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Home loans made clear

Deb Foskey shocked at better uses found for her old home.

By johnboy 6 April 2006 54

Some people just don’t know when to leave things alone. Usually that person is me. This time it’s Deb Foskey who should be enjoying getting out of the PR nightmare of being a public figure on a high income using public housing resources.

Instead she’s come back to the well to tell us of her outrage that her crappy old house in Yarralumla has been sold.

It was always a disgrace that valuable land was being used to keep two people in the style they preferred to be accustomed to, while others slept on the street.

It would be nice if resources allowed ACT Housing (or whatever they call themselves this week) to keep properties in all postcodes. But given a choice of a few living in the inner south while others sleep in their cars, or more cheap properties, I know which one I’d pick. Heartless bastard that I am.

What’s Your opinion?

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54 Responses to
Deb Foskey shocked at better uses found for her old home.
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jube 2:04 pm 08 Apr 06

and should probably say, I was paying $195/wk before the initial increase

jube 2:01 pm 08 Apr 06

‘Housing ACT believes it does charge market rent to those playing full rent. It has mechanisms in place to assess it, and a lot to gain by charging as much as possible.’

Roland, Housing ACT a few years ago took it upon themsleves to do an across the board review, gaining special dispensation from the Minister (then Bill Wood) to go above and beyoind the rental increases allowed and bring rents into line with ‘market’. The funny thing about this is for the 12 square brick box in Latham I was renting then got increased to $260/wk, so I moved to the private market and got a 13.5 square house in Macgregor (which traditionally has higher rents than Latham) for $245/wk. The govt house was just the house, albeit on a large block. The private house was also on a large block, with a 4-car garage, landscaping, better carpeting etc etc. Dr Foskey appears to have missed this little ‘blip’……

barking toad 11:55 pm 07 Apr 06

“It’s all a team effort in this office”

You all take responsibility for those press releases? Shared stupidity?

Or does it mean, like in footy speak, “the coach has the full support of the committee”.

vg 11:46 pm 07 Apr 06

‘Team effort’ in the Greens is like left faction in the Canberra ALP. Irrelevant.

Then again if its a team effort and Deb’s your skipper…….what a thought. My u12 cricket captain had more sense of direction than Hippy Deb.

seepi 5:53 pm 07 Apr 06

The real question here is whether the (broke) ACT govt are in fact using this money to buy two townhouses for public housing, or is the profit just going into consolidated revenue.

Roland GRNS 4:55 pm 07 Apr 06

It’s all a team effort in this office

johnboy 4:35 pm 07 Apr 06

thumper and mael’s drinks should not be confused with RA drinks, which happen less often.

kimba 4:12 pm 07 Apr 06

You can bet your left one that Roland will be putting his hand up for the Greens at the next election.

That is why he is pushing (over Deb) his media profile.

But remember he is Deb’s adviser and thus is responsible for a lot of the crap that is coming out of Deb’s office.

Chris S 3:51 pm 07 Apr 06

Never been to RA drinks, never been to Durham Arms, but I can feel a thirst coming on real soon. Loggin’ off in two shakes, there in about 3, gone after a schooner or two (and a shake…).

bulldog 3:35 pm 07 Apr 06

What time are y’all heading down? I might duck in for one or two…

areaman 3:27 pm 07 Apr 06

Areaman, I would have to view the property to be able to justifiably compare it to the Fosmansion. Obviously there are several mitigating factors why a property could be going for $320 in Yarra.

I’m not going to go there simply to prove a point though.

I trust Thumper’s story however (primarily because I know him and will be drinking with him in 2 hours), so follow with this comparison:

$270/w for a 2br house in Yarralumla, or
$280/w for a 2br house in Charnwood.

Which is the better deal ?

So you ignore my example, but believe Thumper’s because it fits your argument better? Sure there could be issues about the place listed on all homes, but you make blanket judgments about the house Foskey lived in without having been into it, how is this any different?

Thumper 2:41 pm 07 Apr 06

I don’t possess a badger….

Ari 2:39 pm 07 Apr 06

Better pre-order a mung bean spritzer.

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