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Club Pink outrage over too much pinkness. [Hoff Warning]

By RandomGit - 1 August 2005 70

The harsh cold of winter waxes tempers and stupidity, leaving them cooled and dormant. But unfortunately for you dear reader, something came up and I just GOTS to rant about it.

This issue I am about to rumble was out on Tuesday but the ongoing and slowly escalating debate needs attention, because no one is talking the important point. The Canberra Grimes has it here. I especially like some of the reader comments.

It the usual moral outrage thing over boobs in public. The hearts of the truely good did swoon in horror and the end times were threatened to be unleashed upon us all when two Canberra ladies popped their wee bubs on the boob at Club Pink. Or so we would be led to believe.


Club Pink put a paid advertorial in Saturday’s Grimes so they could have their say. Without journalistic moderation or the chance for their opponents to respond to comments of course. I think the general mass of information from the various spots on the web where this stuff is getting discussed best describes the ad as ‘a pack of lies’.

And here’s a picture children.

Management are refusing entry to two particular club members if they continue to breastfeed in the Club. The ladies have refused to comply because they prefer doing it there as the facility is the most suitable at CISAC. Besides, its discrimination to deny them otherwise. Thus the fight is on. I’ll leave the nitty gritties to you, I shouldn’t need to explain why it is discrimination.

What I would like to comment on is the Gyms stance. For it is this that reveals the aforementioned ‘important point’.

First up, the stupid positions. They claim the ladies are in the way when they breastfeed (though they sit over in the corner on seats provided for sitting, not exercising). They claim that the babies stink (which just sounds made up to me). The doozy though is the response to the claim of discrimination that it would be discrimination against non breastfeeding members to change the ‘rules’ for the others. Please inform me, how are the ‘nons’ going to suffer one way or the other from this? Crack smokery of the highest order all this. It hints of desperation doesn’t it? Screwing down on the preposterous so hard that they hope to squeeze some sort of relavance out of it.

But the telling complaint from Club Pink management is this. They seem to be adhereing to the technicality of the no non-members rule of the Club. In that they may win the argument, it’s the ‘God says so’ defence. This is a shame, for it hides their true intentions. In my estimation, the non-members rule is put in place simply for that, no non-paying members. No money, no service. Why enforce it so strictly on a member’s INFANT CHILD that won’t be using the equipment or getting in the way? Why are they so desperate to keep these mothers out? Why the sudden objection after THREE WEEKS of breastfeeding their babies in the Gym? What is the REAL principle behind their actions?

Fashion. Pure and simple. It isn’t cool to have kids on tits around the place. It isn’t an attractive aside in the body beautiful competition that some people may wish it to be. Instead of a womens exclusive Gym being a comfortable and fully supportive place for women to be women and get their fitness done while they are at it, as it is advertised, they are merely turning this Gym into another brand of social competition. If that becomes obvious to all the members, they will drop off the guest list like flies in a bonfire.

Well might the Management say, they are only responding to members complaints. But between the need to breastfeed a child whereever you want and not having to see it happeneing, I side with the former everytime. Why should these women have to stay at home to give their kids the best? Do you know what such a sudden social death does to people? And we wionder why post natal depression is on the rise. Sure, it may be their choice to have kids, but it is YOUR choice to have them imprisoned in their homes for the sake of your sense of aesthetics. A womans freedom is neccessary, pandering to your squeamishness is not.

Thats just one mans opinion based on a wild ride of assumption though. I truely only wonder what the ladies, especially Melinda and Kathleen, would say about it.

So please, won’t someone think of the children? Heres something to turn the hearts, or dare I say the stomachs, of the outraged naysayers.

What’s Your opinion?

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70 Responses to
Club Pink outrage over too much pinkness. [Hoff Warning]
David Heidelberg 5:17 pm 01 Aug 05

Breast feeding is one of the most beautiful and natural experiences that exist.

People who have some sort of a moral problem – which is clearly what is motivating the club – then I suggest that they have significant psychological disturbance, and should seek help.

