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Confusing a young lady

By grownupman - 5 July 2009 42

So last Friday, I was getting out of work. I was in a meeting so I was wearing a suit, which ended up being perfect.

I was waiting at a crosswalk near Mooseheads in civic, and this lady wasn’t paying attention and walked into the street. She would have been about 30 to 35 years old. The street was pretty empty in both directions except for a bus in the outside lane that the lady didn’t see. The bus was coming in pretty fast, and I don’t know how she missed it, but to her credit there was some cars and vans that may have obstructed her view.

Anyway, just as the bus started honking and slamming breasks, I grabbed her and pulled her back. Should have probably made it anyway, but it made a pretty nice dramatic effect.

So this lady was really freaked out by the whole thing. She was sorta stuck in between thanking me, and catching her breath. So (and why I did this ??), I pulled out my PDA and said “This is Commander Navarrette, I saved the subject. The time is 5:12pm.” She had no idea what was happening and kept looking at me all dumb. So I said something to the effect of, “Miss, I need your signature to affirm that you were here and I stopped you from getting run over by that bus.” (I had seen startrek the night before).

I didn’t know what she thought about the situation, but I decided to press it a bit further. I opened my pda’s drawing pad and asked her to sign it, which is did.

I thanked her then followed up with “Your grandson is very important,” which immediately I reaslised was really dumb because she didn’t look like she was old enought to have grandchildren.

“I don’t have a grandson,” is all she said. I freaked out for a second, thinking I had just made a total ass of myself. But then I said “you will,” and gave her sorta a wink/smile.

The road was clear and I quickly crossed. She shood there for a few seconds and yelled out “wait!” but I was already in the carpark making a b-line for my car and pretending I didn’t hear her.

I have no idea what she though of the whole thing, but there was a number of people around by the end who looked a tad suspicious about what I said to her.

What’s Your opinion?

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42 Responses to
Confusing a young lady
trevar 4:57 pm 05 Jul 09

LOL you made my day! We need more grown ups like that!

bd84 4:40 pm 05 Jul 09

Err it was a good story, then came the 2nd part where I think you need to seek some professional help. I’m surprised she didn’t start screaming for help thinking you were some weirdo trying to abduct her

Ivan76 4:05 pm 05 Jul 09

Reminds me of that scene in True Lies:

And your codename will be…
[hopeful] Natasha?
No…… Boris

Ozhair 3:55 pm 05 Jul 09

Well done, Commander Navarrette. You have secured the future for us all. Proceed with Phase 2 of your assignment.

Fisho 3:43 pm 05 Jul 09

Beautifully done, I love your work.

Keep it up.

Granny 3:18 pm 05 Jul 09

I love it!! Awesome!

: D

Don’t ever grow up. Despite the fact that it went to your head, you still really are a hero.

Which one of us doesn’t have the kid inside deep down still hoping the spaceship will land in the back yard, and life will become special and exciting? And if they don’t, they’re probably not my kind of people ….


LlamaFrog 2:51 pm 05 Jul 09

amusing, and yet can’t help but cringe

Matty Sullivan 2:15 pm 05 Jul 09

Mooseheads is great. Try Academy next time. Most of the insipid debutantes who go there would think you were Batman for pulling a line like that.

10 points for enthusiasm, another 10 for pulling it off.

Swaggie 1:56 pm 05 Jul 09

Was her surname Connor? : )

Jono 1:34 pm 05 Jul 09

Nice. I’ve often been tempted while walking down the street to put my finger to my ear and say something like “subject heading north-west on Bunda St” into my watch. Just for funsies.

astrojax 1:30 pm 05 Jul 09

they don’t have spellcheck in the future, but at least they have chivalry… ; )

bohemian 12:43 pm 05 Jul 09


barking toad 11:58 am 05 Jul 09

In what bar was your meeting?

hetzjagd1 11:58 am 05 Jul 09

Nicely done, that’s awesome

Rabble 11:45 am 05 Jul 09

You’re not very grown up are you man? Good save.

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