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Cube victim named – Former Raider’s junior – Nato (David) Seuala

By johnboy - 8 August 2006 21

The Canberra Times has named the dead victim of the stabbing outside Cube.

It’s the former Raider’s junior, Nato (David) Seuala.

“The Canberra Times has learned Seuala was a former member of the Canberra Raiders under-21 squad and had also worked as a personal trainer… “His career goal is to play rugby union for Samoa and become a professional sportsperson.”

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21 Responses to
Cube victim named – Former Raider’s junior – Nato (David) Seuala
gwen 10:05 pm 14 Aug 06

will come to Rao
he deserves to rott in jail he is pure evil
he assault my son inside the cube night club just for sitting on his seat, Rao kicked him in the head and my son got 5 stitches. Rao should go away to jail for a long time especially for murder. I agree with toby he didn’t accidentally bring the knife to the fight. He had intent to harm….to kill!! bRao be locked up for life!
Its a petty the AFP don’t check on past assaults and charge with the lot
Go to jail Rao for a long time and I hope you get in jail. you are evil

snahon 9:08 am 10 Aug 06

with you all the way boomacat – earl grey ?

toby101375 10:17 pm 09 Aug 06

There is no need to speculate the facts at hand speak for themselves.

The police had video evidence which was enough to charge Rao with bodily harm which is now upgraded to murder.

Notice its murder not manslaughter. He didn’t accidentally bring the knife to the fight. He had intent to harm….to kill!!


boomacat 9:45 pm 09 Aug 06

Agree Snahon, you never know how quickly a seemingly minor conflict can escalate to serious violence, best walk away (if you can) and enjoy a nice cup of tea somewhere quiet

Macca 5:57 pm 09 Aug 06

Oh no not the same comments again! Speculation of what was right/wrong? Who did what and what they shouldn’t have done? And “if it was me I would have/wouldn’t have done”? Statements are well and good but I would hold back on any personal judgement until the whole “facts” are revealed in court.

It’s getting into the realms of “A Current Affair” trial by media.
Okay facts are fighting is bad, knives are bad ……mehkay!

Any situation like this is unpredictable in that those involved reactions to and the responsibility of their actions cannot be judged by mere speculation.

I’ve heard different information from different sources on this matter, some that conflict with each other and with what was stated by the media. Like JB said let’s see what comes out in court.

Absent Diane 4:13 pm 09 Aug 06

ps people can die from punch ups.

Absent Diane 4:11 pm 09 Aug 06

if I was being attacked by people I would use what ever means possible.

tallian 4:08 pm 09 Aug 06

Brawling is bad enough, but what the hell motivates someone to pull out a knife and use it on another person. I reckon people caught carrying knives in public places deserve a couple of years just for that act, let alone what they get for the damage they do with them.

snahon 12:39 pm 09 Aug 06

and the morale of the story is – in this day and age it is best to avoid conflict with anyone and everyone at nite clubs cause you just may not live to regret it.

Hypo 9:59 am 09 Aug 06


I agree with Johnboy here. I was there and witnessed the entire thing and unfortunately will be required as a witness should this end up at court.

It was a horrible thing, no-one deserved to die, but there was violence from both groups of people involved. The court will decide who is to be held responsible, there is nothing to be gained on this forum saying one person was a good person or an arsehole based on rumour, conjecture or even past experience with individuals involved.

Mr Evil 9:59 am 09 Aug 06

I know a lot of good blokes who can be real c*nts when they’ve had a few beers too many.

johnboy 9:48 am 09 Aug 06

Let’s see what comes out in court.

simto 9:22 am 09 Aug 06

Look, many people are lovely, friendly people in most of their lives. But they make one mistake that hurts them for ages – possibly fatally. I’ve known one or two people who have had their worst exploits described on this site – just because I knew and liked them, doesn’t mean that I can’t believe that they’d show sides of themselves elsewhere, in other circumstances, that were less flattering.

And similarly – just because the guy at Cube is, allegedly, an asshole, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t genuinely regret killing a bloke. Not merely for fear of punishment, but also because it’s a horrible thing to have done, no matter whether out of fear or rage.

I find it really difficult to take sides on this one. Something really horrible has happened. And just saying “oh, that bloke’s an asshole, that bloke’s a saint, punish the asshole” seems to simplify it an awful lot.

dusty 8:43 am 09 Aug 06

My son knew him, he was a good bloke. Top footy player too, my condolences to his family. The guy at the Cube was a well known asshole apparently.

TAD 9:38 pm 08 Aug 06

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