Confusing a young lady

grownupman 5 July 2009 42

So last Friday, I was getting out of work. I was in a meeting so I was wearing a suit, which ended up being perfect.

I was waiting at a crosswalk near Mooseheads in civic, and this lady wasn’t paying attention and walked into the street. She would have been about 30 to 35 years old. The street was pretty empty in both directions except for a bus in the outside lane that the lady didn’t see. The bus was coming in pretty fast, and I don’t know how she missed it, but to her credit there was some cars and vans that may have obstructed her view.

Anyway, just as the bus started honking and slamming breasks, I grabbed her and pulled her back. Should have probably made it anyway, but it made a pretty nice dramatic effect.

So this lady was really freaked out by the whole thing. She was sorta stuck in between thanking me, and catching her breath. So (and why I did this ??), I pulled out my PDA and said “This is Commander Navarrette, I saved the subject. The time is 5:12pm.” She had no idea what was happening and kept looking at me all dumb. So I said something to the effect of, “Miss, I need your signature to affirm that you were here and I stopped you from getting run over by that bus.” (I had seen startrek the night before).

I didn’t know what she thought about the situation, but I decided to press it a bit further. I opened my pda’s drawing pad and asked her to sign it, which is did.

I thanked her then followed up with “Your grandson is very important,” which immediately I reaslised was really dumb because she didn’t look like she was old enought to have grandchildren.

“I don’t have a grandson,” is all she said. I freaked out for a second, thinking I had just made a total ass of myself. But then I said “you will,” and gave her sorta a wink/smile.

The road was clear and I quickly crossed. She shood there for a few seconds and yelled out “wait!” but I was already in the carpark making a b-line for my car and pretending I didn’t hear her.

I have no idea what she though of the whole thing, but there was a number of people around by the end who looked a tad suspicious about what I said to her.

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42 Responses to Confusing a young lady
Roma Roma 11:13 am 09 Jul 09


Unconcerned Unconcerned 2:33 am 09 Jul 09

haha Fraud how does it feel to be caught out?

frontrow frontrow 1:28 pm 06 Jul 09

Speaking of oddly butchered plagiarism on blogs, I was perusing the grauniad today and found this:

The comment by Tamalti at 1.43am looked disturbingly familiar. cf:

Do you know anything about this, Maelinar?

Danman Danman 1:22 pm 06 Jul 09

It was, I was the young lady who was the subject of this story..Or at least was dressed like..does that count ?

damnintellectuals damnintellectuals 1:19 pm 06 Jul 09

Boo! I wanted it to be real.

Spitfire3 Spitfire3 11:42 am 06 Jul 09

Funny, but something was off from the second sentence.

“I was waiting at a crosswalk…”

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 11:31 am 06 Jul 09

John Titor told me you die alone, crying like a little girl.

Squil Squil 11:15 am 06 Jul 09

Don’t know what’s more sad: the mature adults here who don’t condone the use of humour on the streets or the case of plagiarism.

AngryHenry AngryHenry 10:49 am 06 Jul 09

haha! Nice story, shame it wasn’t your own.

You sir are a tool!

Thanks for the entertainment all the same.

Thumper Thumper 10:04 am 06 Jul 09

Badgers dont wear pants, and neither should you.

N’er a truer word spoke…

eyeLikeCarrots eyeLikeCarrots 10:01 am 06 Jul 09

Badgers dont wear pants, and neither should you.

Pandy Pandy 8:31 am 06 Jul 09

Does RiotAct condone plagarism?

Hells_Bells74 Hells_Bells74 8:19 am 06 Jul 09

I was blonde natural and otherwise for far too long to take humour in confusing a young lady for your own super-nerd entertainment and it clearly doesn’t take much to make you laugh!
Then to read it’s ripped off, smacks in the face of how unfunny you are.

shiny flu shiny flu 10:38 pm 05 Jul 09

this story reminds me of potatoes

SheepGroper SheepGroper 10:10 pm 05 Jul 09

Ivan76 said :

A funny story made even funnier because its a blatant word for word rip-off..

That’s the odd thing, in the RiotAct version he misspells brakes as “breasks”.

Ivan76 Ivan76 9:44 pm 05 Jul 09

shenanigans, shenanigans, shenanigans!!!

A funny story made even funnier because its a blatent word for word rip-off..

Thanks for the research there Zig…….. Hillarious!!

Panhead Panhead 8:27 pm 05 Jul 09

Looks like a few here have found it a “tad suspicious” also!

Hercsie Hercsie 8:19 pm 05 Jul 09


follow the link.

OMG how tragic is that – the guy lifts someone elses story and posts it on RiotACT

Not awesome at all

D Man D Man 7:38 pm 05 Jul 09

This is so awesome that I am in awe. Dude, if I ever meet you, I am buying you a pint of good scotch 🙂

Rawhide Kid No 2 Rawhide Kid No 2 7:35 pm 05 Jul 09

How cool is that ?

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