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Comrade Stanhope celebrates 20 years of Summernats

johnboy 13 December 2006 15

Mr Stanhope has put out a slightly grudging media release observing that Summernats has “become something of an institution in Canberra” in the 20 years it has been operating in Canberra (hands up who feels old now).

Our Brave Leader is also pleased to report Summernats is “adapting to the changing needs of our community” by which I think he means it’s becoming less reprehensible to him.

Faced with the vast sums of money it brings to the ACT and the wild popularity of the event Mr. Stanhope also expresses the support of his Government for ongoing Summernats.

(it kicks off on 04-JAN-07 this year and runs to 07-JAN)

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15 Responses to Comrade Stanhope celebrates 20 years of Summernats
el el 11:08 pm 14 Dec 06

They should relocate the airport out there as well to ensure the NIMBYs have enough to whinge about. Then there’s no problems with developing Tralee…

terubo terubo 10:22 pm 14 Dec 06

That’s the only reason I’m going…in my Fiat 850.

Big Al Big Al 9:56 pm 14 Dec 06

Show us your tits!

seepi seepi 8:53 am 14 Dec 06

They are putting the new Quamby there. Watson/Hackett gets all the good stuff!

Maelinar Maelinar 8:25 am 14 Dec 06

Put the prison there too, and the lucky prisoners who get a day pass can hang out at summernats with the rest of their family.

Wow 2 birds with one stone !

Maelinar Maelinar 8:24 am 14 Dec 06

I think EPIC is a great place to build a dragway.

It’s nowhere near my house.

Thumper Thumper 8:17 am 14 Dec 06

Does one get the feeling that Our Brave leader (TM) is just waiting for a good excuse to get rid of the Nats?

Pandy Pandy 10:57 pm 13 Dec 06

I am still waiting to hear if Nat (Liberal candiate) will be there wearing her Summer bikini drapped over an Abrahms hodling a bazooka or two.

Well I am going to it just to look at the Abrahms (and wave my hand in hte air).

shauno shauno 4:28 pm 13 Dec 06

The Govt should buy up all the land in the Majura valley and not only build the drag way but move all of epic there as well. So we have a big drag way and entertainment complex there. This would free up the land in the epic area for more housing. And at the same time prevent all the noise complaints.

seepi seepi 1:57 pm 13 Dec 06

The dragway is just going to be a strip of road – no toilets, buildings or other facilities (noieabatement wall etc) as the funding is not enough to cover these. Summernats won’t leave epic.

Danman Danman 1:07 pm 13 Dec 06

I generally work at a kebab van for summergnats – purely for teh season ticket and associated photographical opportunities.

This summernats Ill find myself 700km away in Melbourne.

Cant say I am too dissappointed by that.

Family friday my arse – I would not take anyone who is female there – not even a cheap 2 bit whore from down the road.

Oh and its not all bogans – you see normal people there quite a bit – but its bogan arseholes that ruin the event for “true” enthusiasts. Its about a 70/30 bogan/enthusiast split i reckon.

Al Al 12:43 pm 13 Dec 06

Disturbing direction that conversation took, with Chic Henry suggesting Franklin and other nearby suburbs shouldn’t be built, to protect Summernats’ one event a year…and that they are in negotiations to buy land next to EPIC for same.
I would have thought that any new dragway would have been the logical place for Summernats to end up, and hence why would you allow them to embed such a noisy event into the middle of town for the long term?

S4anta S4anta 12:11 pm 13 Dec 06

At least now we all know not to go anyhwere near the Clyde Mountain on the 4th or 7th of Jan

RandomGit RandomGit 11:19 am 13 Dec 06

I hear things about Chic Henry, disturbing things………….

Sammy Sammy 11:03 am 13 Dec 06

Stanhope was looking decidedly uninterested, standing next to Chic Henry while Chic made his speech, on the footage shown on ABC news last evening. He perked up when it was time to shake hands and look like a politician.

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