Dad is turning 60! Where’s a good venue in Canberra?

katiecustard 9 April 2013 21

Hi all,

Was just after any suggestions for any good venues for my father’s 60th. I am after any good venue suggestions but as well as clubs, pubs or bar rooms I was wondering if any of you had been or hired yourself like a hall or something and brought in caterers?

Its still early but thought I’d start researching it now. His birthday is in late spring as well so it won’t be too cold.

All suggestions appreciated.


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21 Responses to Dad is turning 60! Where’s a good venue in Canberra?
zllauh zllauh 5:41 pm 21 Jan 15

Hi Mate,

Was attending a BBQ party at the Belco lake, saw few people having fun in sumo suits.

Not sure how adventurous your dad is , but i guess it would be fun !

Not sure but i would assume it was some thing like this mob –

dustytrail dustytrail 3:04 pm 09 Apr 13

Does your Dad want a 60th Party? Have you asked him? Turning 60 is not really a big deal (turning 100 is though).

Perhaps if you want to celebrate, just a nice Dinner at a good Restaurant somewhere around town that can cater for, say, 20 people (or less)? Or does someone you know have a large table and get the Caters in? How many people are you anticipating as guests?

BimboGeek BimboGeek 2:44 pm 09 Apr 13

Buying for a 60yo dad with everything he needs and wants is easy because happy people have hobbies and interests.

Try: Art, concert tickets, dinner in the country, a puppy/kitty, top shelf alcoholic beverage he will enjoy for a long time, subscription, a barbecue, fishing trip, it all depends what he likes!

Ate Ate 2:29 pm 09 Apr 13

Along the same lines as the OP’s question. My dad is also turning 60 this year. Does anyone have any brilliant suggestions for a present my siblings and I could buy him. Its hard to buy for someone that has everything and wants nothing. Some background info on the greatest man in my life – he is retired and lives on the North Coast, owns a boat, and a kayak, goes walking every day and fishing most days,has already been in a hot air balloon, climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge and gone deep sea fishing. I would really love some original ideas (he wont consider sky diving), price isnt too much of an issue within reason.

Deref Deref 2:02 pm 09 Apr 13

The George Harcourt does a great party.

Farlap Farlap 11:56 am 09 Apr 13

Canberra Bowling Club in Forrest is a great venue for under 200 people. Reasonable prices to hire and your choice of having the club provide a bbq meal and salads, or organise your own catering. You can organise your own DJ/band/jukebox, the club is very friendly and flexible.

Call 6295 2508 or drop in and see Mark or Pedro behind the bar for more details. Your choice whether to include barefoot bowls in the package or not. Hobart Ave Forrest or see their website below:

ceejbee ceejbee 11:52 am 09 Apr 13

My parents had there 60th at Gallaghers Winery in Murrumbateman and hired a bus to get everyone to/from. It was nice.

tjsw tjsw 11:42 am 09 Apr 13

I highly recommend the Southern Cross boat for canapes, drinks, buffet dinner and 3 hour cruise around the lake. We did it for my dad’s 60th on the weekend and even though it rained, it was beautiful. He had about 60 on board and there was plenty of room, and food to go round.

Ben_Dover Ben_Dover 11:25 am 09 Apr 13

How’s his heart? Strip club or lap dancing bar.

Rawhide Kid Part3 Rawhide Kid Part3 9:51 am 09 Apr 13

I don’t know if they start up in late spring, but how about a Dinner cruise on the lake.

BimboGeek BimboGeek 9:37 am 09 Apr 13

That’s the Canberra Meeting Planners’ Guide. It gives all the technical info on the main venues around town and a bunch of dribble about why you should have your event in Canberra. That last part is because convention bureaux from different cities actually compete for big meetings and provide staff who join the planning process as advisers – so they are actually selling themselves.

But you’re just after some venue ideas and technical info so just flick ahead a few pages to the bit with all the capacities and descriptions and you might find something nice. You can call the venue directly and ask what kind of packages they have available.

Without knowing anything, I’d suggest that the older Barton venues (Brassey, Kurrajong, Press Club) still provide great service, are less expensive than the current hip places and because they were hot when the oldies were younger they are excited to go back there (or never stopped going and still love it).

bundah bundah 9:28 am 09 Apr 13

johnboy said :

Pretty sure they have an elevator.

Yep i’ve had many hilarious moments in their elevator!

Jungle Jim Jungle Jim 9:27 am 09 Apr 13

It’s not quite the same age, but we held my dad’s 80th at the Yarralumla nursery about 8 years ago. From memory their catering was top notch and we had about 20-30 guests.

watto23 watto23 9:24 am 09 Apr 13

I recently took my mum to HK fpr her 60th as she didn’t want a party. Point is despite my parents not being overly fit a few flights of stairs in general should not be an issue for a 60 yo.

that said I met a 71 yr old last year travelling the silk road who could do backflips!

Pitchka Pitchka 9:19 am 09 Apr 13

bundah said :

Pitchka said :


Come on farken, 60 is the new 40!

According to my father, 60 is the new 25…

Pitchka Pitchka 9:17 am 09 Apr 13

bundah said :

The third floor of the uni pub has a functions room.

Probably not ‘friendly’ for those who have weak hips, sore knees and arthritis.

bundah bundah 9:14 am 09 Apr 13

Pitchka said :


Come on farken, 60 is the new 40!

bundah bundah 9:11 am 09 Apr 13

The third floor of the uni pub has a functions room.

Pitchka Pitchka 9:09 am 09 Apr 13


BimboGeek BimboGeek 9:04 am 09 Apr 13

Numbers/budget would help.

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