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Deb Foskey shocked at better uses found for her old home.

By johnboy - 6 April 2006 54

Some people just don’t know when to leave things alone. Usually that person is me. This time it’s Deb Foskey who should be enjoying getting out of the PR nightmare of being a public figure on a high income using public housing resources.

Instead she’s come back to the well to tell us of her outrage that her crappy old house in Yarralumla has been sold.

It was always a disgrace that valuable land was being used to keep two people in the style they preferred to be accustomed to, while others slept on the street.

It would be nice if resources allowed ACT Housing (or whatever they call themselves this week) to keep properties in all postcodes. But given a choice of a few living in the inner south while others sleep in their cars, or more cheap properties, I know which one I’d pick. Heartless bastard that I am.

What’s Your opinion?

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54 Responses to
Deb Foskey shocked at better uses found for her old home.
Thumper 9:56 am 07 Apr 06

Craig Duby?

Bernard Collaery?

Man, have we had some classics.

And good old Stevo….

Trevor Caine….

Ah, the good old days. At least Foskey brings some insanity to it all…

kimba 9:52 am 07 Apr 06

There has been some goose MLAs over the years but Nanny McFoskey is certainly Mother Goose.

terubo 9:38 am 07 Apr 06

Cowardice. Bring back military service, for guys & gals too. Let’s put some backbone into the pissweak pollies who claim to represent us: Libs, Greens and all the other commies too! Harrumph!

johnboy 9:38 am 07 Apr 06

Bitter experience I would imagine.

What would be interesting would be if they had the comments open to paid up members if the party but open to the public.

Thumper 9:34 am 07 Apr 06

That’s not really hard to work out why is it terubo….

terubo 9:30 am 07 Apr 06

Why do they put “Comments Closed” on their website, presumably before anyone has a chance to comment?

Ari 9:07 am 07 Apr 06

Foskey and her housing – what’s the saying?

“Like a dog returning to its vomit.”

Care to put us all straight, RolandGRNS?

Special G 9:06 am 07 Apr 06

She would have had the option to buy the house from ACT Govt instead of moving out anyway.

Indi 9:02 am 07 Apr 06

Statements like “public housing increasingly limited to the “deserving poor”” leave me puzzled about the Green’s ideological stance on housing as a human right.

So…they have come to the realisation that social housing is increasingly being offered to the people who need to access it as a priority, yet still don’t believe it is better for any govt to sell a single property (and perhaps pick up two more) in order to house more needy people like..mmm, the homeless, people with varied needs and those on low incomes or govt payments instead of the well-to-do middle classes who are not able to provide for themselves and just want to muddle along in public housing.

Throughout this saga, I wonder what the Minister for Housing thought about all of this?

Sssanta 8:58 am 07 Apr 06

When will this woman learn to shut up? and i thought i had foot in mouth disease. sheesh

Thumper 8:39 am 07 Apr 06

Ah, it was all a conspiracy by developers.

Of course, by Foskeyesque logic, that makes me a developer. Time for the tin foil hats again and watch out whilst standing under a fruit loop tree.

Mike Jefferies (sp?) on radio SGS was claiming all credit this morning for Foskey moving out of the ACT rental propery.

I would not say that he deserves all the credit but he did push the issue very hard. Thus it would seem that through concerted media awareness and critisism of Foskey’s stance, a logical and sensible outcome was finally reached, even if Stanhope Inc wouldn’t do anything.

TAD 7:53 am 07 Apr 06

“The past year has seen a concentred campaign by developers against public housing in central suburbs” Dr Foskey said today.“The attacks on me while I was still living in my Government home were a part of that push.”

Yes Deb, our critisism of you was due to our support of your house being levelled to build townhouses.

Thumper 7:42 am 07 Apr 06

From the planet Koosbane…..

vg 9:20 pm 06 Apr 06

Irrelevant piffle

Vic Bitterman 9:12 pm 06 Apr 06

foskey is pathetic. The greens must cringe everytime she opens her mouth.

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