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Dendy Cinema

Pandy 15 December 2006 16

I’d like to know who has visited the newly opened Dendy North Quarter (Why not something exotic like ICE head quarter?) cinemas?

So what is the premier 40 seater cinema like? Is it worth $25 for a reclining seats and bar service on-call?

[ED – RiotACT has put in a request for media access but awaits a response, why not get in touch with them and let them know you’d like RA coverage?]

UPDATED: We’ve now been along to have a look and are generally very favourable.

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16 Responses to Dendy Cinema
Danman Danman 7:59 pm 16 Dec 06

In this case – the silence speaks volumes.

Whats PR I hear you say ?

johnboy johnboy 1:03 pm 15 Dec 06

Hi Danz,

Thanks for clearing that up, any chance you could have a word with Dendy management about getting RiotACT the interview we asked for?

Email address is if they lost my message.

Be much appreciated if you could.


Danz Danz 12:35 pm 15 Dec 06

Have perused and much enjoyed, just trying to reasure that photo’s were taken. Thanks again for the offer.

Danman Danman 12:24 pm 15 Dec 06

Its good that you did not condescend me in the above post.

I was not going to be explicit – but I think the communication betwen Danielle (who answered my inital email) and Gail (with whom i delegated a time with) could quite well be improved.

I was assured by Danielle that I would have access all areas at a time of my choosing.

This was not the case – I appreciated that – and I moved on. I am sorry if my post sounded whiney – but I was pretty dissapointed – and decided to state facts as they were.

You had 2 professional photographers in you say – could have been 3 – I have an ABN and a trading name – I guess that makes me professional – tho maybe not so professional in manner according to some.

As I stated – I would have worked for free – supplied High Res public domain images to anyone in your organisation who required them and supplied copies to the NAA.

Just to give you an idea of how much money I would NOT have charged you – I took a macro photograph of some pills for a Government Agency publication – for a high res Image yep – just one – I charged them $600 and that was cheap for them.

In saying so – you could spend the time – now that you have joined – to peruse the “Images Of Canberra” section on this webpage and view the quality of my work.

Danz Danz 12:23 pm 15 Dec 06

Partly, thanks also must go out to Andrew and Phil who had all past and present staff in tears with their snippet preview of the documentary in the making.

Sammy Sammy 12:17 pm 15 Dec 06

Thanks for the feedback Danz. Was Scotto filming the documentary during the closing festivities?

Danz Danz 12:04 pm 15 Dec 06

In reply to Danman,

I feel it is only fair to clear up some points on behalf of Electric Shadows, and all staff who have been working tirelessly over the past few weeks to bring about the closing of the old and moving to the new.

We were more than happy (and grateful) to grant access to photographers, news crews and documentary makers to the cinema during the closing festivities and have done so with other requests that have come in, those of you who have been to see any of the final films or attend the closing parties may have noticed the guys with cameras making a documentary.

We also had two professional photographers who have been busily snapping away.

As for keeping records for the National Archives, the owner of Electric Shadows is also a historian and has ensured that this area has been well taken care of.

Because of the huge amount of organising and co-ordination required to close down a place like ES, timing to allow all photographers, news crews and doco makers etc, was limited. Those who got in early or were flexible were able to take the shots they required. Unfortunately some, like yourself, missed out.

Film crews were still coming in yesterday and today as the ‘strip down’ crew consisted of two staff members making progress relatively slow.

Feel assured that while you may have missed your opportunity to come in and get some ‘killer shots’ others were able to and our much loved Electric Shadows will be well documented and hard to forget.

VYBerlinaV8 VYBerlinaV8 9:39 am 15 Dec 06

The last time I was in a cinema like that was in the VIP cinema on the top story of a high rise shopping centre in Bangkok. The seats were so big that there was only 6 per row. Stunningly clean and comfortable, and wonderful aircon.

Price? Aus$2…

seepi seepi 9:39 am 15 Dec 06

I heard you can buy the old electric shadows seats for 20.00 each.

Danman Danman 9:24 am 15 Dec 06

As I stated above its a merger on paper – but Electric Shadows old management will have no say in the operational side of Dendy Cinemas.

morgan morgan 9:04 am 15 Dec 06

Dendy in some quarters was advertising as Dendy Electric Shadows… but in most mainstream ads it is just Dendy

appeasing the loyal local patrons of electric shadows???
creating the impression of a “merger”?

Spectra Spectra 8:44 am 15 Dec 06

Considering even a bog-standard ticket at Hoyts sets you back >$15 these days, $25 for a good seat, tiny crowd and bar service seems like a no-brainer to me. When I lived in Melbourne I used to always go to La Premier (which is much the same arrangement, only not quite so exclusive – you’re still in the same cinema as everyone else, just a separate section), and found it well worth the few extra dollars.

Danman Danman 8:28 am 15 Dec 06

Yeah I was thinking that too thumper.
Sounds like Israel/gaza/Lebanon
Good thing we live in the “green zone”

Thumper Thumper 8:24 am 15 Dec 06

We have a ‘North Quarter’?

Fuck me, when did we become New Orleans?

Danman Danman 7:49 am 15 Dec 06

On another not – I requested access all areas to the old electric shadows – for photographical purposes – I was going to supply (at no charge) all owners and directors hi res copies of my images – and lodge said images with the National Archives of Australia as I believed them to be of high cultural importance.

On paper I was told yes – would no tbe a problem.

Rang up to arrange and was only offered wednesday morning before screening (I was at work)

failing that, the strip down crews came in thursday morning and today – and their lease ceases at COB today.

I was a little annoyed – as I wanted to do some killer shots of the whole cinema lite up but empty – arty like – and I had even artranged for a model friend of mine to come along to pose some shots. Oh well.

I asked management if they had any say in teh running of the new cinemas and they indicated to me that they will be, essentially silent partners and that they will continue to play indipendent movies.

Something sterile about independent movies in a flash new cinema though.

I like the grittiness of old cinemas – like Dumaresque (sp) street cinemas in Campbeltown.

jr jr 7:44 am 15 Dec 06

If it is like sitting in your own lounge chair at home but with a big screen & sound cinema experience I’d happily pay $25.00.

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