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Cotter River invaded by Toranas

Delish 19 January 2009 17

Went to the Cotter on Sunday, and all these Torana’s just started rocking up and they sounded and looked awesome.

When leaving the FJ Holden’s started arriving too, not sure if it is a weekend thing, but nice to
see all the same.

Is this a regular weekend thing?

(Slideshow below)

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17 Responses to Cotter River invaded by Toranas
willo 11:43 pm 20 Jan 09
willo 11:43 pm 20 Jan 09
willo 11:42 pm 20 Jan 09

bugger….here is the homepage to that site

Granny 11:29 pm 20 Jan 09

I couldn’t view the page you linked to, willo. A login was required.

willo 11:00 pm 20 Jan 09

the orange torana in the main pic belongs to a workmates father… is currently for sale

xdave 10:37 pm 20 Jan 09

not really.

what is a “regular weekend thing” down at the Cotter is the lunchtime “rushhour” invasion

for those unfamiliar, this means a whole parade of shitbox VNs and rustbucket lancers and poosars with tinny exhausts and distorted stereos, screeching tires and doing laps around a tiny carpark while there are kids running around

farnarkler 7:59 am 20 Jan 09

Nicely proportioned machines the LH and (particularly) LX hatch. Back in 85 a family friend traded a genuine LC GTR XU1 for a Nissan Gazelle. Yes he did get psychiatric help.

GottaLoveCanberra 10:37 pm 19 Jan 09


The Cotter is used frequently as a destination point for car cruises as it’s scenic and the drive out there is good fun. Add in some nicely maintained BBQ’s and it’s hard to say no!

rosebud 5:10 pm 19 Jan 09

Boyz and their toyz

peterh 4:51 pm 19 Jan 09

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy said :

Torana ute? A real custom job? Toranas were never made as utes.

the guy who owned it was King, over the back of holt. from memory, it had twin nos cylinders, and went like the clappers. he used to race it on parkwood road.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 4:47 pm 19 Jan 09

Torana ute? A real custom job? Toranas were never made as utes.

neanderthalsis 4:47 pm 19 Jan 09

Torana Ute?

peterh 4:43 pm 19 Jan 09

my mate had a torana hatch. he tried a dukes of hazard maneuver down the coast and had to be towed back to the campsite, where we drained out his car, and removed the little fish. he had landed in the middle of a creek. another mate had a torana ute, he lived in belco and his car was green – awesome.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 4:10 pm 19 Jan 09

My first was an LH, first of the wider bodied models. Bought it when I was 16.

Danman 3:45 pm 19 Jan 09

My first car was a 2 door LJ with mags, lowered with KMAc suspention and that was it, no roof lining, no carpet, covered in primer – was a b1tch of a car to drive with chef pants and boots in summer, sometimes melting my soles on the floorpan, but damn it was a fun car.

Still have a soft spot for LJ’s.

ant 3:42 pm 19 Jan 09

Wish I’d known about that. I almost got a Torana back in the early 80s. Probably just as well I didn’t!

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