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cycle paths

By lenny - 27 December 2006 32

I was lucky enough to get a nice bike for christmas, and as I have never owned a bike dont really have any idea were any good tracks are. I was after some suggestions of good rides in canberra, pref not too hilly because i am not really that fit…
Any suggestions
Also were can I get some info on Cyclist rights on Canberra roads?

[ED – I don’t know, as a net savvy RiotACTer I’d start by doing a google search then looking here and here at Pedal Power but that’s just me…]

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32 Responses to
cycle paths
Snarky 10:17 am 28 Dec 06

Use the bike paths or use the road – you’re entitled to use either provided you obey the rules.

Hasdrubahl, the bike path round the lake is pretty good, but like all bike paths its a dual purpose path too. If you’re out training you’ll frequently come across pedestrians and joggers out there iPodded up and oblivious to their surroundings.

Pedestrians are much more like drivers in that their sense of responsibility to others stops about an arms length from their face – just like car drivers they cannot be trusted to be aware of anything else around them, or even to be able to navigate their vehicle (car or pram) in a safe fashion.

In this situation it’s safer for all concerned to ride on the road.

I know there’s not much love on RiotAct for cyclists in general, but we’re generally aware of what’s happening around us, even when some of fools choose to act like dickheads on the road. We know there’s a lot more fuckwits in cars than on bikes, and car driving fuckwits even like to joke about killing and maiming others. Go figure, eh?.

VYBerlinaV8_now with 9:52 am 28 Dec 06

I don’t think people would mind cyclists on the road if they took advantage of the bike path system more.

Danman 9:28 am 28 Dec 06

I ride my bike 10km every day from Ngunnawal around yerrabi pond and back – bikepaths all the way.

I hate the fuckers that use the road when there is perfectly usable bike path adjacent. If i cn – I dunno why they can not – I can ride from Ngunnawal to LYons entirely on bike paths and pedestrian paths. I especially hate when they run red lights all the way up gunghalin drive – then have the audacity to demand the same rights as motorised vehicle users. Fuck those fucking fucks 🙂

Ralph 8:45 am 28 Dec 06


VYBerlinaV8_now with 8:44 am 28 Dec 06

I think we should call hunting season open, eh Ralph?

Ralph 8:16 am 28 Dec 06

Oh, and don’t forget your lycras with obscure euroland advertising.

Ralph 8:15 am 28 Dec 06

Yep that’s right, ride along the road when there is a perfectly good bike path running paralel to it. Also ride 4 abreast with your mates on the roads too. And go right ahead and ride out onto pedestrian crossings, cars will stop for you.

VYBerlinaV8_now with 8:02 am 28 Dec 06

Just don’t do what I’ve seen lots of cyclists do in Canberra where they ride on a road right next to a bike path. That shits me. And yes, I am a cyclist too.

Hasdrubahl 7:41 am 28 Dec 06

Hitting cyclists also ruins my tyres…

J Dawg 11:40 pm 27 Dec 06

Braking so you don’t hit a cyclist ruins my cars tyres.

(Couldn’t resist)

lenny 10:11 pm 27 Dec 06

apparently the paths are pretty crappy and they ruin the bikes tyres?
well so the guy at the bike shop told me…

Hasdrubahl 10:02 pm 27 Dec 06

Well said gurunik. Can’t understand why cyclists use the Alexandrina Drive roadway when there’s a cycle track just a few yards away. Is there a good reason for this?

gurunik 8:44 pm 27 Dec 06

just stay out of traffic. use the bike paths this city is blessed with.
i wont get started……….

Snarky 8:36 pm 27 Dec 06

Without knowing your level of fitness Lenny, I’d start off round any of the lakes.

Gininderra is about 5km around, and if you go clockwise you’ll avoid one very short but evilly steep climb up to the path alongside Gininderra Drive. Should take no more than 15-20 mins.

Tuggeranong is flat all way round. Also about 5km and a very good run.

Burley Griffin offers rides from a very easy 5 km (circuit across Commonwealth Ave and Kings Ave bridges), about 17km around the western end from Commonwealth Ave bridge, also a very good path, or about 15km for the eastern end again from Commonwealth Avenue bridge. Not quite as good a path – through the Jerrabombera wetlands is a bit of a goat track, and you have to ride along Wentworth Ave in Kingston because they haven’t reopened the lakeside path through there yet, but a nice flat ride. Or do the whole lake circuit – about 30km total.

For a beginning challenge try Mount Pleasant. The ride up Northcott from Russell is a bugger, but once you’re into Duntroon the ride up the mountain itself is pretty easy, and you get a terrific view at the top, ‘specially if you’re a Brand Depot fan.

Unfortunately the nicest country ride I know that’s not too steep isn’t open any more – out to Tharwa (well, once you’re past Banks) is a really nice road. But at the moment it’s literally a cow paddock from Lanyon on.

Oh, and if you have lights I *highly* reccommend a night ride down the path beside Bindubi Street from Aranda. No-one around, no street lighting at all and the chance to spotlight a few ‘roos and bunnies at the bottom of a wild, bendy ride all the way down to the lake. I genuinely enjoy this ride – the ride back up is the only drawback.

joeyjo 8:21 pm 27 Dec 06
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