Cooleman Court’s $2.6 million facelift underway

Lachlan Roberts 30 May 2019 35

Cooleman Court’s entrance on Mahony Court will undergo a major makeover. Photo: George Tsotsos

The highly anticipated major makeover to the northern entry of Court Cooleman Court is underway, with the current concrete ramp entry to be replaced by an enclosed, weather-proofed travellator.

The upgrades to Cooleman Court, which has been a mainstay of the Weston Creek community for over 40 years, will deliver a new look to the shopping centre in a private development by owner Mirvac.

The new entryway on Mahony Court will provide a more functional and attractive façade to the main pedestrian and car parking area of Cooleman Court.

The $2.6 million upgrade includes a visual facelift to the centre and the installation of new signage to align with the new fit-outs and contemporary styling that has been undertaken by retailers in the past months.

The improvements, which Mirvac said will “enhance access and exude an elegant ambience on arrival to the centre”, will include the installation of travelators at the entry and a lift.

The proposed new Cooleman Court entry on Mahony Court. Image: Supplied.

The entire area will be enclosed in glass with double auto doors alongside a contemporary aesthetic green feature wall. Additional works to improve the appearance and functionality of the centre will include new entrance mats, new automatic doors for the disabled toilets.

Cooleman Court’s centre manager Irini Daglis said there will be no interruption to customer access during the four months of work at the centre and shared her excitement to the facelift at “Coolo”.

“Our goal is to ensure our customers are having the best experience possible when they visit us, which this revitalisation will deliver,” Ms Daglis said.

Cooleman Court’s centre manager Irini Daglis, facilities manager Steven Bikesic, and Mirvac marketing manager Laura Howes. Photo: George Tsotsos

“We are thrilled to be able to present a centre that will reflect the expectations of our customers who have always made us the heart of their community.”

The centre has also launched a new Community Library Nook located on the top floor, providing a time out area for customers to enjoy. The community library will have a book share system for customers to come and borrow or donate a book.

The Southern carpark has also recently been upgraded to include two main bus stops on Parkinson Street, along with the addition of new on-street parking and upgrades to the existing carpark.

40-year veteran favourite Greengrocer and fresh fruit juice and salad bar Freddy Frapples will be celebrating the makeover by offering customers ongoing specials and promotions. Owner Thanasis Stavrakis described the improvements around the whole centre as fantastic, making “the entire customer experience better”.

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35 Responses to Cooleman Court’s $2.6 million facelift underway
Martin Budden Martin Budden 10:51 pm 02 Jun 19

How about just fix the chain things on the trolley bays so we don't have to search across half the bloody carpark just to find one where we can get our token back. Won't cost $2.6 million and will be far more useful.

Joe Marando Joe Marando 6:58 pm 02 Jun 19

More parking and another petrol station ⛽️

Lachlan Mumberson Lachlan Mumberson 6:40 pm 02 Jun 19

That better be 2.6 million worth of extra parking

    Nathan Bennett Nathan Bennett 1:52 pm 03 Jun 19

    Lachlan Mumberson Mostly it actually is. 👌

Megg Zee Megg Zee 10:03 pm 01 Jun 19

Lily Tarlinton no extra parking 😢

Erica Holland Erica Holland 9:19 pm 01 Jun 19

I want to know what they are smoking coz I want some 😂😂 really the only thing Coolo needs is better shops and more parking.

Lexi Monaghan Lexi Monaghan 3:55 pm 01 Jun 19

Katy Mikate good news for you

Bill Gemmell Bill Gemmell 10:17 am 01 Jun 19

Coollo, where the speed limit in the majority of the parking areas is higher than in the adjoining streets.

Bede Mcfadden Bede Mcfadden 10:16 am 01 Jun 19

U could spend 1b and it would still be a shithole

Melody Broome Melody Broome 10:07 am 01 Jun 19

Geoff Buchanan La di da! Gonna get an upgrade! :-) Enjoy Cooma!

    Geoff Buchanan Geoff Buchanan 10:31 am 01 Jun 19

    Melody Broome Coolo pride! And Jimmy Barnes will be there next week!

Ashley Yvonne Ashley Yvonne 9:33 am 01 Jun 19

Bella Mail Olivia Bowring-Greer we need to remember what it looks like now while also remembering the first renovation

    Bella Robyn Bella Robyn 1:08 pm 01 Jun 19

    Wow it feels like it was only renovated a little while ago is this necessary coolo?

Zoe Stroud Zoe Stroud 7:51 am 01 Jun 19

Renee Cecelia you won’t be able to lose control of the trolley anymore!

Gabriel Spacca Gabriel Spacca 10:52 pm 31 May 19

Wait. Didn’t they have a long-awaited, major upgrade to Coleman court a few years ago?

Nicole McGuire Nicole McGuire 8:46 pm 31 May 19

More parking?

    Chris Steel Chris Steel 9:14 pm 31 May 19

    Nicole McGuire

Samantha Hamilton Samantha Hamilton 8:21 pm 31 May 19

Only just talking about this the other day 🙌🏼 Paul Hamilton Sue Hamilton

    Sue Hamilton Sue Hamilton 9:06 am 01 Jun 19

    Samantha Hamilton excellent

    Samantha Hamilton Samantha Hamilton 11:06 am 01 Jun 19

    Sue Hamilton and over 100 new car parks on the other side too 👏🏼

Kerry Floros Kerry Floros 8:10 pm 31 May 19

It’s great you want to make it all look pretty, how about increasing the parking it’s absolutely ridiculous how you have to drive around waiting for a car park.

    Claire Cat Claire Cat 3:57 am 01 Jun 19

    Kerry Floros

    Claire Cat Claire Cat 3:58 am 01 Jun 19

    150 extra spaces approved by the 🤞😉

    Kerry Floros Kerry Floros 7:43 am 01 Jun 19

    Claire Marie I’ll believe it if it happens. Congestion will only ease when the shopping centre in Denman opens.

Marcia Denman Marcia Denman 8:01 pm 31 May 19

Travelator ? Really ? Exercise /walk/ health ? It’s a great shopping centre, just take your time waiting for a parking spot - then walk a small distance . Love the privately owned fruit shop and all the other independents

    Lindsay Maree Lindsay Maree 8:12 am 01 Jun 19

    Marcia Denman travelator will make a huge difference for disabled people people who have huge difficulty walking up that ramp. Having to park in the carpark on the other side of the centre to go to woollies and walk twice as far is not ideal. It is painful and exhausting. If you can walk for your health, then by all means, go for it, but please don't dismiss or shame those of us who can't.

    Dale Wheatley Dale Wheatley 8:58 pm 01 Jun 19

    Lindsay Hayes yes it will also help the elderly as well

Neenie Baines Neenie Baines 7:00 pm 31 May 19

Wish there was better shops...

    Daniel Dan Daniel Dan 7:52 am 02 Jun 19

    Neenie Baines u checked out Reject Shop 2nd level near St George? It’s not bad.

Matt Pillifeant Matt Pillifeant 6:45 pm 31 May 19

Lisa Garner disappointed to see the ramp go. It's like a rite of passage as a weston creek kid to get dragged down it by mums trolley at least once.

Brian Harris Brian Harris 5:00 pm 31 May 19

Maybe Jimmy Barnes can turn the soil when he’s there on Wednesday!

Dale Wheatley Dale Wheatley 4:54 pm 31 May 19

What is a travelator

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