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CT sells out

Kerces 5 April 2006 29

Yesterday (4-APR-06) Canberra Times readers were confronted with the following image on the front page:

CT 4 April 2006

This was somewhat confusing as one would presume that people reading the Canberra Times already live in Canberra (or possibly Queanbeyan, but we’ll pretend they don’t exist for the moment).

Quite apart from that, looking at the pictures I would say it is nothing like a fair comparison of the two cities.

On the one hand we have a massive traffic jam, presumably full of people trying to get to work, and on the other we have two people, who are appraently not at work, cycling with not a road in sight. Keep in mind too this came only two days after the same newspaper had a big feature about the terrible traffic on Canberra’s roads, complete with photos of the two dozen or so cars at each of the intersections being discussed.

Anyway, this morning the reason for this bizarre front page was revealed. It turns out Jon Stanhope went to Sydney yesterday to spruik Canberra to residents of Campbelltown. This seems to have involved Mr Stanhope standing on a soapbox lecturing about the virtues of our fair city while his minions brandished copies of yesterday’s Canberra Times and thrust them upon unsuspecting Campbelltownions, as in the picture below (but Sharpe’s view of the event is also worth a look)

Stanhope in Sydney

Hang on…brandished copies of yesterday’s Canberra Times and thrust them upon unsuspecting Campbelltownions?

Looks like the CT did a deal with the government: you print this story we want and we’ll boost your circulation by several thousand. Never mind that it’s a once off boost, giving the papers out for free or to an area that isn’t likely ot translate into subscriptions — it’s all numbers to add to those falling figures that plague the paper.

This kind of thing sits quite uncomfortably with all the ethics the well-meaning journalism faculty has instilled me with, but then I’m not the one running the paper — hell, I don’t even work for them — so I guess if it sits ok with the acting editor then all is fine… maybe.

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29 Responses to CT sells out
Thumper Thumper 12:52 pm 07 Apr 06

In fact, with a bit of thought and planning, (are you listening Simon), Kingston foreshores could be built in a somewhat same way.

Pave the foreshores, have coffee shops, restaurants, novelty shops, boutique shops in the buildings. Have the Kingston markets there a bit like Hobart’s Salamanca markets, put in a few wharves and buy an old boat for a floating restaurant.

Also have the ferry’s leaving from there linking to the NMA, the visitors centre on the hill on the northern side of the lake (can’t remember its name), maybe another wharf near ANZAC Parade, etc.

Make the whole area roomy with restaurants looking out onto the water. In fact, why not build another wharf with restaurants, coffee shops, etc on it.

You could also run boats from there through Jerrabomerra wetlands.

A bit of co-operation from governments (Federal and Territory) and private industry could see the place a real tourist venue as well as being a popular spot for Canberrans.

Thumper Thumper 12:46 pm 07 Apr 06

I like Darling harbour. I just don’t like getting there or getting out.

GnT GnT 12:43 pm 07 Apr 06

Growling Ferret – I like your comment.

What else I don’t like about Sydney:
-driving in narrow lanes
-taking an hour to get from here to there
-one way streets and no right turns

However, having quite a lot of family living there, I would argue that it’s not completely full of stuck up gits etc.

Sydney – a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there.

boomacat boomacat 9:41 pm 06 Apr 06

Bananas are yellow

annie annie 2:42 pm 06 Apr 06

Ferret, it’s obviously a conspiracy to rid Sydney of its undesirable elements. Why else pick Campbelltown?

Also, roccon, I like the cut of your jib. But keep in mind, Goulburn and Yass don’t want the Cambo ferals either.

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 1:13 pm 06 Apr 06

What do I like about Canberra.

1. I can’t see the air I breathe.
2. Peak half hour
3. Ease of travel
4. 4 seasons
5. It takes less time to get to the beach than it would if I lived in the Greater West of Sydney.
6. I feel safe

What do I like about Sydney?
1. Hume Highway heading south.

What don’t I like about Canberra
1. Not that close to a beach
2. Peak half hour now exists
3. Canberra being the generic term for Federal Parliament

What I don’t like about Sydney
1. Air quality
2. Congestion
3. Cost of living
4. The fact is full of stuck up gits who deserve the pollution/cost of living/gun crime/attitude they get…

Can someone let me know why Canberra needs to artificially boost population anyway???

