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Dendy Cinema Reserved Seating

By bubba - 12 August 2009 48

We  went to the Dendy last night – bought tix as usual and wandered in and sat down where we like and the movie started….. then was asked to move by some people who said that they had the seats reserved.  

Lots of commotion – not just us but others were moving as well for the same reasons. We discovered that the seats we had bought were for specific seats in part of the cinema that isn’t my favourite.

How long has this reserved seat thing been happening? In my 50 years of going to the movies in Australia I have never encountered this before – it’s always been “first in, best dressed”

So tell me either that I’m an old fart and I had better get used to it, or that  the Dendy have got it wrong and most people want to sit where they want to and arriving first lets you do that.

[ED – Or maybe they should have told you the seating was allocated when you paid for the tickets and had an usher shown you to your seats?]

What’s Your opinion?

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48 Responses to
Dendy Cinema Reserved Seating
jazza 11:37 pm 12 Aug 09

big fan of it personally. the online booking system is excellent and allows you to choose where you want to sit. while buying tickets you can also choose if it’s not overly booked. i think after a short period of the kind of confusion you described, it’ll make dendy much better, especially for the bigger showings.

bd84 10:18 pm 12 Aug 09

I have come across allocated seating at other cinemas in the past, but normally only for movies where they were or expected to be fully booked to make sure that all seats were taken.

I would say this was a good move by Dendy, I went to see a movie there a month or two ago on a Saturday night, the session was pretty full and it was absolutely rediculous when all the selfish people can’t be bothered moving over a seat or two to allow empty seats to be together. There were couples and groups who had to sit on opposite sides of the cinema because there were rows with 2-3 empty seats at random intervals.

Though empty sessions should be and normally end up being sit wherever.

johnboy 9:22 pm 12 Aug 09

Having worked in cinemas with both systems it’s worth noting that the main virtue of allocated seating is reduced tunnel block.

Anything that cuts down on the misery of people queuing just for a chance at a decent seat is worth doing.

But, it takes more staff to do well. Don’t know if they’re investing in that. The booking fees can make it worthwhile as long as they don’t get greedy.

jennybel75 8:46 pm 12 Aug 09

Allocated seating at Dendy has been the norm for Cinema 1 for a couple of months and they’ve now introduced it to all of their cinemas.

Generally I’ve found the staff are pretty good at telling you it’s now allocated seating in all cinemas and there are lots of signs around about it as well.

Generally I think it’s a good idea, however it does suck a bit for the last minute decision “let’s see this now” crowd.

c9 8:33 pm 12 Aug 09

Two reasons i can think of for this:

to collect more online booking fees.
to stop teenage rascals paying for one movie and seeing more.

grunge_hippy 8:26 pm 12 Aug 09

in premium, the ushers take you in. premium rocks!

i went to ‘normal’ dendy and they didnt have allocated seating when i saw the hangover, and it was packed. is it a new thing?

deezagood 8:20 pm 12 Aug 09

Dendy has recently introduced this for most of their sessions; it is a great idea really, as long as you know beforehand. I think they needed to number the seats because the sessions are so popular.

Woody Mann-Caruso 8:15 pm 12 Aug 09

it’s always been “first in, best dressed”

It still is – first in to book your ticket, best seat. Same as for concerts, the circus, sporting events…

I can imagine the conversation, though:

“Excuse me – you’re in our seats.”
*you actually bother to look at your tickets for first time*
“But…but…these are for specific seats in a part of the cinema that isn’t my favourite!”

moneypenny2612 8:14 pm 12 Aug 09

Allocated seating has been the norm for years in Melbourne (not that I’ve gone to many cinemas there, but the ones I went to had it).

There, even over the counter purchases involve a degree of choice about the location of seats. Of course, the earlier you buy the better the choices!

SkipDaRoo 7:55 pm 12 Aug 09

For some sessions even the normal cinemas have reserved seating, and it is fantastic.

Thing is , and this is where your gripe should be as opposed to not reading your ticket, is that you can only pick where in the cinema you sit if you book online. Line up you take the tickets where the puter puts you.

krasny 7:37 pm 12 Aug 09

I think it would be more efficient if the seating numbers were in any way illuminated (in the manner of theatre seating.) As it was, we couldn’t find our seats, but luckily found several empty seats in the “sold out” session (not the ones we’d booked, I’d note.)

toriness 7:23 pm 12 Aug 09

sounds like you were in premium, and if so then one of the great things about premium is choosing a seat(s) and actually getting it.

Fiona 7:19 pm 12 Aug 09

I think it’s fine so long as you know.

Piratemonkey 7:07 pm 12 Aug 09

Allocated seating rocks. It helps avoid waiting in a massive line for 30 minutes to get a good seat. As for getting good seats all you have to do is book early. Online booking or grabbing your tickets a day early solves the problem.

I thought it was a very organised way to do things. Now all we need is more premium lounges. I don’t mind paying double to ensure my movie isn’t interrupted by annoying gits. Comfey chairs also sweeten the deal.

vg 7:03 pm 12 Aug 09

….or maybe you should read your ticket

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