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Defence chickens out of roo cull

By Ingeegoodbee - 3 August 2007 23

The Canberra Times is reporting that the Department of Defence is considering abandoning it’s proposed cull of Kangaroos in favour of relocating up to 100 of the little beasties at a cost of $3600 a head … This has apparently forced prominent and respected scientists from CSIRO, the Australian National University and the University of Canberra to launch the Limestone Plains Group – an organisation dedicated to ensuring that science, rather than emotional bullshit, is used to inform conservation planning decisions.

The CT reports on the logistics of the proposed move thus:

Moving the kangaroos would be a mammoth task … A padded pen would be built where the kangaroos would be darted with a sedative like Zoletil. A paintball gun would be used to mark them for identification. Medication like Valium could be administered to minimise stress to the animals. They would then be placed in a van with padded walls and floor, and air-conditioning (or heating) set to the safest temperature.

In hot weather, a fan system could blow over ice towards the sleeping kangaroos. The van would be driven to the new site, where the animals would wake in fenced areas covered in shadecloth. The whole process would take several months.
Go figure…

[Ed also got the following sent in by JD114]

From the Canberra Times website today

Roo move to cost $3600 a head
Cathy Alexander

The Defence Department has abandoned its plans to cull thousands of kangaroos around Canberra, and is now looking at trucking them to the Braidwood area.
The plan to move the ACT’s excess kangaroos to NSW will cost at least $3600 a head.
Moving 100 kangaroos would cost $360,000 and take months, according to a secret report obtained by The Canberra Times.

What? Move them down to Braidwood so they can be culled by the farmers down there?
What? Spend half a million of taxpayers funds on the most pointless exercise imaginable?

Well here’s a suggestion… why doesn’t this group trot off to the Braidwood area and organise a parcel of land where these sacred Hindu cow-equivalents can be taken, fence it securely so the transplanted roos don’t impact the Braidwood ecosystems, and then organise the move of the roos at their own expense? Then we’ll see just how committed they are to their cause.

As for the obviously semi-sentient idiots in Defence who pander to misguided feel-good sentiments about the supposed cruelty of an instantaneous end to a life, it seems that the opinions of a tiny yet vocal section of the community are seen as more important than the prevailing opinions of the vast majority of Canberrans. The appropriate authorities should simply get on with the necessary job at hand and simply ignore unwarranted wailings of a few radicals.

What’s Your opinion?

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23 Responses to
Defence chickens out of roo cull
Maelinar 9:48 pm 03 Aug 07

Defence has many waivers.

ant 9:22 pm 03 Aug 07

There was an article about relocating the roos to Palerang Shire in one of the local newspapers. Seems a bloke who is the secretary of the Treasury (and also lives out here) and is a member of wildcare or somesuch went to see Defence and persuaded them not to shoot the roos, but to move them.
There’s plenty of roos out here, and the roos on the Defence land will just breed new roos. I swear, some roos that jump into their mothers’ pouches still, are already pregnant.

I seem to remember that it’s a requirement of getting permission to cull roos that you use proper licensed roo shooters.

futto 9:21 pm 03 Aug 07

Dress those kangaroos up in Afgani rags and i’m sure they would be singing a different tune!

Myrmecia 8:24 pm 03 Aug 07

Bugger! I was hoping there’d be some cheaper kangaroo meat in the local shops. It has doubled in price over the past year (most is the mild flavoured red kangaroo – the Macro Meats brand from South Australia).

RandomGit 2:00 pm 03 Aug 07

Hell, I’d do the job with a handful of feed pellets and a spiked club behind me back.

RandomGit 1:59 pm 03 Aug 07

No no Mael, he wanted professional not people shooters, not professional people shooters.

bonfire 1:57 pm 03 Aug 07

give me an slr and a case of rounds and i’ll solve their problem.

Maelinar 1:38 pm 03 Aug 07

semi-sentient idiots in Defence who pander to misguided feel-good sentiments about the supposed cruelty of an instantaneous end to a life – good quote. The thing that makes it funny is that as a soldier I trained on a daily basis for 15 years on the topic of instantaneous end to a life.

On a side note, Thumper and I were toying with a Colonel the other day (he being unaware that both of us were ex services), and the topic of culling roos came up.

We were both surprised when the Colonel mentioned that there had been consideration of contracting professional shooters to do the job. I think we both found that bemusingly funny, given that the same organisation (Defence) employs several thousand professional shooters.

andy 1:26 pm 03 Aug 07

just shoot the f**kers and be done with it. rabid pests.

Mr Evil 12:51 pm 03 Aug 07

For God’s sake, why can’t the Army go out with a couple of M-60s and a 105 howitzer and clean up the roo poulation at Majura!

roccon 12:36 pm 03 Aug 07

once delivered to Braidwood, local farmers will proceed to shoot them anyway……..

apehammer 12:05 pm 03 Aug 07


Thumper 11:47 am 03 Aug 07

Herding roos?

Um, yeah, that’s going to work….

Pandy 11:44 am 03 Aug 07


Would it not be ironic to see these moddle coddled roos transported to shade cloth Nirvana, clubbed over the heads and fed as pet meat?

josh 11:07 am 03 Aug 07

Th..they’re joking, right?

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