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Dendy Cinema Reserved Seating

By bubba 12 August 2009 48

We  went to the Dendy last night – bought tix as usual and wandered in and sat down where we like and the movie started….. then was asked to move by some people who said that they had the seats reserved.  

Lots of commotion – not just us but others were moving as well for the same reasons. We discovered that the seats we had bought were for specific seats in part of the cinema that isn’t my favourite.

How long has this reserved seat thing been happening? In my 50 years of going to the movies in Australia I have never encountered this before – it’s always been “first in, best dressed”

So tell me either that I’m an old fart and I had better get used to it, or that  the Dendy have got it wrong and most people want to sit where they want to and arriving first lets you do that.

[ED – Or maybe they should have told you the seating was allocated when you paid for the tickets and had an usher shown you to your seats?]

What’s Your opinion?

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Dendy Cinema Reserved Seating
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Strap30 8:48 pm 01 Oct 09

I would rather sit in my allocated Dendy seat, among razor blades, ablaze and seated next ‘that really annoying person you know from work’ than to have my choice of seats in any Hoyts establishment.

random 12:36 am 17 Aug 09

Went to “District 9” today (great movie, incidentally) and it was the worst of both worlds: they had moved it from one of the small cinemas into a larger one, and in the process lost all of the allocations.

Worked out well for the dozen of us who had booked ahead and still arrived early (they let us in before everyone else), but I feel rather sorry for any poor bastards who came in late — why stress to get there early if you’ve got a seat waiting? — to find a full house and no reserved seats.

Granny 3:21 pm 15 Aug 09

canberra_gal said :

I’m so glad that I don’t have to pay $30 (ie. premium cinema) to get allocated seating at Dendy.

All you naysayers – move with the times!!!

Move with the times? Allocated seating is a quaint custom from my childhood complete with cobwebs, ushers and torches. How is moving from choice to no choice progress?

Online booking most certainly does not solve the problem. Online booking doesn’t tell you that you will be sitting behind the six foot two basketball player.

hk0reduck 1:47 pm 15 Aug 09

That was a stupid design decision, especially when the rest of it was done fairly well.

If you are interested in the reasoning behind it from what I understand they aren’t cup holders but were intended to be bottle (champagne/wine) holders. Unfortunately, Dendy couldn’t get the type of liquor licence that would let them sell whole bottles at a time and can instead only sell by the glass.

deye 5:59 pm 14 Aug 09

hk0reduck said :

don’t get me started on there only being 1 Cup Holder per two seats!

That was a stupid design decision, especially when the rest of it was done fairly well.

KathleenTurnerOverdrive 4:51 pm 14 Aug 09

Granny: I’m pretty sure if you go in and the movie has already started and it’s nearly empty, you can probably move and nobody will care.

AngryHenry 4:35 pm 14 Aug 09

Granny said :

Everyone has their own preferences. Some people don’t like to walk into a near empty cinema and be stuck in horrible seats with people chatting behind them. The cinema is always practically empty late at night. Those who wish to book online are free to do so, and those who prefer to decide on the spur of the moment can go to Hoyts where they did away with allocated seating with the dinosaurs.

Allright then! Don’t get you bloomers in a twist. I’m sure if you booked seat and were in an empty cinema you could take a chance and spread out to a more secluded area for some canoodling no problems, although that could be a bit awkward if someone arrives late with a ‘Ahem, I belive this is our seat’.

canberra_gal 4:01 pm 14 Aug 09

Oh and, I believe that its only allocated seating in all cinemas after 5pm weekdays and all weekend.

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