Concerns raised that new Jerrabomberra High School site is beneath flight path

Genevieve Jacobs 27 July 2021 23
Canberra airport

Is the new Jerrabomberra High School site beneath the Airport flight path? Photo: Michelle Kroll.

A longtime anti-noise campaigner has raised concerns that the new Jerrabomberra High School site is too close to the Canberra Airport, exposing staff and students to unacceptably high noise levels for outside activities, playground activities or sport.

Allan Rees, now retired and living on the South Coast, was president of the No Aircraft Noise Party (NAN) and a NAN councillor on Marrickville Council from 1995 to 1999. He has matched the site map for the new school with the Canberra Airport noise exposure forecast and believes that the school site will be within the 20 Air Noise Exposure Forecast (ANEF) contour.

Three ANEF contour lines, ranging from 20 to 30, define escalating levels of noise exposure. Schools located in areas above the 20 ANEF contour are required to have noise insulation that complies with Australian Standard AS 2021 – 2015 Acoustics – Aircraft Noise Intrusion – Building Siting and Construction.

“Expansion of airport runway facilities, increased airport use, change in flight patterns, and additional residential development close to existing airports will increase the likelihood of adverse aircraft noise impacts being experienced by the community unless aircraft noise is specifically taken into account in the planning process,” the standards state.

ANEF contour lines

The ANEF contour lines for Canberra Airport flight paths. Image:

But Mr Rees said that even if the school buildings are appropriately insulated, noise levels beneath the flight path will significantly disrupt outdoor activities.

“I’m interested in planning for good living conditions in our schools and living areas,” he said.

“A better approach is not to build new schools in noisy locations as outdoor activities will be adversely affected.

“If you’re playing a game that requires calling to each other, that becomes impossible. If you’re doing outside nature-based classwork, it’s very disruptive. We are talking about a site that’s only 8 km from the end of the Canberra Airport’s main runway.”

Housing development plans for Jerrabomberra – and the Tralee site in particular – have long been plagued by concerns over potential noise issues. The Village Building Company and Canberra Airport reached an agreement in 2013 that development could proceed but that each buyer would acknowledge in the contract of sale that the estate would be subject to airport noise.

The site for the new high school in Jerrabomberra

A map outlining the site for the new high school in Jerrabomberra. Image: Supplied.

The contracts recognise that noise will increase as the airport grows and that the airport needs to remain curfew free. Plans to establish an express airfreight market that offers export alternatives to Sydney Airport are contingent on that status.

But Mr Rees said that residents in other areas across Jerrabomberra are concerned that if the airport is ringed by housing there will be a push to spread the noise, as happens at Sydney Airport.

“It’s ridiculous to site a new school on an existing flight path,” he said, referring to the long battle in Sydney over the development of the third runway at Mascot.

“There are lots of schools on flight paths where it becomes very difficult. In Sydney, existing schools and homes have been subject to ever-increasing aircraft noise. That’s managed somewhat by spreading the noise, but it’s still not acceptable.

“Lots of the land at Jerrabomberra is outside the 20 ANEF contour, and people will still find the noise intrusive. But it appears that the school is right on the flight path. I can’t see any reason why affordable housing and community facilities need to be in noisy places.”

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Mr Rees said that he’s been contacted in the past by community groups who were keen to understand how the third runway battle had played out in Sydney and what lessons could be learned.

He points out that in Sydney, existing development made it almost impossible to mitigate the noise risks from the third runway and spreading the noise became the only solution.

Matters became even more complex when factories beneath the flight path were closed and developers moved into the abandoned industrial sites. Limited insulation schemes were introduced for buildings in very high noise zones – above the 30 ANEF contour – but Mr Rees said there’s an opportunity to do better in Jerrabomberra.

“If there’s an existing flight path, then you shouldn’t build there was our position”, he said. “I spent four years as councillor and I’m always interested in how planning works and how it fails. There’s a chance to do this well, and for the sake of the students of the future, the NSW Government should take the opportunity and site the school somewhere else”.

Region Media has contacted the Member for Monaro John Barilaro’s office, the NSW Department of Education and Canberra Airport for comment.

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23 Responses to Concerns raised that new Jerrabomberra High School site is beneath flight path
Paul South Paul South 3:39 pm 30 Jul 21

Yeah that's a great idear... approve development under an airport flight path . It would be great to name all those responsible from the very start to the latest.

Gerry Satrapa Gerry Satrapa 5:17 pm 28 Jul 21

If only there was some way to know that the site would end up under a flight path 🙄

MERC600 MERC600 6:54 am 28 Jul 21

Tickle there was a Minder episode where Arthur was out at Hounslow, and every time a plane came in over him he’d duck down.
Have seen some youtube footage of the planes and Hounslow.
A plane spotters dream.

jetabe jetabe 11:21 pm 27 Jul 21

These concerns are not reflective of the current state of Jerrabomberra nor the pace of growth in Canberra and this region.

