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Comrade Stanhope puts mountain bike riders in their place.

By johnboy 27 July 2005 10

Mr Stanhope has seen fit to put out a release on the subject of those foul scourges of modern society, Mountain Bike Riders (I’ll call them MTB’s when I’m cold in the grave).

“Chief Minister and Minister for the Environment Jon Stanhope has reminded mountain bike riders who use Canberra’s nature parks that they must stay on formed roads and not ride on walking tracks unless they are designated and signposted multi-use tracks.”

Past time these buggers got what’s coming to them!

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Comrade Stanhope puts mountain bike riders in their place.
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bulldog 12:13 pm 28 Jul 05

What if the said cyclists don’t hold driving licences? Can we take a pound of flesh and associated blood?

bonfire 9:46 am 28 Jul 05

i read in the age that cyclist caught committing traffic offences will have points deducted from their driving licences.

excellent idea.

it needs to be amended to include compulsory thrashings for recumbent cyclists.

bloodnut 9:41 am 28 Jul 05

I liked the militant anti-cyclist splinter cell faction a few years back who went all out and started setting booby traps around the ACT for mountain bike riders. (at least that’s how I remember it)

I think that sort of thing falls under the terrorist banner these a days.

Thumper 8:52 am 28 Jul 05

Hmmm.. Good point. It would not look good for the government if a bike rider hammered a pedestrian, given the gushing praise that Stanhope usually reserves for bikes.

bulldog 8:37 am 28 Jul 05

Perhaps the problem lies in the fact that the clowns are riding on walking tracks (?!?)

I believe the stern words from the comrade are an attempt to prevent pedestrian injury from these spandex clad buffoons…

Thumper 8:28 am 28 Jul 05

It is all getting a bit confusing. On one hand the Comrade extols the virtues of riding bikes on roads where they can annoy motorists, while on the other hand dishes it out to moutain bike rifers for annoying cute furry creatures and trees.

Admittedly, mountain bike riders and the tracks they ride on often lead to extreme erosion problems, especially on the fire ravaged slopes around here.

Maelinar 7:17 am 28 Jul 05

What part of ‘for everybody’ excludes bike riders ?

Public National Parks weren’t just put there for the pleasure of the minority at the expense of the majority, so follow the rules or go buy your own land and cut tracks through it.

And just cause you wear spandex doesn’t give you any more rights other than the right to look like yet another dickhead in spandex.

Snoopy 11:44 pm 27 Jul 05

Where’s my placard and union card?

johnboy 10:42 pm 27 Jul 05

What about the descendants?

Anyway dude everything is possible in Stantopia.

you just need to donate to the ALP and learn to fill out the right forms

Snoopy 10:33 pm 27 Jul 05

We are told about how our society is becoming overweight and obese and when one part of the community is going out and doing something about it for themselves, they are penalised. Mountain biking is a great sport and exercise. As with any outdoor sport there will be risks and dangers, but this is part of the appeal.

I do concede that there is the problem of erosion, however, is it not better to be doing this in the semi urban environment, rather than in the national parks where the dangers to the natural environment are far greater. There needs to be a balance between preservation and enjoyment.

Before too long there will be statements regarding how we are no longer allowed to walk outside as we may breathe and spoil the world for our ancestors…

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