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Commuting from Goulburn to Canberra? Living in Goulburn?

By evessunshine 30 September 2010 65

Hi Everyone,

Anyone living in Goulburn? What’s it like for a young family?
And do you think commuting to Canberra 4days a week manageable?

Looking forward to hearing some feedback 🙂

What’s Your opinion?

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65 Responses to
Commuting from Goulburn to Canberra? Living in Goulburn?
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emmabanyer 9:44 am 13 Oct 10

My mum and her partner moved to Goulburn last year. She works in Goulburn and he works in Woden. He works 4 days per week, staying at my place in Curtin two nights a week, so he only has to do the drive once a day – with wed off. He works extra hours on the days he’s at work to get his hours close to a full time wage. This system works well for him, but would be untennable if he couldn’t stay in town at a place where he’s comfortable.

I’d like to move to Goulburn, but my view is – you make your life in Goulburn or don’t live there. By which I mean, if in a couple, one works there, kids go to school there, everything is there accept for part-time work in Canberra. And even that I’d be trying to trade in for a local job.

If the careers of two parents are in Canberra, I’d live in a cheaper place in Canberra 🙂

LurkerGal 8:49 am 12 Oct 10

The husband, 2.5 year old son and I moved to Goulburn recently. I’m a public servant in Canberra.

The cost of buying there was nothing on Canberra. We leave at 6.30 am, and it takes exactly an hour to get from our driveway to Belconnen (where I work). Not much longer than when I lived in Tuggeranong and paid a fortune in rent.

The husband then travels a further 10 minutes and drops the boy off at his daycare mum, then arrives at his own work at 8.15. It’s reversed in the afternoon, and we are home by 6.15pm. Because of the longer hours I’m working, I no longer work Fridays, so the little boy and I don’t have to commute every day.

We have a new car, which we salary sacrificed, so our petrol costs are minimal, and more than offset by the fact that we save $70 a fortnight on parking (only 1 car now) $370 a fortnight on rent (our mortgage is that much less than our Canberra rent) $100 a fortnight due to childcare only 4 days per week and the pricelessness of home ownership with a small mortgage.

Do it. Seriously, do it!

devilcv8 4:16 pm 09 Oct 10

I’m just about to make the move to Goulburn, work in Civic. Drive a novated SS ute and with only 2 of us at home, both working in Canberra it will work out well. Got sick of seeing Canberra prices becoming ridiculous, and rent is crazy as well.

Holden Caulfield 10:09 am 07 Oct 10

MrPC said :

Forget the novated lease. Sure, you save a lot over and above the cost of a new car outright, but you’d be better off driving a 15 year old Festiva or similar where three months lease payments on a new car would buy you the used car outright.

A $30 refuel in my 95 Festiva gets me Canberra to Goulburn and back twice (four single trips). Barely any of the onboard systems are computerised so repairs are few and far between, and spare parts are cheap thanks to not using pointless and proprietary technology.

Yeah, but you end with a 15 year old Festiva. Doesn’t matter how you cut it, the joke’s on you. Still got drum brakes on the rear most likely too?!

And, this might be a surprise to you, computerised systems do not equal more repairs, haha.

I’m all for economical motoring, but it’s probably best if you consider all the costs of driving a relatively unsafe car compared to a modern day econohatch, and not just the monetary ones.

deejay 9:43 am 07 Oct 10

I would respectfully disagree about driving an old car for the Canberra-Goulburn commute. There is a lot to be said for ABS brakes and airbags if you hit a kangaroo.

Our novated lease is $400 per month out of pocket, or $100 per week (admittedly in a high tax bracket). That includes the fuel, tyres, servicing, insurance, rego, and lease payments. If MrPC’s Festiva costs $15 in fuel per round trip, or $75pw for five days of commuting, an extra $25 per week for everything else sounds like a good deal to me. Get some lease quotes and do your sums carefully.

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