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Compulsory School Uniforms?

By johnboy 16 February 2006 70

The Canberra Times is reporting on Katy Gallagher’s efforts to sound out the feasability of compulsory school uniforms in ACT Government schools.

Personally I’m in favour but I’m sure you all have thoughts on the matter.

UPDATED: The Canberra Times has more on what’s looking like a concerted campaign, the first tentative kite having flown well.

What’s Your opinion?

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70 Responses to
Compulsory School Uniforms?
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jen36 2:32 pm 13 Nov 08

I go to a school that only has a leniant dess code. Most kids don’t follow the dress code and most teachers don’t enforce it. Every day I see people being made fun of for what they are wearing and there is always a constant pressure to fit in. I would love it if my school enforced some type of standard dress, I think the “color coded” dress is a great idea. I don’t understand how people can say that uniforms take away from students individuality. I mean, sure it does take away from the kids right to dress however the heck they want, but there are much better ways of fullfilling your first amendment right to freedom of speech and the right to express yourself through speech. Another thing is, my school has a wide range of family incomes (thankfully I am between being rich and poor) and I know tons of people who can’t afford the designer crap that everyone feels they need to have. A big thing at my school right now is Hollister, which is an extremely expensive store but after you wear the shirt two or three times there are holes in it. Plus, all the clothing in there says hollister all over it so there is no real point in wearing it besides showing how well you can waste your money. I think school uniforms would be way less expensive than having to go out and gat all the latest trends. I do have to admit, if I did go to a school that made me wear some crazy strict uniform, I probobly wouldn’t like it, but I’ve been doing research for a debate and found many decent alternatives to public school uniforms that i think would be beneficial to enforce.

poptop 1:54 pm 27 Oct 08

Uniforms means you know which school students have just rampaged past. It would help me immensely if the phone number of the school was a required feature of said uniforms.

Thumper 1:46 pm 27 Oct 08

Chrissie Amphlett was one hot school girl 😉

jakez 1:02 pm 27 Oct 08

“That’s What I Like About These High School Girls, I keep Getting Older, They Stay The Same Age.”

I’m shocked the thread lasted as long as it did before it degenerated into ephebophilia.

realityskin 12:47 pm 27 Oct 08

i like school girls.

CHW 11:43 am 27 Oct 08

Niiiiiice… all govt school girls are skanky hos.

Odd, never noticed tendencies like that in my two daughters; wait, they had a colour code uniform! THAT must be what saved them, since (having NOT been impaired by their journey through a non-private education system) they are both young members of society with high moral standards and strong personal integrity, who are tolerant and non-judgemental…

Just do NOT insist on ‘formal’ uniform items, Katy dear – that is an expense that your average struggling single parent household could gratefully do without.

tom-tom 11:05 am 27 Oct 08

i think school unifroms have a lot of merits but i dont think they’ll be workable in a public system simply because of the equity issues compulsory uniforms will create.

as much as we all don’t like it and try to ignore it there is a (albiet quite small) minority of students in canberra for whom purchasing a uniform would be financially out of reach; if uniforms became compulsory then what would become of these students when they didn’t buy a uniform?

would they be denied a place at school because of it? would the uniforms get provided to them free of charge? (and if so would they be provided to all students?; and where is there the fat in the education budget to pay for that?)

personally i think the clour code system that runs at schools like melrose is the best solution.

jakez 10:44 am 27 Oct 08

I generally like school uniforms, I think they are a good idea for the most part.

However, I’d rather see this choice be made individually at each school. There’s some merit to both concepts and although I prefer school uniforms, I’d rather see a plurality of options for parents and students.

Granny 8:50 am 27 Oct 08

They have uniforms at the Machonochie Centre? Pina coladas maybe ….

; )

Thumper 8:04 am 27 Oct 08

Agree with vicepope @ 56.

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