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Comrade Stanhope protects alleged murderer from the death sentence

By johnboy 30 June 2005 26

Big Bill Stefaniaak has put out a media release pointing out that Mr. Stanhope is witholding information that would allow the murderer of Zhang Hong Jie (Steffi) to be tried in China. The Chinese never extradite their own.

The hitch? If found guilty in China he would likely be put to death.

The Chief Minister did put out an excellent defence of his actions which I found compelling. Sadly he neglected to put it online.

However one thing we can be sure of is that our UC’s competitors will make much hay from the failure to notice the missing student for months and the Chief Minister then obstructing the trial of her alleged killer. (no matter how justified we may feel that action).

[The Canberra Times has further coverage]

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Comrade Stanhope protects alleged murderer from the death sentence
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Thumper 8:19 am 06 Jul 05

I have no problem with the ‘no death penalty clause’. I do have a problem with Stanhope’s attitude, given that it is in fact a Commonwealth responsibility and not a State or Territory responsibility.

I wonder if Stanhope is his haste to make idealistic foreign policy for the Republic of Canberra, may have slightly overstepped the mark.

The way I read it, Chinese investigators are not allowed to come to Canberra to gather information, and AFP are not allowed to provide information to their Chinese counterparts.

Any Boys in Blue that can correct me, please do.


simto 4:49 pm 05 Jul 05

Simon has since read the Canberra Times article, and worked out that the bloke who (allegedly) did it is currently in custody in China.

I’m interested in why we should be certain that the Chinese police have the right guy, despite the fact that they don’t have sufficient evidence to get him convicted over there?

Particularly given that China is still a “People’s Democratic Republic” (i.e. a communist dictatorship) and therefore should be perfectly capable of creating their own evidence, if necessary?

Having read the Canberra Times article, yes, the federales are running a swifty here – it is very, very common practice to deny police co-operation until we get an assurance the death penalty will not be sought (what’s wrong with life imprisonment, people? Remember, this is in China, so things like human rights probably won’t come into it)

simto 4:30 pm 05 Jul 05

Well, he’s not stopping the Federal police from investigating on their own behalf, is he? Only stopping them from providing info to the Chinese police?

My understanding is this is a crime that was performed here. As such, it should be prosecuted and investigated here. What the chinese police have to do with the whole shebang has me completely confused.

Unless you know more about this and can enighten me?

Thumper 2:58 pm 05 Jul 05


I was referring to the fact that Stanhope refuses to let anyone provide evidence, or for the Chinese to obtain evidence, simply because the alledged culprit may be subject to the death penalty.

I would have thought that was obvious, but no….

bulldog 2:28 pm 05 Jul 05

The Chinese have a pretty definitive outlook. I don’t know if it’s ‘mature’ but it’s certainly effective.

Besides, who said this had to be constuctive criticism?

Maelinar 2:12 pm 05 Jul 05

perhaps we should bring back the honour system, and people paying ‘pennance’ for their crimes directly to the people that they have committed the crime against – or would that just be taking us back to the middle ages ?

It’s a simple fact that the justice system is flawed, the only problem is nobody has come up with a definitive way of dealing with the problem in a more mature way.

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