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Crying for Saddam on the front page of the CT

By johnboy - 7 November 2006 25

Well Done Canberra Times!

Not only have you done away with the local news section of your website. Not only have you filled up the paltry news page with stories about monkeys.

But you’ve also inflicted more Guardian Independent drivel on us courtesy of the dishonest and conflicted Robert Fisk (the man who declared that US forces must be lost because they couldn’t possibly be in Baghdad airport so quickly during the invasion).

Yes, terrible that Saddam’s going to swing. Bloody awful. Lucky nothing at all of any note happened in Canberra yesterday.

Incidentally, fans of Fisk can get his stuff online long before the CT has it on their doorstep.

What’s Your opinion?

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25 Responses to
Crying for Saddam on the front page of the CT
Thumper 8:19 am 08 Nov 06

Actually, I don’t hate them, they just scare the willies out of me.

I’d rather pick up a death adder

Thumper 8:19 am 08 Nov 06

A horse kicked me once.

I hate the f*ckers…

cranky 8:32 pm 07 Nov 06

Dear Lord, may Bush be allergic to Mogadon.

johnboy 8:21 pm 07 Nov 06

Personally I think the rules for heads of state should be quite different, and far harsher than for their citizens.

Let the fear of the noose keep them awake at night I say.

cranky 8:18 pm 07 Nov 06

Howard, Downer appear quite happy with the punishment dictated for Saddam. Words to the effect that other countries have diferent standards to us.

Remember that you turkeys when Indonesia trots out the Bali 9 to the firing squad! You won’t have a leg to stand on, you hypocritical @%*&*&!

Absent Diane 4:19 pm 07 Nov 06

long story.

vg 4:17 pm 07 Nov 06

Canberra Times. Shit journalism, shit fact application, shit paper.

smokey2 4:11 pm 07 Nov 06

Absent Diane why are you advocating equestrianicide? What have horses ever done to you?

Absent Diane 2:49 pm 07 Nov 06

execute everyone. especially horses.

bighead 2:37 pm 07 Nov 06

couldn’t we just ask Americans if they want bush to be executed?

S4anta 11:24 am 07 Nov 06

They probably should be asking the Iraqi’s who else needs to have a rope tied around their necks too.

Thumper 11:20 am 07 Nov 06

What is even sadder is the fact that the popular media seem to be asking anglo Australians about whether or not Saddam should be executed.

They should be asking Iraqis who escaped the regime. From what I’ve heard they are pretty happy about it all.

seepi 11:18 am 07 Nov 06

I actually thought the CT had improved a bit. Less enormous pictures taking up half a page and more real articles.

barking toad 10:36 am 07 Nov 06

These lefty ranting opinion pieces by the likes of Fisk disguised as a front page “news” report shit me to tears.

Unfortunately the new editor wants to turn the local rag into a subsidiary of the Melbourne Age with its lefty tree hugging hippie crap instead of reporting local news.

Ari 10:25 am 07 Nov 06


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