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Crackdown on deadly tobacco

By johnboy - 31 May 2006 62

Katy Gallagher’s launched a media blitz on smoking and smokers. She kicked off with a media release warning us how deadly tobacco can be in any form. She went on to list plans with which to oppress the vile smokers.

â–  Removal of Tobacco Act exemptions for tobacco advertising;
â–  Prohibition of smoking in outdoor dining/drinking areas;
â–  Prohibition of smoking on grounds of educational facilities;
â–  Prohibition of smoking in areas frequented by children;
â–  Community education and information programs.

The Canberra Times is going along for the ride.

It’s all quite amazing for a product which they still allow to be sold.

What’s Your opinion?

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62 Responses to
Crackdown on deadly tobacco
Les Whinin 2:30 pm 31 May 06

On footyboy’s wavelength, god forbid the time and money expended on all the draconian Government anti-smoking campaigns and policy development should be put into a worthwhile cause such as renewable energy to lessen our ~90% dependence on coal power and fossil fuel burning vehicles.

bonfire 2:17 pm 31 May 06

my complaint form is filled out ready to go to the human rights commissioner, a rather stern looking beson judging from the photo on the website.

I’ll report back on any response.

Thumper 2:05 pm 31 May 06


I’ve probably said this a thousand times and those who know me know that it is true. As a smoker I attempt to:

not allow smoke to drift all around people who are not smoking, and,

do not drop butts, packets and cellophane all around the countryside.

This is not about smoking/ non smoking, it’s about the draconian laws that Katy is proposing. fair dinkum, the way it’s going I’ll be banned from smoking in my own house, or backyard….

And I seriously think there are more important things the government could be doing….

And with that, I sign off from this discussion.


footyboy 1:58 pm 31 May 06

A new but stinky four wheel drive pulled up outside the cafe as I was savoring the last slurp of my caramel milkshake and the last puff of my cigarette. The vehicle was left idleing,the emissions wafting amongst the diners whilst the driver waited for a passenger pick up. On the back window was a faded smoking kills sticker.

Les Whinin 1:22 pm 31 May 06

(So long as they sensibly dispose of their ciggy butts, of course!)

Les Whinin 1:20 pm 31 May 06

Seriously, what is going on in our local Government? This requires a sternly worded email. *points and shakes finger*

If second hand cigarette smoke was such a danger (and a public priority to erradicate) then I would in fact have been dead many years ago. Both my parents are smokers, and I grew up inhaling second hand smoke from my father’s chain smoking habits.

I do not smoke myself, but if I am overly concerned with the level of smoke in a public place then I will leave. I say leave the smokers be.

Chris S 1:14 pm 31 May 06

As a non-smoker who is pissed off about two filthy habits of smokers:

* allowing their smoke to drift all around people who are not smoking

* dropping their butts, packets and cellophane all around the countryside (having done Cleanup Australia for many years, I’ve seen the huge piles of evidence)

I think young Katie is onto something.

The AAP news has just released a story from NZ:

“A Maori politician and self-confessed “anti-smoking nutter” today launched an ambitious campaign to have tobacco banned in New Zealand by 2010.
Maori Party MP Hone Harawira chose World Smokefree Day to unveil a five-pronged plan to make cigarettes illegal six years after the
nation’s pubs and restaurants became smoke-free.
“Tobacco kills 4,500 Kiwis every year. If that was any other product, it would be banned tomorrow,” Harawira said.
“This is about having the courage to throw out the murderers, and take back our future.”

bonfire 1:12 pm 31 May 06

I have found this form on the act human rights office website.

If you feel your human rights have been impinged upon, this is the complaint form.

how very canberran.

bonfire 1:07 pm 31 May 06

Does anyone care to accompany me to the assembly public area for a ciggarette.

im serious.

capt_benno 1:04 pm 31 May 06

Surely there are more important issues that require the publics attention as opposed to this one? Poverty, homelessness, literacy levels in school kiddies?

Want to stop smoking? Ban the bloody things you freaking idiots! Asking people to quit smoking if fine and admirable, but taxing the living f**k out of the product, while whinging about is precisely why many people think politicians are the spineless, unimaginitive b’stards, that my experience has unfortunately proven you all to be.

Yes, I do smoke, and your bleating only makes me want to smoke more.

Thumper 12:43 pm 31 May 06

“Prohibition of smoking in areas frequented by children”

Um, everywhere but TABs and Clubs and pubs, and children are not allowed in there anyway.

Does anyone else see the ridiculousness in this….

come on Katy, just make it an illegal substance with goal penalties for possession.

What? No? Would that be because of the voter backlash and loss of tax revenue?

Once again, pick the easy target and slap some more restrictions on them.


bonfire 12:07 pm 31 May 06

i like the bit about how they will consult to enure the draconian laws are enforced.

i wonder how my rights fare under these wowser laws.

i must consult the bill of rights, i feel my cultural practices are being jackbooted upon.

i would advise any smoker to vote against labour at the next election.

incl the 23 percent of young women.

Swaggie 11:56 am 31 May 06

Over the top,
Completely unenforceable,
Katy – you’ve lost the plot dear – big time.
(and I’m a non smoker)

Thumper 11:45 am 31 May 06

Changing goalposts young Toad….

Can you imagine standing outside a club at 2.00 in the morning with drunk patrons trying to bum smokes and lights etc.

The amount of brawls will increase immensely so the clubs and pubs will have to have extra staff as bouncers, whatever, to ensure that trouble doesn’t start.

Which it will.

barking toad 11:24 am 31 May 06

The pubs and clubs that have just spent a fortune on outdoor areas mainly for smokers may not be too happy. Some may not have bothered if they’d known about the latest measures.

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