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Could this ute get any more oz?

By johnboy - 3 December 2011 37

black ute with ciggy

As seen on Belconnen Way this week, this ute begs the question:

With a ciggy hanging out the window, a Ned Kelly quote, and a cricket reference including a southern cross, is there anything that could be done to make this ute more Oz?

(Apologies for the picture quality)

What’s Your opinion?

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37 Responses to
Could this ute get any more oz?
Skidd Marx 1:49 pm 03 Dec 11

Where’s this cricket reference?

arescarti42 1:14 pm 03 Dec 11

More bogan than Ostrayan. Needs a “save the whales, harpoon a fat chick” sticker to complete the picture though.

Steve_Pedestrian 12:41 pm 03 Dec 11

Where’s the postcode sticker?

Spykler 12:32 pm 03 Dec 11

Certainly could use an enormously over-sized bull-bar that would be more at home on a Kenworth than a ute..Then attach another two CB aerials onto the bull-bar to complete the effect.

Mumbucks 12:30 pm 03 Dec 11

You can add a shotgun , a playboy bunny sticker, two naked women and ‘gone fishin’. That should cover it.

fgzk 12:27 pm 03 Dec 11

Apology not accepted.

wwm 12:18 pm 03 Dec 11

Ha, this reminds me of when my sister (a well educated doctor owning a nice house etc etc) bought a classic white hyundi excel sort of deal. She was considering kitting it out with the whole bogan look-frangipani stickers, playboy car seat cover, horrible dashboard orniments ect. just to see if people would see the irony. We assured her they would not (perhaps her car would have made it on here too). Who knows, mybe the car in the photo is being driven by a gay refugee, we’ll never know…but if not I agree, some big spotties on the roof would top off the look.

Thumper 12:10 pm 03 Dec 11

Lacks the roo shooting bar resplendent with a dozen oversized spotlights.

FioBla 11:35 am 03 Dec 11

Home and Away and Jason Donovan stickers would complete it.

Spectra 11:29 am 03 Dec 11

And he could always find the place that sells those classy “Australia: Built with spanners, not chopsticks” stickers. Such a delightful lark.

Henry82 11:15 am 03 Dec 11

TheDancingDjinn said :

I can see room for at least 2 more Eureka stockade flags there.

yep, also a bundy rum flag too, oh and some new CAT mudflaps.

TheDancingDjinn 10:52 am 03 Dec 11

I can see room for at least 2 more Eureka stockade flags there.

VicePope 10:43 am 03 Dec 11

Seriously bogan. Have fantasised about getting hold of some deeply gay advocacy stickers and plastering them on similar vehicles, while their drivers are getting methylated at the Kambah tavern or somesuch. Realise I would need camo gear and reliable runners.

fabforty 10:38 am 03 Dec 11

Bundaberg Rum and “Shoot Ferals” stickers ?

Tooks 10:31 am 03 Dec 11

Family sticker, ‘f*&k off, we’re full’ sticker, big spotties on the roof – there’s a few ways to make it more Orstrayan.

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