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Compulsory School Uniforms?

By johnboy - 16 February 2006 70

The Canberra Times is reporting on Katy Gallagher’s efforts to sound out the feasability of compulsory school uniforms in ACT Government schools.

Personally I’m in favour but I’m sure you all have thoughts on the matter.

UPDATED: The Canberra Times has more on what’s looking like a concerted campaign, the first tentative kite having flown well.

What’s Your opinion?

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70 Responses to
Compulsory School Uniforms?
lenny 3:49 pm 16 Feb 06

johnboy your way behind, supre and Jeans West are way out..

lenny 3:48 pm 16 Feb 06

johnboy you way behind, i hear supre is on its way out..

Absent Diane 3:46 pm 16 Feb 06

If I ran a school I would have one rule.. wear your m*#$%rF#cking collars down unless you are playing cricket and under no circumstances can you call your pink shirt salmon… that would be it… extra grades for togas and thoughtful haircuts

Big Al 3:28 pm 16 Feb 06

I don’t see a problem with it. Most school uniform garments are still going to be cheaper that kitting out your kids in whatever “must-have” garments their peers are pressuring them to wear – that and has anyone had a look at what kids wear – it may as well be a uniform anyway!

To say that it suppresses individuality is a lame argument – kids will always find a way – if not through clothes then through hair-style, sporting prowess, academic achievement (or on the downside under-achievement), the books that they read, the company that they keep.

Believe it or not, kids crave boundaries and ritual – it helps them to define their world, to push boundaries safely and to find comfort in what are often unusual circumstances.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the people arguing against uniforms because they might stifle their poor Johnnies individuality are the same ones that stare blankly at the police officer on their door-step at 3.00am and ask “Why the hell should I know where my 14 year old son is – what he gets up to is his business …”

Bring back the cane too…

Blossy 3:26 pm 16 Feb 06

Even if uniforms were expensive, I’d rather spend on expensive uniforms than the greater expense (in terms of money, time, tears and parent-child stand-offs) of trying to compromise with my teen on non-uniform school clothes.

Bring on the uniforms – easier for the parents, they are a great leveller, and if the kids don’t like it, stiff!

Aren’t I a harsh mother?

johnboy 3:26 pm 16 Feb 06

clothes, peircing’s, appearance in general.

make them wear the same clothes and BE different people rather than just dressed differently.

caf 3:23 pm 16 Feb 06

Oh yeah, I get that, I just meant that it sounds a bit like “Resources will be permitted to express their individuality through choosing one of the following approved accessories.” I don’t really have a strong opinion on the uniform thing anyway, colour code seems like a decent compromise to me.

Mr_Shab 3:15 pm 16 Feb 06

Caf, effectively you’re saying “the clothes maketh the man”. At the risk of sounding like a guideance counsellor, there are an awful lot of ways to express your individuality without reference to your clothing or appearance.

That said, what I originally meant was that if the kids have to wear the same clothes, they’ll look to other parts of their appearance to express their individuality, such as haircuts, nails, piercings and so on.

Like I said, give the kids some credit. Wearing the same clothes isn’t going to turn them into grey-minded zombies.

And Johnboy – ohmygod…like, NO-ONE shops at Supre or Jeanswest.

caf 2:57 pm 16 Feb 06

It’s not really individuality if you are going to prescribe how it should be expressed though is it?

johnboy 2:10 pm 16 Feb 06

I think there are many better ways of expressing individuality than showing off what mummy’s mastercard bought at Supre or JeansWest.

Kerces 2:06 pm 16 Feb 06

I don’t necessarily agree a uniform has to be expensive. At my primary school (a public one) we wore white t-shirts, red jumpers and royal blue track pants, shorts, skirts or, in my case, culottes. There was an option of buying t-shirts and jumpers with the school logo on it from the school but these weren’t compulsory and you could easily get all items in plain colours at Target or Lowes if need be.

My high school (also public) had colour code but you had to wear a jumper or t-shirt with the school name on it for excursions and so on. These were sold at the canteen and realistically you only needed one of each to cover all weather. So again, a uniform but not especially expensive.

Absent Diane 1:07 pm 16 Feb 06

good point about the play time… but that would mostly work with private school style clothes….. I somehow don;t think that my old school uniform colour code thing would arouse the most heinous and sexually deprived swine of any sex

Mr_Shab 1:00 pm 16 Feb 06

Kills individuality?

Nah, the kids will always find some way of expressing their individuality within the constraints of the uniform. Give them a little more credit. They don’t lose their identity if you slap them in the same clothes. I managed to wear a uniform for a couple of years without my identity being too crushed.

BTW – I thought of another advantage. If (like me – heh heh) you can still fit into the sucker 10 years later, it can be brought out of the cupboard for some special “man-lady” time.

Absent Diane 12:49 pm 16 Feb 06

focus on!!

Absent Diane 12:49 pm 16 Feb 06

Pro’s as I see it are
-Cuts out dress competition
-Teaches kids respect for boring clothing
-creates a school culture type thing
– Means schools can charge whatever they want for clothing, if they don’t go with just a colour code option some families may struggle to afford it
– Kills Individuality and is far too controlling
– looks ridiculous

but surely there is more important things in the education system they could

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