Cup day Canberra style

Kerces 7 November 2006 75

I ventured down to the Thoroughbred Racecourse today to see the frocks, hats and copious amounts of alcohol which Canberrans brought out to celebrate the day of the Race That Stops The Nation.

There were quite a lot of people carting bottles of champagne around. The bar tents had signs saying limit of four drinks per person, but it was unclear how full size champagne bottles fit into this limit. This is Luke and Nikki.

Race day

As the fashionistas predicted, many of the frocks were in black and white, although there was still an awful lot of colour around the place. This is Tammy, Lauren and Sarah.

Race day

Polka dots were also a strong feature, in all colours. Note also the dress second from the right — it crops up later on. This is Vicki, Nikki, Kelly and Emma.

Race day

Despite appearances, this is actually a dress (on Tahnee) not a jumpsuit. I didn’t see any jumpsuits all day. Most of the men were reasonably dressed up. This is Ryano, Leroy, Clydie, Pete and Tahnee (apparently).

Race day

I had heard that fascinators were out this year, but this was not at all evident on the Canberra racecourse. This is Kirsty, Mim and Keith.

Race day

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75 Responses to Cup day Canberra style
Danman Danman 7:39 pm 09 Nov 06

Indi – I could do that for you – just remunerate me appropriately.

Indi Indi 4:47 pm 09 Nov 06

ps. gotta love a girl who matches nail polish with outfit!

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:43 pm 09 Nov 06

I wasn’t hugged enough as a child – that’s why I slag everyone off now.

But ultimately, the Police are to blame for everything that has ever happened to me.

Indi Indi 4:37 pm 09 Nov 06

Dear Vicki and Emma

I do stand by my post: ‘deep down inside lurks the bogan in all of us…come on, lighten up!’

The whole point of the dribbling going on seems that basically we might just be jealous that you had the ‘day off’ to enjoy an event that you like which is going to the gg’s. It could have been the Chariots or the Dishlickers and you still would have been paid out…

You young ladies genuinely looked lovely and certainly appear like you enjoyed the day out – don’t take it all to heart, ppl are just taking the mickey!

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:34 pm 09 Nov 06

Eye luvs everieone and everiethink in the wurld, esps all them peoples on this bloug.

Piece anf three luv to youse all.

Youse chiks is hot – what starsighns is youse?

Thumper Thumper 4:33 pm 09 Nov 06


So I did, but both spellings are acceptable….

bonfire bonfire 4:32 pm 09 Nov 06

hmmm i wonder if frenchie owns a monkeybike ?

her writing style is surprisingly similar to a visitor the blog had last year…

terubo terubo 4:31 pm 09 Nov 06

4 girls actually, BK: the lawyer wot can’t spell, Nikki with a novel way to keep the dress up, Kelly who’s wearing the same shoes as Sarah in the previous pic; and frenchie (Emma) who claims “my fun might be a rough 4 u”.
-All gorgeous.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 4:30 pm 09 Nov 06

danman – I am guilty of that as well. its a terrible addiction.

Smackbang Smackbang 4:30 pm 09 Nov 06

Oh my god Thumper! Did you misspell “isthmus”?! How dare you!!

bonfire bonfire 4:30 pm 09 Nov 06

frenchie – you telegraph to the world your embrace of boganism by deliberatley using poor writing skills to defend yourself.

im sure you went to school, perhaps all the way to the third form.

you must remember spelling.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 4:29 pm 09 Nov 06

thanks mate. now I just got a bloody craving for a cold beer. and am stuck at work. nice one.

see I told you no one is ever nice here.

but seriously thanks for the idea 🙂

Danman Danman 4:29 pm 09 Nov 06

I would just like to announce that I am a loser.
I just got home and had to rush to check RA –

simto simto 4:28 pm 09 Nov 06

We’re on the kindergarten stage of the dating cycle, though – first we insult you for a while, then we hit on you.

Ah, romance, Riotact style…

Thumper Thumper 4:27 pm 09 Nov 06

Um, I’ve run out of things to say and I can hear a cold beer calling my name like a siren on a cold windswept ismuth somewhere in the Orkneys.

Danman Danman 4:26 pm 09 Nov 06

sheilas Bk, Sheilas

Battle_Kath Battle_Kath 4:23 pm 09 Nov 06


however it’s hilarious watching you guys make fools of yourselves…swooning over a couple of girls…. please continue!

Thumper Thumper 4:22 pm 09 Nov 06

I am…..


Absent Diane Absent Diane 4:20 pm 09 Nov 06

No one is ever nice to anyone here… it’s half the fun.

terubo terubo 4:18 pm 09 Nov 06

Maybe there’s money to made, turning RA into a dating agency?

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