Commuter bus services between Goulburn and Canberra?

tuchuzy 4 June 2013 13

Although I grew up in Canberra, I have spent a number of years away with work…only to return very recently.

For family reasons we have decided to settle in Goulburn and commute each day…is there a bus service between GLB and CBR?

Is there enough interest to lobby a private coach service and sustain a service?

Thoughts??? And no it is not an option to reside in CBR. 🙂

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13 Responses to Commuter bus services between Goulburn and Canberra?
David Andrews David Andrews 9:58 pm 28 Nov 20

A good bus service would be awesome

tuchuzy tuchuzy 9:35 am 06 Jun 13

pepmeup said :

And no it is not an option to reside in CBR.

probably should have tried harder at school

WOW!!! You are educated aren’t you? 🙂

I don’t usually get into forum/internet debates as it is completely pointless…but I have to say intolerance and judgemental attitudes are generally demonstrated by uninformed, over zealous individuals who seldom take the time to step outside their comfort zones to challenge paradigms.

Thanks heaps for the info…I do appreciate it.

Mike Bessenger Mike Bessenger 10:05 am 05 Jun 13

Not talking about the OP here but I like how people buy in NSW being a tight arse, come to Canberra and take jobs then pump most of their money back into NSW.

c_c™ c_c™ 3:58 am 05 Jun 13

La_Tour_Maubourg said :

Would the train be an option?

Timetable isn’t set up for that. It’s all outbound to Sydney before midday then inbound from midday.

Innovation Innovation 11:35 pm 04 Jun 13

Instant Mash said :

Surprising that not even a Sydney service stops there.

I think Goulburn is actually on the Sydney City train line (albeit buses to Cambelltown). Countrylink or rural bus services probably can’t compete with those prices. I’ve yet to look into the possibility of driving to Goulburn, parking (don’t know where yet) and then using the train network to go anywhere in the Sydney region (for about $8.50 each way or a bit over $20 per day).

La_Tour_Maubourg La_Tour_Maubourg 9:21 pm 04 Jun 13

Would the train be an option?

La_Tour_Maubourg La_Tour_Maubourg 9:20 pm 04 Jun 13

It’s a drag sometimes I know, especially around Lake George and Wollogorang. I travel to Goulburn regularly for the airport and every trip I’m just grateful that the road is how it is and not like 15 years ago

joingler joingler 9:18 pm 04 Jun 13

No bus like the Yass one but Murrays do once per day in each direction (their wollongong coach) and the greyhound bus that goes on to/comes from Adelaide used to stop there but unsure if it still does. Neither would be at convenient hours for most travellers or affordable on a basic budget.

liability liability 8:30 pm 04 Jun 13

Having lived in Sydney, the commute from Goulburn to Canberra is a piece of cake, assuming you are working in the city or northside.

About 90kms and a comfortable 50 minutes down the highway. Set your cruise control to 110kph and listen to an audio book and you are there before you know it.

You will see lots of people leaving Goulburn around 7am or so for the regular commute to Canberra.

Get a smaller LPG powered car and it will be as cheap as chips. I have a 2.5litre V6 on LPG and it works out at about $15 for the return trip. And, yes, I know that is $75 a week but I have family reasons for living in Goulburn (elderly parents) and houses in Goulburn are so much cheaper.

When I lived in Sydney, with a company car, I would regularly spend an hour each way to work and back. And an hour in Sydney traffic is much, much, more stressful than a leisurely 50 minute highway drive to Canberra.

MrPC MrPC 7:01 pm 04 Jun 13

There are a lot of folks that drive and many would rather car pool (or wear the cost of driving alone) than put up with a bus service that only runs a few times a day. At least there’s a bit of give and take with car pool buddies when you’re a few minutes late or if you all happen to be finishing early. With a bus, if you miss it, especially in the afternoon, you’re out of options.

pepmeup pepmeup 4:31 pm 04 Jun 13

And no it is not an option to reside in CBR.

probably should have tried harder at school

Instant Mash Instant Mash 2:54 pm 04 Jun 13

Surprising that not even a Sydney service stops there.

RB78 RB78 2:41 pm 04 Jun 13

I believe Bowman’s trialled a service a few years ago, but it wasn’t profitable and got the chop. No current services AFAIK.

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