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Cordless electric lawn mowers

By nanzan - 2 December 2009 32

In the 21st Century in Canberra it seems very 20th Century that most people still mow their lawns (grasses!) with petrol lawn mowers.

We would like to evolve to 21st Century citizens, but keep some green stuff around the house.

So, does anyone have any good experiences to share about non-petrol lawn mowers? Particularly, cordless electric ones?

What’s Your opinion?

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32 Responses to
Cordless electric lawn mowers
fox 8:25 am 03 Dec 09

I don’t have any lawns to mow so I can’t speak on how well electric vs petrol mowers go, but I did however find this cool looking gadget a little while back:

Droplet, designed by Ashley Marsh-Croft

Apparently Ashley designed this while he was studying Industrial Design at UC. Can’t find any details online to purchase it though, but a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend (typical Canberra) knows Ashley so she’s finding out.

H1NG0 8:09 am 03 Dec 09

Agree. Electric are terrible. You can’t beat the sound and smell of a petrol lawnmower on the weekend.

PURSUTE 7:53 am 03 Dec 09

Chop71 said :

Electric lawnmowers are only environmentally friendly if you use nice electricity.

I agree that we don’t have clean power generation, but this is actually incorrect. Due to the scale of production, electricity is always going to be far cleaner than thousands of tiny petrol engines.

How much oil did it take to get that 300 mls to your house?

Electric lawn mowers are a great idea IMO, however I am yet to see one that is worth buying.

Felix the Cat 6:24 am 03 Dec 09

I-filed said :

How about a push mower?

I have a reasonably small yard to mow and I was using a push mower for a while and found they are ok for short grass but struggle if you let the grass grow too long. Also the blade needs sharpening after about 6 months or so, not sure how much this costs or where you get it done (there used to be a blade sharpening place in Fyshwick cnr Lyell and Barrier Sts, not sure if they are still there?). A push mower is good for your fitness too, save on gym fees!

Pandy 12:29 am 03 Dec 09

I have the most powerful push mower known to man. I can mow soggy grass and have a beer in less time than you rainbowed coloured electric mower types

s-s-a 12:20 am 03 Dec 09

I would definitely go a push mower. Have had one before and they are great for smallish lawns.

Mordd 11:31 pm 02 Dec 09

My tip would be: don’t accidentally “mow” over the electric cord, otherwise you’ll be in for a shock! hehe

Also, on langdon avenue by the wanniassa shops, the people there used to have either a goat or a sheep, I forget which, on their lawn and they had a sign offering to hire it out to “mow” other people’s lawns at one stage, I highly recommend the animal mowing method anyway.

el 11:17 pm 02 Dec 09

Horrible – concreting the whole lot would be preferable. No good experiences whatsoever with electric mowers, just a BAD idea.

As others have mentioned, the petrol used per mow is 5/8 of fark all (maybe a litre or two a year?)

Deano 11:10 pm 02 Dec 09

We had a push mower for many years and they are perfectly adequate for mowing lawn. However, if you are faced with what is better described as ‘grass’ they are pretty much useless. They easily bog down in clover and leave anything tall like paspalum still standing.

We recently changed to an electric mower. It’s brilliant – always starts first time, never runs out of fuel halfway through, is relatively quiet, light to handle, cuts well, and at $120, was much cheaper than a petrol mower (even if the life span is much shorter).

jackal 10:39 pm 02 Dec 09

Go petrol. No comparison. Get the job done quickly then plant a tree or something if you’re worried about emissions.

bd84 9:06 pm 02 Dec 09

Haven’t heard of cordless ones. Though from all accounts electic mowers are absolutely terrible.

BenMac 9:04 pm 02 Dec 09

I have an electric GMC mower. It’s not too bad. I have an outside power point so I don’t really need a long cord to run it. I’d only used it on small lawns though.

Chop71 8:37 pm 02 Dec 09

yup, coal powered lawn mowers ….. there’s a thought

I-filed 7:13 pm 02 Dec 09

Electric lawnmowers are only environmentally friendly if you use nice electricity. How about a push mower? (I use a petrol one … my yard takes just on 300 mls of petrol a mow, four or so times a year – and I’d have to weigh up the environmental cost of buying a mower to replace my perfectly good one, that has at least 12 years left in it … I expect I will carry on and use (tsssk tsssk) about 10 litres of petrol over the next decade … )

josh 6:28 pm 02 Dec 09

what, like goats etc?

protip: get rid of the grass, plant some vegetables. then you can deal with even fewer fossil fuels being burned on your behalf.

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