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Crust Pizza Erindale

By marsbutton 26 May 2011 32

Whilst I have had many positive experiences with Crust, in fact I find their pizza delicious, tonight’s experience was anything but.

We sat down for the average Origin experience,that is, a couple of bevos and a pizza- delivered of course. Knowing full well Crust generally takes about an hour to deliver, we ordered to allow adequate time for the pizzas to be delivered at the start of the game. An hour and a half later and 15 mins into the game, still no pizza. After numerous phone calls before finally getting through to Crust we were informed that the pizza had left the store and was on its way but to call back in 20 mins if it hadn’t arrived. (Not that it should take 20 mins to deliver to Oxley from Erindale).

20 mins pass, still no pizza. After numerous further attempts to get through to Crust, we were informed, yet again, that yes our pizzas had left the store (again) and should arrive within 15 mins.

The pizzas arrived just as we were preparing to call the store and demand our money back, after all a pizza from Pizza Hut is better then no pizza at all from Crust, and by this time we were starving and would have eaten anything.

The delivery boy’s excuse for such tardiness was a shoulder shrug, grunt and “You know, Origin”.

And of course after all that the pizzas cold!

Based on our experience do not order a delivery from Crust on Origin night, in fact any night that may be vaguely busy, unless of course you allow a good 3 hours for delivery and don’t mind eating cold pizza.

[ED – one would think they could staff up for known busy nights]

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Crust Pizza Erindale
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MsCheeky 10:15 am 08 Jun 11

I make pizza at home, starting with the dough. Way superior product to anything you can buy. One of my favourites is marinated chicken, avocado and red onion with a ranch dressing that I’ve copied from Belluccis. The key to cooking them is to have a pizza stone (or two). Preheat that in the oven and slide your pizza on – ready in about 8 or 10 minutes. The pizza stones are available for about 10 bucks.

blowers 8:55 am 08 Jun 11

Only been to Crust twice. Not planning on returning as their service is ordinary and pizza is just like the one you can make at home with a bit of intelligence.

Jordo 8:47 am 08 Jun 11

There is a great divide in our family about the quality of crust, 90% think its the best thing ever, I tell them to go to APK, Italian restraunt, my house or a takeaway and see the diff, crust seems to me like your usual cheapo domino’s/pizza hut cardboard but ‘a little bit fancy’.

seanneko 4:06 pm 07 Jun 11

I’ve had a similar issue with Crust Braddon.

Ordered online and paid with credit card. About 45 minutes later, I get a call from some clueless girl who said that they had run out of a certain ingredient. I said fine, put this on it instead. She then tells me that that’s also run out. I ask what’s actually available, and she says “umm… the things that are on the menu”. Gee thanks, that helps a lot.

Told her to forget it and cancel the order, to which she said “we can’t do refunds, once you’ve paid then you can’t get the money back”. I’m well aware of what the law states in regards to things like this, but I really wasn’t in the mood to argue, so I went on their website and just chose something totally different.

Yet another store to add to my blacklist…

averagejoeaussie 11:08 pm 01 Jun 11

I can see where you are coming from but, hey man – origin night? One bad experience out of how many?

SELfor50 5:21 pm 30 May 11

Stock standard from Crust now unfortunately.. And at the end of the day, it seems like it’s gourmet pizza – but it’s not really. Everything is still mass produced and out of a packet that’s shipped to the franchisees….from what I hear. I’d still go APK any day – 100% made from scratch in the shop from fresh ingredients.

They just can’t seem to sustain the level of deliveries they get.

I decided to order from The Turkish Grill next door (who have just started home delivery!) on Origin night and couldn’t have been more happy. Food was delivered piping hot within the hour (and if you’ve seen how busy these guys get in-store takeaways that’s pretty good) and not only that, it was fresh and quality. Origin feast of pide’s and lamb & chicken skewers and rice was bloody great. Had half the food left over for lunch the next day too. Bang for buck, craps all over crustys.

WonderfulWorld 10:52 pm 27 May 11

Wow such an array of wonderful expressions and excuses.

Each person that decides on a delivery of Pizza, or takeaway in general, will have a different experience. It is almost like Man vs Wild and the first person to create such a doco will no doubt capture millions world wide in their audience, especially if there are rampid mouse issues.

Fliponout 1:16 pm 27 May 11

So funny this is what happened to us two weeks ago same word for word but we demanded our Money back and got after ringing the owner and was given our next order free..
And he’ll no we did not get delivery we picked up

Crust Erindale what a joke and full of lies to it customers whatba way to keep them

Antagonist 12:41 pm 27 May 11

I have had mixed experiences with Crust Erindale. Strictly pick-up and only order on a quiet night of the week. Watch out for olive pips if you like having teeth.

Buckaroo_Banzai 11:30 am 27 May 11

I had a similar experience with Crust Braddon. But it was a regular Saturday night. Ordered about $80 worth of pizza, paid with credit card (mistake!!). Was told it would be an hour. waited an hour and a half, rang up, got told another 20 mins. Rang up 30 mins after that. told another 10 mins. rang up again 20 mins later when it still hadn’t arrived, was told another 10 mins. I told them to cancel it and put the money back on my credit card. they assurred me they would. I asked to speak to the manager. he was ‘busy’. got reconfirmation they’d refund my credit card. once again they assured me they’d do it right away. 2 days later hadn’t happened. rang my bank and organised a chargeback. Crust is now on my ever growing retail Blacklist.

taninaus 7:25 am 27 May 11

He stated that he was drinking, and presumably paid for the privilege of having it delivered instead.

And given the above response, picking would not necessarily have made it any quicker!

You don’t pay for delivery with Crust (unless you haven’t discovered their website)!

I haven’t ever tested their delivery (I hate waiting), but I have had no problems with pick up – it is always ready when they say it will be at busy as well as slower times. As for quality Crust is streets ahead of the other name brands, not quite up to APK standards but comes close.

cleo 12:42 am 27 May 11

Sounds like the pizza boy watched the game lol

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