Absent Diane Absent Diane 12:54 pm 06 Apr 06

theboo – there is no credibility in commercial stations current affairs programs anyway…. the less people that watch that crap that come here the better… (im back in canberra for the third time after living interstate…)

bonfire bonfire 12:32 pm 06 Apr 06

nsw politics is all about sydney. infrastructure – sydney.
housing – sydney.
unemployment – sydney.

if i was a nsw voter, i’d be unimpressed.

im opposed to the sydney campaign as i like canberra being more civilised and less vulgar than sydney.

theboo theboo 11:39 am 06 Apr 06

Well said. Canberra has copped way more than it’s fair share of shit from people of influence in the states, Federal Govt and the media. The worst example I can recall was back in the early 90s when 60 Minutes did a report on Canberra. I’ll never forget Richard Carleton driving down Mugga Way telling his audience that “This is the way Canberrans live, in a typical Canberra Suburb”. It was such a load of horse shit. Carleton is a pompous ass, and has been pissing me off for a long time. It was unforgiveable. It gave people a bad impression of Canberra, and was totally unnecessary.
This is a city which is seriously on the move, expanding rapidly with many opportunities and a great lifestyle.
LIke many Canberrans, in the 90s I did the whole move to Sydney thing, thinking it would be a more exciting place with an awesome lifestyle. I didn’t even last a year before moving back, and will always remember the relief I felt driving back over the hill and seeing the tower on Black Mtn.

Maelinar Maelinar 11:33 am 06 Apr 06

Hahahaha, lol, rotfl…

There is no NSW outside Sydney, it’s a barren wasteland populated by nomadic roadgangs and Mad Max.

Well, that’s the Sydney viewpoint anyway.

That would make the ACT a kind of ‘Thunderdome’, although we call our diplay of vehicular might ‘Summernats’ instead of ‘The Death Rink’.

roccon roccon 11:06 am 06 Apr 06

Mr Iemma,

Canberra’s labour shortage: Instead of defending Sydney and knocking down Canberra in the press, why not promote Queanbeyan, Yass, Goulburn and Cooma and surrounding areas.

Get people moving to these areas and away from Sydney and the coastal areas which have population pressures. There is plenty of work in the ACT and the local region. I think the NSW Govt. have forgotten there is a large part of NSW down here that receives little infrastructure investment or promotion.

I find it shameful and worrying that we are treated as second-class citizens in this part of NSW. Roads are poor, communications are poor. The hospitals are understaffed and underfunded. Cooma hospital has great facilities but no one uses them…what’s the point. The NSW Govt. shhould take responsibility for this part of NSW and treat its people with respect.

Les Whinin Les Whinin 10:55 am 06 Apr 06

The last thing I want is for Canberra to become more like Sydney. Not because I fear change, but because I fear congestion, pollution, violence and everything else associated with the greater western portion of Sydney.

Thumper Thumper 9:46 am 06 Apr 06

After spending 20 years of my life living all around Australia and the world, I came to Canberra and decided that I liked it.

And so I stayed.

Maelinar Maelinar 9:32 am 06 Apr 06

Iemma the Dillema summed it up quite nicely I thought, Canberra is a quaint little country town. I like quaint little country towns, and I’m sure most Sydneysiders would too.

This is not an invitation however.

Special G Special G 9:32 am 06 Apr 06

Good call Stella about utilising the lake more. A bit of waterskiing wouldn’t go astray. Or switch Lake Ginninderra into a waterskiing lake – no one uses it for anything else.

Draw people down to the lake shores. I seem to remember a plan for City West with that type of thig on it linking the City with the shores around to the National Museum.

I had a subscription to the CT a while ago. I spread it out on my back garden beds and put mulch on it.

jamius maximus jamius maximus 9:23 am 06 Apr 06

Have you seen that the Canberra Times now has ads on TV calling for subscriptions? A prominent feature of the ads are, you guessed it, circulation figures.

Ralph Ralph 9:01 am 06 Apr 06

Campbelltownies…….pack your Toranas.

Unfortunately the only cardigan wearing types likely to take up Stanhopes invitation are librarians and primary school teachers. We have enough twats as it is.

geebug geebug 10:27 pm 05 Apr 06

it’s a sheep paddock with a city attached- but it’s ok- Canberra- I feel needs to find it’s own identity- enough with the flower shows and the random ‘nanna stuff’- it is unique- just needs to to find a voice- as a ex sydney sider- why oh why would you want the people of Cambelltown in Canberra? We have Queanbeyan…

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 9:28 pm 05 Apr 06

Corruption in editorials Johnboy? No way, this *is* the CT here.

Maybe your tinfoil hat didn’t completely cover your scone.

boomacat boomacat 8:26 pm 05 Apr 06

There’s no way of comparing Sydney and Canberra. Sydney is a proper city with a population exceeding 4 million people and Canberra is a country town with less than 350,000. These situations both have their costs and benefits, ie Sydney has more life, Canberra is quieter with more space.

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