Why the sudden objection after THREE WEEKS of breastfeeding their babies in the Gym? What is the REAL principle behind their actions?

Fashion. Pure and simple. It isn’t cool to have kids on tits around the place. It isn’t an attractive aside in the body beautiful competition that some people may wish it to be. Instead of a womens exclusive Gym being a comfortable and fully supportive place for women to be women and get their fitness done while they are at it, as it is advertised, they are merely turning this Gym into another brand of social competition. If that becomes obvious to all the members, they will drop off the guest list like flies in a bonfire.

Well might the Management say, they are only responding to members complaints. But between the need to breastfeed a child whereever you want and not having to see it happeneing, I side with the former everytime. Why should these women have to stay at home to give their kids the best? Do you know what such a sudden social death does to people? And we wionder why post natal depression is on the rise. Sure, it may be their choice to have kids, but it is YOUR choice to have them imprisoned in their homes for the sake of your sense of aesthetics. A womans freedom is neccessary, pandering to your squeamishness is not.

Thats just one mans opinion based on a wild ride of assumption though. I truely only wonder what the ladies, especially Melinda and Kathleen, would say about it.

So please, won’t someone think of the children? Heres something to turn the hearts, or dare I say the stomachs, of the outraged naysayers.

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70 Responses to Club Pink outrage over too much pinkness. [Hoff Warning]
Maelinar Maelinar 8:01 am 05 Aug 05

I don’t eat in yours, and for the record, have never ever ever seen a kitchen in a gym. Ever.

I suppose it’s just cause I’m a male that I expect to go to a gym and do weights period. If there was a kitchen in a gym, I’d expect it to be some sort of staff kitchenette – not for use of patrons.

em em 9:03 pm 04 Aug 05

Oh, and Maelinar – get your facts straight. The women were breastfeeding in a kitchen area in the gym. Lots of people eat in kitchens.

em em 9:00 pm 04 Aug 05

I think bonfire’s real problem is seeing breasts used for something other than his own sexual amusement.

bonfire bonfire 5:23 pm 04 Aug 05

hang on a minute – how on earth am i a chauvinist pig ? i support equal rights, fair pay etc. I have never discriminated in the workplace, and gone to war (metaphorically) against people who have.

BUT there is a time and a place for everything.


Thumper Thumper 4:51 pm 04 Aug 05


yep, sad day. I poked it with screw drivers, took bits out and put them back in, spun things around, sprayed it with WD40 but she’s still not going to play the game.

Maybe I’ll stuff around with the electrics tomorrow. Who knows, it may come back to life.

Hope the sun comes out tomorrow….

LurkerGal LurkerGal 4:46 pm 04 Aug 05

Thumper: condolances on your washing machine
Bonfire: I always knew you were a chauvinist pig, but you’ve just blown my mind.

Thumper Thumper 4:24 pm 04 Aug 05


and son I’ll be able to go to a pub and get totally smashed but won’t be able to have a smoke.

No relevance to the topic whatsoever. i just thought I’d throw it in.

Oh yeah, and my washing machine has blown up…

Maelinar Maelinar 4:13 pm 04 Aug 05

I don’t eat in your gym.

Storm Storm 3:59 pm 04 Aug 05

When a baby is feeding it has the nipple and a lot of the breast in it’s mouth it’s head covers most of the breast.
What you can see is about the same as a low cut top and I bet you do not object to low cut tops bonfire.
So is it the skin that you can see that you object to or something else?

bonfire bonfire 2:16 pm 04 Aug 05

RG, Lg and anyG, your rights end at the tip of my nose. If i WANT to see a child feeding I will buy a happy meal and sit next to ronald. Otherwise, take it to a private place, away from me.

The streaking comment, was an attempt at levity and contextualisation. Breast feeding, like jack booting me into finding it acceptable, is distasteful. Streaking is just funny.

lighting a campfire is not comparable to a bomb, no matter how twisted ones softheaded brain may be.

Maelinar Maelinar 1:54 pm 04 Aug 05

RG, morals are personal values, as to what you believe is acceptable and what you believe is not.

Please don’t place the blame on us, we are merely subjects of a system that has placed these imperical standards of morality upon society.

That said, I’ve often thought of how my idealistic space colony would eventually out populate and return to conquer the depraved inhabitants of Earth, but I think that might be a few years off.

The current thinking is we’ll just hurl space junk through your ever decreasing stratosphere until you give up.

RandomGit RandomGit 1:23 pm 04 Aug 05

bonny lad, I have reproduced your context perfectly. Big fire as a reason to prohibit a small fire. Full Frontal Nudity as reason to prohibit a slightly visual but mostly obscured bit of tit.

Then you hit us with the streaking comment and show us you have no consistency in your supposed moral.

Figure it out.

bonfire bonfire 12:18 pm 04 Aug 05

rg – you take my arhument out of context. i was referring to public nudity and societal attitude to its distastefulness.

i dont want to see a baby being breastfed in public. i contextualised the circumstances in which i found breasts acceptable.

i also find streaking at football and cricket matches acceptable. others may not.

em em 12:16 pm 04 Aug 05

Bonfire: yes, you are a bad person. If you don’t want to see it, don’t look. But don’t expect children to starve because you’ve got a freaky problem with them doing what is required to survive.

RandomGit RandomGit 9:25 am 04 Aug 05

I like bonfires style of argument.

“Camp fires are bad because by case of comparison no one wants me to bomb Parliament”.


Jazz Jazz 8:32 pm 03 Aug 05

probably because it is now old news storm. Maybe club pink think they’ve done enough damage control.. who knows

Storm Storm 4:47 pm 03 Aug 05

Does anyone know why the pink add was not in the paper today?

bonfire bonfire 4:46 pm 03 Aug 05

LG – i do not want to seee women brestfeeding in public or private. Does that make me a bad person ?

Woudl you want to see me walking naked around the belconnen temple of avarice as i shopped for a bobbypin ?

you have your use for breasts, i have mine.

RandomGit RandomGit 11:09 am 03 Aug 05

The newsletters are the cack, subscribe bitch!!

Thumper Thumper 10:42 am 03 Aug 05

Okay, I was wrong. Must have been something else I was thinking about.

However, that is a cack that site….

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