Chalker 4:34 pm 01 Aug 05

If the mothers are breast feeding their infants in a kitchenette where many people are preparing tea and coffee from instant boiling water, as Club Pink claims in their advert, I can understand their reluctance to allow breastfeeding in the area for liabilty reasons. I can even see it going to court where one mother spills hot coffee on another’s infant and the club has to pay out huge sums for emotional and physical trauma, etc (again, IF this is as the club claims, occuring in said kitchenette), and probably to both the spillee and the spiller. This I can understand.
Would anyone with decent legal knowledge know if it be possible for the club to get the mothers concerned to sign a waiver absolving the club of any responsibility to the welfare of the infants while within the kitchenette?

As for people being offended by others waving pink bits with biological functions around in public…do we have a double standard here?

johnboy 12:57 pm 31 Jul 05

The pathetic efforts of their spokepeople suggest a great deal of dishonesty as to their real motivations in this matter.

me.. 10:02 pm 30 Jul 05

I have read the gym account of where they were and they say. THe babies were in an area that isn’t safe,, WELL if it isnt safe for to infants that cant move (ie roll, or walk) then WHY is it safe for anyone.. As another said would you like to sit in a changing area to eat, or wait till a stranger siad it was time to feed you, i think not..

AS for this “”2nd – The ladies were provided with terms and conditions of membership upon joining, terms which indicate they are not allowed to breastfeed in the club pink area of CISAC. The Club’s decision to not enforce those conditions until now is irrelivant.”” THat there is saying they are discriminting agianst it, by not allowing it.. If you think babies stink and are offensive, then i say look at yourself doing your work out and then me yourself , i bet others find that a gross smell and sight..

RandomGit 8:28 pm 30 Jul 05

Thank you em. Club Pinks ad in Saturdays Grimes attempts to defend their case. Unfortunately, it shows how they keep changing story. Now, apparently, no one said the baby smells. Plus, they have gone from being in the way of other patrons to being to one side but still visible to being in a kitchenette.

If they conducted their arguments less like a runaway train they might hold on to some credibility. I can taste the desperation, the fear.

janesays 5:57 pm 30 Jul 05

Ok, think of this, do you have to hide away in a corner, cubicle or the like when you are having lunch? Do you have to dine with a blanket over your head? Wouldn’t think so – therefore why should an infant!

Club Pink is hypocritical! A club for women – I think not!

And why we’re at it – spare a thought for those woman trying to breastfeed in shopping centres at the “designated areas” and being confronted with drug addicts getting their hit! Don’t believe me, have a seat outside the change rooms at Woden Plaza and you’ll be in for a treat.

Back to the point at hand, women’s gym – would have thought women understood the needs of other women! Next thing you know all breastfeeding women will be locked away, seen and not heard not unlike some of the tyranny we seem to expend alot of time, effort and lives to combat, no?

em 4:18 pm 30 Jul 05

A few facts that might be of interest:
1) The two women were feeding their 11 & 15 wk old babies (who are therefore too young to do much more than feed & sleep) before dropping them at creche while they had their workout.
2) This was happening in the kitchen area – not near gym equipment, and not near anything more dangerous than in their own kitchens at home.
3) It is ILLEGAL to stop a woman breastfeeding a baby. The anti-discrimination law is there because babies of 11 & 15 wks should be getting their nutrition from mother’s milk – to stop a mother breastfeeding means the baby goes hungry.
4) Many women who breastfeed get shitty about being forced to go hide in a back room to feed their baby, when they could be feeding baby at the same time as getting on with other day-to-day tasks. Like having a quick cuppa before their workout. Breastfeeding is justa normal part of life when you’re a mother.
5) When Ross from 666 asked Harry the gym manager if he’d had complaints about the women breastfeeding from other gym customers, all Harry could repeat was they’d had complaints about a woman who showered her 5 kids at the gym the week before. So I guess that means nobody complained about the breastfeeding.

People who are offended by the sight of a woman feeding a baby need a reality check: boobs have a biological function.

If I ever need to join a women’s-only gym, it will be Fernwood where I’ve heard they don’t mind women feeding their baby before a workout.

RandomGit 9:01 am 30 Jul 05

So you are saying these issues are being left out on purpose?

