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Dead body found in Kambah

By Cameron - 19 December 2005 22

Just caught on a WIN news update the sad news that the body of a man was found in Kambah this morning.

Has anyone heard anything else about this?

What’s Your opinion?

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22 Responses to
Dead body found in Kambah
Vic Bitterman 8:00 pm 19 Dec 05

You have some serious issues and aggression pent up there Maelinar. Maybe a psychologist can assist you to deal with them?

Kudos to Sam to citing his source.

bonfire 5:24 pm 19 Dec 05

SGS – i think you are doing the right thing by citing your source.

If you do go on a date with lurkergal, remember to spray urine on yourself first. she prefers that to aftershave.

bulldog 5:00 pm 19 Dec 05

Bahaha! Nice one Mael.

Not far from my house. I wonder if I can expect a call from the AFP in two or three months asking if I heard or saw anything suspicous on the night of December 18 between 9:00pm and midnight….

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 4:41 pm 19 Dec 05

Mael, you’re right, when I say “heard on the radio” it usually does mean I heard it on that station. I just find it funny that nobody gets annoyed at me when I cite the ABC or anyone else for that matter. The reason I often say “heard on the radio” is to try and avoid people changing the subject into an anti-particular radio station rant. Sometimes, when I think it is the right thing to do (especially when repeating the majority of a news report) I will cite my source(s). If you have a problem with that, then don’t read my comments.

Mael, I like you, I think you’re a pretty decent person, but surely you have better things to do with your time than complain about people citing sources.

kimba 4:30 pm 19 Dec 05

Don’t be homophobic Lurker…it could be a boyfriend!

“anything suspicious around the nearby Burns Club”….there’s always something suspicious around that club!

LurkerGal 4:25 pm 19 Dec 05

For Christ’s sake Sam. Get a frigging girlfriend.

LurkerGal 4:22 pm 19 Dec 05

Love your work Mael. Love your work.

Maelinar 4:22 pm 19 Dec 05

Wh2CCat argumen2CC woul2CC th2CCt be ?

Can2CC you men2CCtion 2CC any more of2CCten ?

Unfortunately for us the everybody else who reads this website, your persistance at plugging 2CC at every opportunity is a bit onerous. I’d hazard to say if you mentioned “I heard on the radio”, we’d all be safe to assume that you meant 2CC.

Not that I have a thing with you mentioning 2CC at every opportunity, I personally like to take the piss out of a certain pig who’s snout is in a public house at every opportunity I get.

I merely observed that the information was already out there, it wasn’t necessary to know from whom (without being a brown noser).

Cameron 4:07 pm 19 Dec 05

Thanks for the info Sam.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 4:05 pm 19 Dec 05

Alrighty then, the information to hand is that somebody walking a dog found the body on Kambah oval at around 6am (che wins an unknown prize!). The man is described as being in his early 20’s and has suffered “injuries”, police won’t say if they contributed to his death. Police are urging anyone who saw anything suspicious around the nearby Burns Club (for some reason) to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or your local police station.

This is my summary of information heard during a 2CC news report and may not be a perfect version of events.

Mael, I’m not willing to have that argument again, I reserve the right to cite my sources.

Maelinar 3:49 pm 19 Dec 05

I’m happy not to hear the 2CC report Sam.

che 3:47 pm 19 Dec 05

I bet it was someone walking their dog who found him

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 3:20 pm 19 Dec 05

All I remember of the 2CC report is that the body was found at 6am. When they run the story again I’ll update you.

kimba 3:20 pm 19 Dec 05

Yes….it’s a dead body!

LurkerGal 2:37 pm 19 Dec 05

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