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Corrupt horse torture to continue unimpeded in the ACT – Mulcahy very happy.

By johnboy - 9 March 2006 23

With his strong historical ties to the gambling industry it should come as no surprise that Richard Mulcahy has been first out of the gate in welcoming the resolution of the horse racing insurance crisis.

An amendment to the Racing Act 1999 that will see Racing NSW extend accident compensation insurance to provide cover for jockeys, apprentices, and approved riders performing racing, track work or barrier trials in the ACT was today passed in the Legislative Assembly.

Personally I think horse racing is a nasty business, but I’d prefer it banned after due debate rather than through bureaucratic inertia.

What’s Your opinion?

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23 Responses to
Corrupt horse torture to continue unimpeded in the ACT – Mulcahy very happy.
Growling Ferret 11:10 am 10 Mar 06


vg has you by actually knowing a few facts about racing. A close friend is a leading Canberra trainer – and the attention to detail in preparation, animal welfare, training and all other aspects of the horses health are second to none. These guys and girls look after their animals far better than the average bloke looks after himself.

As vg said, racing isn’t perfect, but racing authorities have clamped down on any sort of corruption, either by jockeys, trainers etc, with 12 month bans for first offences.

I’m glad to see racing is back in Canberra for the future. Bring on the Black Opal!

vg 10:25 am 10 Mar 06


I’m afraid your last comments show how woefully naive you are in relation to the contemporary horse racing industry. Contemporary racing is subject to the animal equivalent of sports drug testing.

If a racehorse is ‘overweight’ it is put on a diet, it is not starved. Starving would do irrepairable damage. People pay hundreds of thousands for some of these fine creatures and would tend to lose the plot a little if they knew their investments were being ‘starved’.

Once, a fair time ago, the industry had its shady aspects. It isn’t perfect, but is far from rampant with corruption and the like nowadays.

I have been heavily involved in racing for a few years now. If I saw something awry I would do something about it. I dont see the need

Maelinar 9:01 am 10 Mar 06

Ferret, you have blatantly ignored some extremely compelling arguments in that statement.

If you want to discuss Corruption, I’ll lead you down the track called ‘horse doping’ or ‘horse steroids’.

Discussing cruelty by arguing other stock were treated crueller – ‘so that’s ok’, isn’t.

If a racehorse is overweight, it will be starved.

And in relation to them being finely bred, you are correct, but there are several compelling counterarguments towards genetic selection and genetic manipulation.

At the end of the day though, it’s not as bad as with other species, for example I’d hate to be a sheep or a cow in this day and age (pretty much know your not going to die due to old age).

It merely shows that since we are higher up on the food chain, we call the shots.

Growling Ferret 8:49 am 10 Mar 06


Pull ya head in ya goose. Cruel? So race horses get whipped for the last 100 metres of an event. Last century bullock trains and horse drawn carriages got whipped a whole lot more than that. Keeping fish in undersized aquariums is cruel. Beating on animals and starving them is cruel. Owning a dog that is never walked and cries all day and night is cruel.

But race horses are finely bred animals, trained and cared for superbly and loved by their owners, jockeys, trainers etc. Its a labour of love for the vast majority…

These days a day at the races is more about being seen than seeing the action on the track. Corruption in the game is rare at any sort of level (short of bush races etc) and the people most likely trying to pull a swifty is the bookies…

Thumper 8:39 am 10 Mar 06

I should add that I do know that most horse owners treat their horses very well given the amount of money that they coast and their love of the animals.

Thumper 8:35 am 10 Mar 06

I hate horse racing almost as much as I hate horses. The big mothers scare hell out of me and I’ll rather pick up a black snake than go near a horse.

As for horse racing, I reckon it’s cruel and should be banned.

Maelinar 8:25 am 10 Mar 06

ROTFL, that sounded like the definition of most Army wives!

Blamemonkey 8:08 am 10 Mar 06

Missy I hope you have you flak Jacket on for that comment….

vg 9:32 pm 09 Mar 06

He has won a number of local races and raced at Royal Randwick on Villiers Stakes Day. 1st run back from a spell last week for a 3rd. Racing again on St Patricks Day in Canberra.

And racehorses dont end up being dog food, otherwise it would be a LOT more expensive. Another horse racing myth

missymagoo 8:59 pm 09 Mar 06

in my opinion there are some disgusting race horse owners but these are a minority

most horse owners take care of their horse before themselves

in my next life i would love to be a horse just imagine a massage ever week a chiropractor to make sure the skeleton is fine

a dentist once a year maybe twice

new shoes every 4 to 6 weeks

3 to 4 feeds a day

rugged when cold

exercised each day

and to be taken on outings where all they have to do is run

not to mention a bath and shampoo when required and a groom each day

oh what i would give to be a horse

johnboy 1:57 pm 09 Mar 06

does he win much?

bonfire 1:57 pm 09 Mar 06

except when hes a loser and ends up in my dogs can of pal.

vg 1:56 pm 09 Mar 06

Corrupt horse torture? What a load of shit.

As a racehorse owner, I have never seen a happier animal. Well fed, well looked after and just loves to race.

johnboy 1:37 pm 09 Mar 06

sure, but i think the ladies in fancy dresses and huge corporate sponsorships would dry up.

and you’d be left with soemthing probably much more honest at the end of the process for all it would be illicit.

bonfire 1:24 pm 09 Mar 06

johnboy if you banned it do you think it would stop ?

theres been no dragway in the act since 1998 and yet i see cars doing it on a regular basis.

bans are difficult to enforce.

look at the softheads who choose to use heroin.

if you ban something via legislation, make sure the resources to enforce that ban are also provided.

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