Canberra Airport has been very good with noise abatement because i am not hearing anything worth having a whinge.

Whinge in advance, I will not pay rates anywhere near what Canberrans especially in inner south have to cough up post all this infrastructure elevating the already rocketing property prices beyond stratosphere.
I forgot we have an efficient council and NSW government so can’t future complain about it, Damn.

The High school, QPRC innovation hub, Regional Sports complex are all community facilities a direct result of good planning and complementing South Jerra, VB Business park and Poplars. My only concern will be future congestion but you can’t have your cake and eat it too!

Kylie Prescott Kylie Prescott 10:08 pm 27 Jul 21

The whole of Sydney is under Sydney’s flight path. Comparing Canberra to Sydney is a beat up. The new high school will be right next to the existing sports oval, established houses and the primary school that’s 20 years old. Planes over Jerra is not new. Build Jerra high school for 1000 students.

jwinston jwinston 9:19 pm 27 Jul 21

Plenty of $1M plus houses in Jerra. Flight path doesn’t seem to affect the price of housing out there…

Shiva Sapkota Shiva Sapkota 8:27 pm 27 Jul 21

Plane noise in Jerra is not a new issue. So why it is a problem now.

    Val Kuta Val Kuta 8:49 pm 27 Jul 21

    Shiva Sapkota ✨ Property value✨ would be my guess

Joannah Leahy Joannah Leahy 8:10 pm 27 Jul 21

All of Jerra is under the flight path.

Paul Kitson Paul Kitson 7:12 pm 27 Jul 21

Don’t put the high school there.

    Jo Hann Jo Hann 2:27 pm 31 Jul 21

    Paul Kitson are you saying that Jerrabomberra shouldn't have a high school?

Ed N Joanne Towner Ed N Joanne Towner 6:46 pm 27 Jul 21

Shona Prince, Remember all the noise protest stuff (at the time) on this development .

Robert Chisholm Robert Chisholm 6:38 pm 27 Jul 21

The airport was well and truly established decades before Jerra. If you bought a property there you were very well aware of the airport, flight paths etc. Stop whinging and deal with it. Dont like it because of the noise simple -MOVE.

    Ed N Joanne Towner Ed N Joanne Towner 6:42 pm 27 Jul 21

    Robert Chisholm I believe original home owners had it in their contracts that noise factor was acknowledged and a condition of purchase or words to that effect. Reading the article again confirms my recollections

    Rebecca Camp Rebecca Camp 7:58 pm 27 Jul 21

    Robert Chisholm agreed! If you don't like aircraft noise, don't live in Jerrabomberra!

Tickle Tess Tickle Tess 6:13 pm 27 Jul 21

Canberra Airport was there long before Jerrabomberra. Build under a flight path and then winge about noise. All the bleeding hearts will be up in arms for the “poor” residents.

    Ed N Joanne Towner Ed N Joanne Towner 6:36 pm 27 Jul 21

    Tickle Tess I remember all the talk about flight noise when the old Tralee site and Jerrabomberra were being developed. Something about people would have to acknowledge the potential for noise in sale contracts. Fast forward to now and people complain. Reading this article again confirms my recollections on the matter. All good at the time not so good now.

    Kylie Chambers Kylie Chambers 6:39 pm 27 Jul 21

    Tickle Tess the whinger doesn’t even live in Jerra anymore - he lives down the coast and has nothing to with the suburb or school anyway he’s just a squeaky wheel anti noise campaigner lol

    Kylie Chambers Kylie Chambers 7:27 pm 27 Jul 21

    When I lived in Jerra (North terrace) I loved seeing the planes descending as they approached the airport - while sitting at our dining table looking out over the city ! Even more so we loved hearing the roulettes / defence jets / PMs plane fly directly over our roof !

    The only thing I didn’t enjoy was hearing the snowy hydro rescue helicopter fly over towards the snow fields …….. knowing their was someone in real trouble ……. It would keep me up at night until I heard the chopper coming back towards the hospital ! Knowing help was close !

    Plane noise isn’t bad ! And if you don’t like it - don’t buy in Jerra (and I was a Northside ACT girl for 43 years before moving to Jerra !

    The high schools needed !

    Tickle Tess Tickle Tess 7:37 pm 27 Jul 21

    Kylie Chambers I agree. I used to live in Newtown in Sydney and was directly under the approach for runway 16R (third runway) into Sydney Airport. Loved the planes flying over. It was funny when on the phone to a mate though, I’d say hang on a plane, then 10 seconds later I could hear again, then he’d say hand on a plane (same one). Then we could talk for a couple more minutes. The only time I haven’t enjoyed plane noise was my short stay in Hounslow near Heathrow. Every 90 seconds. That was a bit much.

Peta-Rene Prior Peta-Rene Prior 6:11 pm 27 Jul 21

So insulate the buildings properly.

Kelli Rixon Kelli Rixon 6:05 pm 27 Jul 21

The primary school is under the flight path... why is it different for the high school?

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