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Coverup your laptop

By johnboy - 28 March 2007 34

The AFP website has ground back into action and warns of an aggravated robbery in Kingston yesterday.

ACT Policing are appealing for witnesses to a robbery in the area of Giles and Howitt streets, Kingston today (March 27) about 11.15am.

The offender snatched a lap top bag from the grasp of another man and ran in the direction of Wentworth Avenue.

In most of the rest of the world it’s long been thought ill-advised to carry a bag externally which advertises there’s several thousand dollars worth of computer inside, I guess we’ve reached that point now here.

What’s Your opinion?

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34 Responses to
Coverup your laptop
bonfire 2:42 pm 28 Mar 07

in this scenario i would not shoot them in the back.

if they were within 25 meters im pretty confident of a head shot.

johnboy 1:55 pm 28 Mar 07

yeah, life for owning a lump of metal and doing no harm.

15 months weekend detention for a pack rape.

Kramer 1:53 pm 28 Mar 07

Great, then we can be a screwed up with guns as the US.

Just outlaw all guns, and then make very harsh penalities (life in prison perhaps?) for possession.

Ralph 1:48 pm 28 Mar 07

Well think of it this way, current gun control laws don’t stop bad people from getting guns.

I’m all for liberalising gun ownership.

West_Kambah_4eva 1:45 pm 28 Mar 07

Yeah bonfire thats a real good idea. I think we should all carry machetes too and hack to death anyone that looks at us sideways. No, no, you’re right. Everyone carrying a rifle would be more appropriate, then we can shoot people you look us sideways from across the street. Actually, I think you havent gone far enough, I think perhaps that maybe an M60 each would be better, because you may get several people looking at you sideways from in the bushes. By the way, you’re an idiot.

Danman 1:42 pm 28 Mar 07

Seems my suggestion is the most logical so far.

That and it explains the yuppy shuffle I often see when besuited men are running late for a bus that they can see coming.

Yeah you know it – bend then knees keep the head straight and level – hold briefcase steady by ones side and half jog to stopping bus.

Cue pulp fiction – “Your farther kept this ibook up his arse for 5 years – your fathers father did the same…… ”

Yadda yadda yadda.

Ill shut up now.

Kramer 1:39 pm 28 Mar 07

Bonfire – So if someone snatched your laptop (as described in this scenario) you would pull your gun? …and shoot them in the back as they fled?

I know I would want to shoot them in the back, but the law may have other things to say.

Sammy 12:41 pm 28 Mar 07

He can also get himself a browning

Or in the ensuing struggle, steal your gun, and shoot you with it.

It happens.

Sammy 12:40 pm 28 Mar 07

On the NYC subways, they recommend swapping out the white iPod earbuds for something less obvious.

Sammy 12:40 pm 28 Mar 07

think of the skid marks on an iBook

I’d suggest a black MacBook.

RandomGit 12:39 pm 28 Mar 07

He can also get himself a browning, try again.

Ari 11:46 am 28 Mar 07

You could run the power cord down your trouser leg and into any convenient socket.

bonfire 11:35 am 28 Mar 07

it would be better if we could arm ourselves against these criminals.

i imagine a man with a browning strapped to his waist might not be such a tempting target to a thief.

mutley 11:35 am 28 Mar 07

But think of the skid marks on an iBook.

Danman 11:27 am 28 Mar 07

I suggest internal concealment of both bag and laptop – no one could call you a tight arse for valuing your possessions that way.

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