The parents room at cisac is woefully inadequate, but there is not much talk about the creche. But then, it is next to impossible to BF an infant with noisy kids running around.

They can make a serious attempt to cater to BF mums or lose this portion of business. The facilities as they stand do not meet the needs.

Jazz 8:46 am 30 Jul 05

theres a bit missing from the Gym’s side of the arguement that hasn’t been raised here, or in the CT article.

Firstly, the two ladies were breastfeeding in Club Pink’s kitchen area, which doesn raise insurance issues for the Clubs management.

2nd – The ladies were provided with terms and conditions of membership upon joining, terms which indicate they are not allowed to breastfeed in the club pink area of CISAC. The Club’s decision to not enforce those conditions until now is irrelivant.

The Club is NOT a public space

3rd – There are appropriate facilities in the CISAC complex provided for women to breastfeed their infants, including the attached creche where those same babies may be left attended and cared for while mum works out.

bartron 11:26 pm 29 Jul 05

baby poo smells
so do the sweaty unshaven underarms of the socialite types that would be offended by the apearance of a baby (and so do the club pink ads might I say)
You know what get’s my goat though….gratuitous display of the Hoff…

RandomGit 7:10 pm 29 Jul 05

There is no stink. Get it in your heads. If the baby does its biz, they take the baby to where it can be changed, which isn’t in the gym. Breastfeeding doesn’t stink either. What a ridiculous suggestion.

Saying the kids stink is grasping at straws that don’t even exist.

Nik_the_Pig 5:01 pm 29 Jul 05

Oh, and I, an almost obsessively clean bloke, stink after exercising. On any given day the bloke on the treadmill is likely to be sweating out last nights curry and beer and the lass on the rowing machine is farting out her protein shakes. A bit of breast milk or a pooie nappy isn’t likely to lower the air quality to any noticable effect.

Nik_the_Pig 4:52 pm 29 Jul 05

Club Pink is a ladies only gym. The mothers who attend their are likely doing so in order to get back into shape after having a baby. If this isn’t an appropiate place to brest feed, WHERE IS?

Afaik Club Pink is even attached to a child minding service. If and when we (Mr & Mrs Pig) have a child I see it as appropiate for her to breast feed in a all womans gym such as Club Pink should she wish to. Don’t realy have a problem should someone wish to breast feed anywhere realy but I can see that as a more comfortable place to do so as far as exercising goes.

Bloody stupid idea of the club to dispute it IMHO.

LurkerGal 4:50 pm 29 Jul 05

I think the issues was the breastfeeding stinking, not the poo.

And I just don’t think it’s fair that women who don’t have access to child care should not be able to go to the gym or shopping. As a single parent myself, and as far as my social life goes, ifI can’t take my kid with me, I can’t go! (granted, she’s now 9 and I’m PRETTY sure she doesn’t stink and is certainly never cause for me to get my boob out…).

Maelinar 4:12 pm 29 Jul 05

Babies stink.

I’m afraid if that is news to you and you’re in the googaa club, but they stink.

Last thing I wanna smell when I’m pumping 80kg is something that’s gonna make me gag, which baby shit does.

Now since I’m a boy and hadn’t ever heard of club pink until you mentioned it (I initially assumed it would be a Gay Bar), and don’t know the internal schematic of the area, if said babies were in the same room as the weightlifting equipment, then yes, as a paying customer who quite frankly is paying a shitload of money to go to an exclusive gym that stinks of baby shit, yes I would be pissed off.

OK we shouldn’t be putting mothers into desperation, but they don’t have the right to make everybody else around them miserable.

And no I don’t give way to them in the supermarket either. This self-opinion that I should get out of my way just because you have decided to come to the supermarket with a pram and child just isn’t reason enough for me to change my traffic route unfortunately.

But hey, you want to be treated the same anyways don’t ya’s, so it is really me just being Feminist by treating you like everybody else.

That’s simply my humble opinion, I know it’ll probably be flamed, but since I’m a supporter for majority groups I suppose that’ll always be the case.

I just don’t like the smell of baby shit.

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