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Department of Education has another go with essential learning

By johnboy - 5 October 2006 31

The Canberra Times informs us that the Department of Education has trimmed back its laundry list of “essential learning achievements” from 36 to 26.

“visualise, and create and use visualisations” has been given the arse, but “manage self and relationships” (they can teach that? really?) remains alongside less objectionable material as reading and writing.

20 Canberra schools are getting this forced down their throats next year and I would not be surprised if private sector enrollments were to rise off the back of it.

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31 Responses to
Department of Education has another go with essential learning
FC 4:33 pm 05 Oct 06

My partner completed year 12 without being able to read and write properly! What the..??!!
I think that is disgraceful!
He is a trademan and can read and write basic stuff, but not well enough to avoid embarrassing situations.

Absent Diane 4:23 pm 05 Oct 06

its liyke when you dun look in a mirra or a riva.

Mr Evil 4:21 pm 05 Oct 06

Oh, I never dune got learnded that word at school. What’s it mean?

Absent Diane 4:18 pm 05 Oct 06

well actually I said selfsih… so I wouldnt be too offended 🙂

Mr Evil 4:16 pm 05 Oct 06

Hey AD, I take offence to that: I am not selfish! 🙂

Absent Diane 4:14 pm 05 Oct 06

hold isnt it dumb/ignorant/selfsih types that typically vote for liberal??

Mr Evil 4:11 pm 05 Oct 06

Thumper, there are far too many clever people in Canberra: the place needs a bit of dumbing-down.

Although, Canberrans do tend to be Labor voters, so maybe there aren’t as many intelligent people here as I thought!

Thumper 2:23 pm 05 Oct 06

I read somewhere that about 5-10% of the population are functionally illiterate.

Does this mean we are aiming for a higher figure?

Absent Diane 2:14 pm 05 Oct 06

I swear that collectively our (local and federal)policiticans are trying turn australia into a bogan state (to put it nicely trying to create a larger lower class and therefore a welfare state). This coupled with that stupid baby bonus crap, its not looking so good.

James-T-Kirk 2:07 pm 05 Oct 06

One day, i will look up the name of the Federal Education minister who gave a speech (I believe at Bruce TAFE) where he mentioned that “Australias chilcren need to reduce their expectations if Australia is to compete with Asia”

Wow, Gosh, Looks like the department has found a way to allow competition after all.

Would you like fries with that?

nyssa76 1:02 pm 05 Oct 06

You want to know where most of the Essential Learnings stuff handed out to ACT Teachers went?

In the bin.

It’s a load of crap. One “outcome” for all students, with small parts for each “level” to be achieved.

The “outcomes” are written as if they are for primary students but will also need to cover high school students.

Stupid ACT Dept.

Absent Diane 12:05 pm 05 Oct 06

I know that school needs reforming but this seems a little ridiculous.

I always thought ongoing aptitude tests from an early age were a good idea. If someone shows a strong aptitude for english but no so much maths.. they are put into classes which will best suit their learning methods for each learning stream.

Couple this with teachers who are better at teaching in certain ways and you have a much better system.

Thumper 11:59 am 05 Oct 06

I thought Home and Away was a documentary?

And I’ve always wanted to work on a farm like Mcleods daughters but I’m to short, to old, and to ugly….

Mr Evil 11:31 am 05 Oct 06

Jesus, they really are trying to dumb down society even further, aren’t they!

“McLeod’s Daughters” and “Home and Away” will be compulsory subjects at school before we know it.

VYBerlinaV8 10:24 am 05 Oct 06

Whatever happened to reading, writing and arithmetic (the three ‘r’s)?

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